Britney Spears Is Wrappin’ Up Her First-Ever Aussie Tour


Earlier this week Britney Spears played 3 very successful concerts in Brisbaine, Australia at the Entertainment Centre and, for all intents and purposes, completed the last full leg of her first-ever Australian Tour. She has one more show to perform in Melbourne and one more to perform in Adelaide and then she will have successfully completed her Aussie tour of The Circus starring Britney Spears. Yesterday we learned that our dear Britney set a new concert ticket sales record at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Aus taking the top spot from Coldplay by selling more than 66,000 tickets over four nights … not to shabby for a performer who was plagued with some pretty harsh criticism when she arrived down under earlier this month. Here are a few photos of Britney on stage in Brisbaine as we take one last look at Britney’s tour The Circus starring Britney Spears:

Big pants are back. And Britney Spears is the rocking the look on the Australian leg of her tour. With the latest trend for underwear as outerwear hitting the high street, the 27-year-old has included big Spanx-style pants and sexy corsets into her Circus tour wardrobe. She worked a sexy geeky look, wearing large white glasses and a bowler hat with large black pants, fishnets and a black bra. She then teamed a pink fedora and white sunglasses, with a black PVC bra under a police woman’s shirt. She then wore a black waspie over pants and fishnet tights … Mother-of-two Britney also wore a jewel-encrusted corset during another track, along with fishnets. Britney is in Brisbane on the Australian leg of her tour.

I’m convinced that Britney Spears is made of Teflon … nothing of any controversial note sticks to the girl, at all! She has been to the depths of despair, seemingly destroyed her career and then a year later embarks on one of her most successful world tours ever! I will always have a huge soft spot for Britney and I will cheer her on come hell or high water. I’m so happy that her Aussie tour is ending on a pretty significant high note … I bet she is really looking forward to the end of this tour so she can return home for the holidays. Despite what her detractors will say, she has worked really hard this year and I hope she will be able to enjoy the benefits of her labor. Well done Britney, now get home safe.


  • Jadedkitten

    She’s only has one show in in Perth left. She already finished the one in Melbourne a few hours ago.

  • Mitchell

    Hey Trent,

    I was to curious as to your thoughts/information on the Spears-to-Trawick marriage proposal. The internet (and OK! Magazine) are rampent with rumours about the apparent porposal, both with mixed messages about the out come. It’s interesting that Britney and Jason haven’t been photographed together since the 17th, around the time the apparent porposal occurred. Weird. I appreciate your opinion (and your excellent grammar in the blog post).

    P.S. Come to Toronto some day!

  • Sue.

    Well, unless K-fed, Jason has a job back in L.A.

  • nysro

    Nah .. not Teflon.. She is just too dumb to understand much of what is written about her… She doesn’t seem to have much more intelligence than she has talent (which is none)..

    I don’t get how people go crazy over this insane talentless hack .

  • maribella

    @nysro – nobody without talent could’ve attained the success that britney has.

  • maribella

    ew, double negatives. “someone without talent could never have attained the success britney has.”

  • Shazz

    So.. why isnt she wearing clothes on stage? Whatever happened to wearting clothes anyways…
    All those women are on stage in their underwear..
    cheap cheap cheap.

  • Louigi

    Couldn’t agree with you more Trent. That is one strong, young woman. With so many detractors spewing negativity and labeling her “dumb” and “an insane, talentless hack,” it’s amazing to me that she’s still flourishing. Go, Britney, go. Keep makin’ them hits and makin’ the haters even more hateful. I gots your back!!!


    I feel sorry for Britney. As much as I want new music from her, the girl needs to go on a LONG break or at least a decent one. I mean, she’s going to have time off for a little bit but then she’s going back into the studio early next year to record her 7th album! It’s ridiculous… but maybe she needs to keep busy. I know one thing, if the conservatorship doesn’t end after this tour then I will be outraged.

  • Gertrude

    I guess Britney finally realize she looked fat in the Genie outfit…Whats with the Granny Panties?


    I wish I was a Britney fan because she never lets down her fans.Christina Aguilera thinks her fans are going to always be there.WRONG CHRISTINA!!Tired of waiting not buying if it comes out tomorrow.

  • nicole

    @David – you’re joking right? I’d rather wait a few years for an artist to put out a good album..then have a shitty rushed one put out.

  • Catherine

    @Gertrude – she wore the genie outfit for Me Against The Music in her Wednesday night Brisbane concert, and DEFINITELY did not look fat.

    Also she had a short blonde bob for that one which looked a million times better than those gross extensions!!

  • meg

    YES YES YES I get to see her last show in Australia! ADELAIDE!

  • haha that policewoman outfit is hilarious. but congrats to her for a successful tour.


  • Jenna

    Just commenting on your spelling of BRISBANE (where I’m from!). Been reading your blog for honestly about a million years now, shout out from your aussie fans :) My best friends went to the britney concert here this week and said she had to take a break between every song (which was odd because she was sitting down and lip synching) and didn’t play most of her hit singles. But it’s probably the only time she’ll tour here so they were happy with the concert!

  • DT

    Those pics of her are not flattering at all. Kudos to her success, though.