Jennifer Hudson Shows Off Her Baby Boy On ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’


After giving birth to her first born child David Daniel back in August, Jennifer Hudson gave us our first look at her newborn baby boy in the pages of People magazine in early October. Yesterday, J. Hud paid a visit to The Oprah Winfrey Show and she brought along a couple new photos of little David and shared some cute plans for the upcoming holiday season:

Most new mothers will take any opportunity to show off photographs of their bundle of joy. And Jennifer Hudson was certainly no exception as she proudly shared her snaps of her baby boy David with Oprah Winfrey. Speaking to the Queen of Chat on her show yesterday, the singer cooed over recent photos of her four-month-old son and revealed that she is planning to make his first Christmas a special one. She said: ‘I’m going to go crazy. He’s very aware but he’s so young and it’s his first Christmas, so you have to go all-out.’ And she said she would like to get him his own Santa and toy store, and added: ‘I kind of want to get him his own Santa Claus and just have like a toy store in the house, full of things.’ Hudson, 28, gave birth to David Daniel – named after his father, Jennifer’s fiancée David Otunga – in August this year … Hudson has been a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and gave the chat show host her first interview since the family murders in February this year. On yesterday’s show, after gushing about baby David to Oprah and her other guests, country music duo, Sugarland, she joined the pair on stage for a rendition of the Christmas carol, Silent Night.

What a little cutie … and he’s gotten so big since we saw him last. While I don’t really understand the need to go all crazy for baby’s first Xmas (especially considering he prolly won’t know what the hell is going on), I can imagine that a new mom’s excitement might feel the need to go all out. Jennifer brought along another cute photo of lil’ David — check it out after the jump …

This baby is cute, y’all … and it sounds like he is going to have the best Xmas ever.


  • Jenn

    hells bells that baby is c.u.t.e!
    i concur that his own santa and toy store is a bit much, but whateves. she is a new mom and has been thru a damn lot this year. buy as much stuff as you want to to celebrate this life, girl.

  • nicole

    hes adorable! i just wanna pinch his cheeks!

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  • Ama

    Cute :)

    I think people go crazy over their child’s first Christmas, not because It’s the child’s first time experiencing Christmas but more because it will be the first Christmas they have together as a ‘family’. I guess, if that makes any sense? ^^;

  • debho

    So cute! He looks just like her.

  • F

    I agree Trent, it’s ridiculous having all that stuff when he’s so young. With all the people in America (and all over the world) going hungry this year at Christmas, couldn’t she give the money that she is spending creating her own Santa and store to a good cause? To me, regardless of her status of ‘new mother’ or not, she should understand that going hungry and being needy is horrible (look where she grew up!), especially during the holidays.

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  • jane

    totally agree with Ama. my first festivals as a family was really important to me, so i made it huge, just because now we are a family :D

  • Nettie

    What a gorgeous little boy. And so lovely to see her so happy after all the heartbreak she’s had to suffer.

  • Jennifer your baby is so precious. Congradulations on getting engaged and the new baby. I wish nothing but the best for us and your future husband.