Alanis Morissette Finds Herself A New Man


It’s been quite sometime since we’ve seen photos of Alanis Morissette happily in the arms of a man … I don’t think we’ve seen her coupled up with anyone since her break-up with Ryan Reynolds a couple of years ago. Since their break-up, as y’all should know, Ryan went and hot himself married to Scarlett Johansson … and Alanis has remained single. Sure, she went out and got herself a new tattoo about a year ago now … and has been spending time with her friends … but she has not found herself a new love … until now. Here are cute photos of Alanis with her new man, a musician named Souleye, lookin’ all cute and stuff as they did some shopping this weekend at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA:

They look like a good match … and she looks really happy. It’s so nice to see Alanis lookin’ all smiley again. I can’t even imagine how difficult it was for her to heal from her break from Ryan (tho, listening to Alanis’s album Flavors of Entanglement gives me some hint as to how difficult it was for her) but it looks like she is ready to move forward and forge ahead with this new chap. I wish them both every happiness … after all, this might be the true love of her life :)

[Source, thanks Mark]

  • Cinner

    He looks like Peyton Manning in these pics….I had to look twice!

  • jessica

    how young is he ;o)

  • ela


    he looks like he could be 15 .

  • Sassy K

    she looks so happy. love her. she deserves this.

  • Mark

    hmm Trent that guy surely doesn’t look like her longtime boyfriend Tom Ballanco (he is older over 40 I guess)

    That guy on the pics is her friend (or new boyfriend?) Souleye (San Francisco DJ)

  • random00b

    @ela. In Ms. Morrissette’s defense, it’s pretty darn hard to upgrade from Ryan freakin’ Reynolds. She looks happy in those pics, though, and that’s the most important thing :-)

  • decksanddrums

    He definitely looks like Peyton Manning!! Cute overall, I am happy for Alanis and for the coupledom :)

  • Chivonne

    omg he could so be a Manning!


    Yikes, he looks young enough to be her son, and the 4th picture is very maternal.

  • we can’t figure out whether she is with Tom Ballanco or Mario Treadway ( the guy in the pics)

  • Well, yeah it’s difficult to upgrade from Ryan Reynolds. These photos are cute, though.


  • Sarah

    You can feel the love !
    It’s about time this happens she deserves this.
    Great News, bet they can dance

  • Souleye is one of the nicest most genuine and generous people you’ll ever meet! Know the guy and his work. He’s a leader and a doer who people in the music industry look up to. He’s also a normal nice guy and I bet he treats her with more love and respect than she’s ever known. If she’s as great as a gal as she seems, they are good to go for as long as they want! Enjoy the hell out of it kids! Much love!!

  • kateRess

    So, I love Alanis. And I went to school with Mario. Really great guy! Glad they found each other! Rock On!

  • Joel

    I saw them kissing in LA

  • Robin

    Joel could you tell us when it was? It seems it’s really true that they are dating! :)

  • Tell it like it is

    She is making a huge mistake, Mario Treadway aka Souleye is one of the most manipulating and selfish people I have ever met in my life. Looks like he got you too G money and Kate Ress… dont be fooled.


    Feel the love I also appreciate their clothing style