Zac Efron Visits ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’


Zac Efron, who is on the promo trail to support his new film Me and Orson Welles, paid a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman in NYC last night … and he brought along his perfect hair and his charming smile … behold:

Yes, the young scamp really knows how to get his fans all riled up … a small wave, a careful wink … and he’s got ‘em eating out of his hands. I’m kinda partial to the perfectly coiffed hair … which, to be honest, I find much more appealing than, say, Robert Pattinson’s messy pile of hair on his head … but that is neither here nor there. After the jump, check out video of Zac’s appearance on The Late Show last night …

See … if Zac keeps it up with these all-too charming in-person appearances and interviews, I might have to actually see his movies in theaters.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]



  • Shannon

    Love him!

  • Nech

    I can’t even deny it. He’s just so damn pretty that i’m willing to sit through 2 hours of any of his movies just so I can stare at his pretty face.

  • bettybaby

    this wasn’t his first letterman appearance. and M&OW is getting solid reviews, very happy for him and the film!

    and as always, he looks gorgeous *swoons.

  • richard s

    I’ll bet the poor boy has been putting off sexual advances from horny jocks and cheerleaders since middle school. :(

  • Chris

    yum yum, he is so cute

  • he’s of legal age so I can say that the boy is hot

  • jj

    So damn hot!

  • schmee

    I’d date him, but then the press would be all “Schmee makes Demi Moore look age appropriate blah blah blah” So we’ll just have to keep it friends with benefits for the good of his career

  • Tracy

    He is way too adorable. And he is sweet, charming and funny. And rich and successful. WTF this kid has to have a flaw, FIND IT.

  • Lucy

    You can hate him all you want, but one has to admit his damn gorgeous and will sit through anything he makes!