Joseph Gordon-Levitt Does ‘GQ’ Magazine


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who recently hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live, is featured in the pages of the new issue of GQ magazine in a segment wherein he models stylish outfits that are fairly inexpensive. The gist of the article piece is that because money is tight all over, men have resorted to shopping at thriftier clothiers … but they can still look good doing so:

Remember 2006? When you dropped $300 at the club for a $30 bottle of vodka? When you weren’t really hip-hop if you weren’t cruising on a yacht, making it rain? When designers were casually declaring that America was over, that it was all about Dubai (or Moscow or Shanghai)? When that was something worth aspiring to? Now cut to 2009. While scaling back on restaurants and vacations can feel like a sacrifice, you might’ve noticed that clothes shopping on a budget feels more like an opportunity. Walk by the display windows of Club Monaco and you’ll spot mannequins fully styled in cuffed jeans and cover-ready bow ties. Or if you happened to be in SoHo on one particular morning this past October, you would have noticed a line of shoppers snaking down Broadway. They weren’t queuing up for concert tickets or Robert Pattinson but for a chance to get into the gently priced Japanese clothing emporium Uniqlo, where +J, a collection designed by Jil Sander, was about to hit shelves. Low-priced retailers are now selling everything the pulled-together guy needs, and they’re doing it in a way that doesn’t feel cheap. As Patrick Robinson, Gap’s executive vice president of design since 2007, says, “I went through each category—from tees to leather jackets to khakis—and created a product that looks, feels, and acts like something that costs ten times more. I’m hearing from people who used to wear $200 or $300 jeans that our $59 pair fits better.” Whether it’s a chunky knit from FCUK or a skinny tie from the superhyped British import Topman, the clothes you can afford right now are the clothes you actually want to wear … And consider that Swedish fast-fashion behemoth H&M is on track to post double-digit sales growth for 2009—this in a year when flat is the new up. It’s probably naive to say that the way we shop is undergoing a fundamental or permanent change; like all things, consumer habits run in cycles. But the new crop of budget-minded retailers offers refreshing proof that when the going gets tough, the tough get stylish.

True style does not come from a high end fashion label … it comes from the ability to pick and choose articles of clothing that work well with one another and look good on, no matter what size or shape you are. JGL looks absolutely killer in these outfits and you would never guess that they come from “budget” designers. To be honest, JGL would look stunning in rags if he wore them … some people have “it” and some people don’t. Joseph Gordon-Levitt deffo has “it”.


  • He’s so cute and little! I want to put him in my pocket.

  • Juneh

    I love the attention he’s getting, finally!

  • Tanya

    Crushing on him me thinks…

  • LeeLa

    Is it me or does he always look amazing?? <33

  • roxster

    Does anyone else see a resemblence to Heath Ledger?

  • nicole

    @roxster – i see it too.

  • the mole

    @roxster – moi aussi!

  • Ashlee

    He. Is. Sex.

  • Ria

    he is super cute but (500) days of summer was one of the worst movies ever. zooey deschanel SUCKS!

    i hope christopher nolan can transform JGL

  • juzagirl

    i swear he looks like the skinnier version of heath ledger

  • meg

    Ugh, am I the only one who thinks he looks like he’s trying to hard? I get why people think he resembles heath ledger, but I think this is only because he’s trying too damn hard to look suave with his eyebrows.

  • niqua

    @meg this motherfucker don’t got to try he is awesome all on his own!

    And he definitely doesn’t try to look like Heath!

    He iS AMAZING!

  • babybunny

    Haha love the puppy dog face. He is just adorable.

  • me

    I agree with Meg, I also think he tries too hard. Never seems geniune:/

  • Fashionista

    Kristen….you are so silly to let this cute fella/Heath Ledger look alike go <3

  • Catherine

    He’s my favorite actor. He picks amazing roles that he actually cares about, big budget or small, and does not like the idea of girls wanting to be with him because he is known. I admire him for his desire to make a difference in Hollywood and for his dimples! ;)

  • Andie

    Hey, Tasha! He’s not that short, he’s 5’84”. He may look small because of his weight.

    And who’s Kristen, Fashionista? I’ve never heard of a girlfriend named Kristen…

    Anyway, he looks so damn hot in these pix!