The 2009 American Music Awards Are Handed Out


Earlier today we learned all about Adam Lambert’s shocking performance at the 2009 American Music Awards last night, as well as Jennifer Lopez’s embarrassing fall at the AMAs … but there were other things going on at the Nokia Theater where the AMAs took place that are kinda worth mentioning. Celebs strutted their stuff on the red carpet on the way into the show, other folks performed songs without incident and a few awards were even handed out … who knew? Here are a few photos from the red carpet arrivals:

Yes, peeps were lookin’ purdy and stuff on the red carpet but let’s get to the awards. Taylor Swift, who has been cleaning up at awards shows all year long already, was the biggest winner of the night … she took home 5 awards including Artist of the Year! Michael Jackson also enjoyed a big night last night taking home a few posthumous awards of his own as did Whitney Houston, who became the 7th person ever to win the International Artist of the Year award from the AMAs:

Country crossover star Taylor Swift overshadowed the late Michael Jackson at the American Music Awards on Sunday, winning five prizes including artist of the year. Jackson, who had been expected to enjoy a clean sweep, ended up with four awards. He and Swift went head-to-head in the artist of the year race, the ceremony’s final prize. Other multiple winners included hip-hop acts Jay-Z and the Black Eyed Peas, with two each. Swift, 19, was also named favorite female artist in the pop/rock and country categories, and favorite adult-contemporary artist. Her 2008 album “Fearless,” the best-selling release in the United States this year, was named favorite country album. She accepted her awards live via satellite from backstage at London’s Wembley Arena, where she will perform a concert on Monday. “Music has never been ultimately about competition,” Swift said, after winning the artist of the year prize. She said it was an “unimaginable honor” to be cited in the same category as Jackson, and thanked the Jackson family. Jackson was named favorite male artist in the pop/rock and soul/R&B categories, while his 2003 hits collection “Number Ones” was named favorite album in both those categories. The album is the No. 2 seller this year in the United States. His brother Jermaine, accompanied by sons Jeremy, Jaafar and Jermajesty, accepted on his behalf. At one point, he thanked Allah “for blessing my entire family.” Rapper Eminem, making a rare awards-show appearance in the wake of his four nominations, went home empty-handed. Glam-pop singer Lady Gaga, rock band Kings of Leon and jailed rapper T.I., who earned three nominations each, were also snubbed. The Black Eyed Peas were named favorite group in both the pop/rock and soul/R&B categories. Jay-Z won favorite male artist and favorite album in the rap/hip-hop categories. His wife Beyonce, who was performing a show in Dublin, was named favorite female artist in the soul/R&B category. Punk rock trio Green Day won the favorite alternative artist. Rascal Flatts won favorite country group for the fourth year in a row.

Crazy, right? Well, since the AMAs are handed out according to fan voting I guess it’s all Y’ALL’s fault that Taylor won so many awards. The girl must really be enjoying life right now … whether it’s deserved or not (many, many folks argue that it is not) she is really taking home some major awards this year. I say, congrats … I hope she really appreciates it all. After the jump, check out a few photos from the AMAs show itself and see what else went down on the Nokia Theater stage last night …

For me, Mary J. Blige’s performance was the best of the night … she sounded beautiful, looked amazing and was the epitome of class. She didn’t need flashing lights on her clothes, outrageous attention grabbing antics or auto-tuned lip syncing to turn in a stellar performance. She was awesome. Overall I found the AMAs not very exciting … once the censorship came into play, I turned off the show and went to the Internets to watch the unedited performances online. Congrats to all the winners but, meh, the show itself wasn’t all that. Did y’all enjoy the show? Did your fave artists take home Lucite trophies last night?

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I really enjoyed last nights show! I thought overall it was awesome and highly entertaining. It was all about the music. I think Jay Z’s and Alicia keys performance was the best!! They rocked it! Oh, Mary J was the BOMB too…shit…

  • vanessa

    it was so boring. i dont think i sat through one performance. maybe whitney. it was very nice. but when will they take my advice and not give awards unless they are there. or maybe just show who is there except the huge awards.

    Jermajesty never gets old. lol.

  • aimie

    yay… taylor! i don’t understand how michael jackson was even nominated this year. his number ones came out in 2003 and was rereleased with NOTHING NEW. so how did he get nominated? i don’t understand that. i am pretty pleased over all. i think taylor is much deserving, she is a talented young woman and works her booty off. the only suprise for me on the show was the artist of the year, i hoped she’d win cuz as i stated before… i don’t know how mj was even up for it. but i didn’t think it would happen. and how bout glorianna… woo hoo. (country fan can you tell.)

  • TLM

    Sorry ,, but I laughed me a$$ off when Adam tripped. But I must say that he covered it up very well!!! Still hilarious though! Most of the performances were way too over the top (Lady Gaga being one of them) ,,, and the AMA’s were just “eh”.

  • Chris

    All in all I think the show was really bad. The performances were crappy, the costumes looked like #&*%, they looked like they were all trying to outdo each other. Except for a few celebrities, (Carrie Underwood, Nicole Kidman etc.) the rest looked like a bunch of freaks.

  • Shelly

    It’s really sad that Michael Jackson died, but did he really need to be nominated for any awards? He didn’t release a new album and really not that many people cared about him before June… when he died.

    Sympathy awards are pointless even if they are for Michael Jackson. They should have just given him an honorary award or something. It made no sense to put him in categories with artists who actually have current music out.

    But I love Michael like the rest.

  • nicole

    i havent watched the show yet, i taped it last night.gunna w.atch soon, but i was thinkin the same when i heard MJ was nominated..i just couldnt figure out why

  • N_N

    Kelly had the best performance IMHO

  • juniper

    In response to why did Michael Jackson get nominated….the AMAs are determined by a poll of music buyers, album sales & airplay, and as a result is more of a representative of public opinion. It doesn’t matter how old the album is.

  • a


  • Leslie

    ROFL! I love Adam, but he looks ridiculous (in a bad way) there. He looks like a “slow” person who is fingering himself.

  • aimie

    @juniper… i guess that makes sense then, but i can’t remember another band/artist that this has happened to before?! you’d think the beatles would have had something like this when all that came back in for a short time. idk, just stil a bit off for me… and i didn’t hear a single mj song on the radio here in washington

  • Kendra

    I LOVE that CaCa went home empty handed..You know her biggest supporter was crying into his laptop..I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a video he taped of himself berating the public for ignoring her “genius”..I didn’t watch much of the show, but caught Whitney’s performance and speech..She looked great! Sweaty, but great! And I really wanted Jermaine to shut the eff up! He acted like HE was getting the awards! Ugh..

  • musicdivaSF

    Loved most of the performances but I was really impressed with Adam Lambert’s performance but at least he’s shown a great degree of comfort under the spotlight. Not too hot (and sweaty) on Whitney’s ‘The Voice’ performance, those drugs really did a number on her vocal chords but nevertheless I’m glad that she got some recognition. Jennifer’s jump to thump act was a disappointment but I’m starting to like her new single. Lastly, GaGa was simply gagalicious last night.

  • MiKiE

    Taylor Swift IMHO deserves every award she gets because I can’t think of another female or male artist that actually pens their own music, plays their own music, sings live decently, or can rock the house like she can. Look at how many concerts taylor has sold out across the country, and her first album is still on the billboard top 200. She definitely deserves every award.


    – Janet Jackson was a hot mess last night! I’m sorry but she looked absolutely horrible. Her performances sucked, too. I mean, her lip synching was evident and yeah, she did sing some songs live but c’mon! Her dance moves were flat and sloppy. And WTF was she wearing?! It was like Pocahontas meets John Wayne attire. No!
    – Adam Lambert’s performance was disgusting. Plus, he screamed on every note and the tongue thing creeps me out!
    – I liked Shakira’s performance but she didn’t really do much.
    – Kelly Clarkson was OK but damn, she looks awful.
    – Mary J. Blige and her stupid attitude need to go away.
    – Rihanna was BORING!
    – Michael Jackson’s awards were pity awards. It’s a tragedy that he died but gosh, he didn’t deserve it!
    – I liked Lady GaGa’s performance
    – Carrie Underwood sure is sluttin’ it up these days!
    Overall, the show was pretty boring and long!


    Oh, and can JLO please retire? I can’t believe she lip synched her entire song. Even her dancing was a disappointment and that song, eh! Don’t even get me started.

  • Nicola

    Umm…really? So Kayne acts like a douche and suddenly that girl gets a pile of awards and attention thrust on her for annoying songs about highschool love and all that crap?

  • maribella

    @chase – that’s quite a rundown. :)
    well, here’s what i think: ever since lady gaga came out with her craziness, everyone is trying to be shocking and “out there” in much the same way, so it makes everything boring.
    andd i don’t think taylor would be getting as many awards had kanye not interruptd her speech at the vma’s. :/

  • Benny

    I HATE Taylor Swift.. I hate her even more if she’s really dating hottie Taylor Lautner!

  • Leo

    Green Day!!!!!!!!!!!

  • isabelle

    Agree with Kendra, glad Gaga went home empty-handed. She’s so bloody overrated, I DON’T GET IT!!

  • frisa

    The show was painful to watch….I too turned it off after a while. And could someone please give Rihanna a normal haircut…it looks so stupid!!

  • J

    Are they slits in Rihanna’s outfit or just gold/brown lines. Cause they look much darker than her arms. Either way its a hot outfit, was just curious thats all. Why is everyone rocking the short hair though. For Mary’s credit, i totally forgot about her, she rocks the short hair aswell. Still think Rihanna takes the crown for it though.

  • dena

    gaga was amazing!! Love her!!!!

    Cant believe Taylor won so many awards! And some of the lip sync performances were horrible!
    Mary J was awesome as always!

  • Joel

    I enjoyed Gaga, Green Day, Jay-Z and Alicia’s number, and Kelly’s too. I was bit underwhelmed with Janet’s and Shakira’s. Disapointed with Adam’s debut. I thought the two guys on leashes was hilarous, but the performance as a whole was embarassing. The audience reaction at the end said it all, and Ryan Seacrest’s attempted jokes didn’t help. I’m pulling for Adam for next time!

  • KS

    @isabelle – how is gaga overrated? she’s one of few singers that actually sounds amazing live, and for that matter, she’s one of few artists that actually did a lot of singing live (did you see rihanna? she did a lot of live talking…and j.lo sang with a backing track the entire time). Bad Romance is the number 1 song on itunes right now, and The Fame Monster is the number 1 album (and The Fame Monster Delux is the 3rd album) – and for good reason! She is a good singer, and extremely entertaining. She deserves any praise she gets. And watch this video and tell me if she’s still overrated. She can do it all.

    • @KS — But taste is all subjective, many people are not impressed with her singing or theatrics. For that matter, many people do not care for Britney Spears and yet she is loved by many others. To some, these artists are overrated … it’s nothing to take personally.

  • KS

    @Trent – it’s just irritating when people attack her as a no-talent hack when that is clearly not the case. She attended the Tisch School of Performing Arts at NYU which accepts roughly 35 people into their program each year. It’s fine if people don’t particularly like her music, but they certainly can’t label her as being talentless when she is arguably one of the most vocally talented singers in the business right now. Out of last night’s performances, the two strongest vocal performances were by gaga and mary j blige, without a doubt – not even whitney was impressive.

  • hailey

    oh the show was overrated crap… its a freak show.. all trying to out do one another with shock value.. to the point it turned out to be incredibly… MMMMMEEEEEEEHHH… is that what we have for artistes nowadays.. ?? whatever happened to singing and dancing? why do I feel like many artistes are trying to cover up their average talents with shock value.. or sex? or rage? no wonder taylor swift won the artist of the year.. she is the only artiste today who probably gets it…, entertain through music.. audiences don’t need to be blown out of their minds all the time.. music is powerful enough to do just that.

  • Sherri

    i think the reason i like gaga so much is that every performance is just that….a Performance. Plus she’s ridiculously talented. the woman can sing. but it is a preference thing. the ama’s were ok. i dvr’d it so i could fast forward the awards and watch the performances. so many arists sound really bad live and need a studio to make them sound good. gaga isn’t one of them.

  • hailey

    class acts: mary J, whitney, alicia keys (if she would just lose the ugly jacket), kelly clarkson (if she only fixed her hair before she went on stage)

    not bad: rihanna , lady gaga , jay z and alicia keys, shakira(will remember the long chain of women tapping each other’s butt)

    not too sure about their songs choices: j lo, janet jackson (just couldn’t relate, even if i really wanted to relate to her performance.,)

    Meh: Adam Glambert.. very sad.. he is a talented singer selling himself short like a pop tart. he has all the potential in the world.. but he wants to emulate has beens and people half as talented as he is.

  • kristin

    glambert is just freaky as hell. seriously…SO WEIRD. & i lmao’ed when jlo fell.

  • rickattack

    i love jlo!

  • matt

    I thought janet was great. The mix she did was great. The pants were a big off and I wish she would get rid of her choregorapher. You could tell how hot she was when she did IF and had a different choreogapher then. some of the moves were a big boring.

    and to me–gaga IS over rated. If she is as talented as people say-then show it. She doesnt need all of the werird outfits and over the top theatrics in her performances. IT makes her seem more like a gimmick than a real person. Same with adam lambert with the huge hair, make up, crazy clothes. ALl gimicks

  • tera

    the ama’s themselves were eh..okayy but I feel that they should fire every hairdresser who worked on these people. kelly clarksons hair was terrible, keith urbans was way damaged, and janets was just plain ugly. and for taylor swift, that girl deserves every award she has ever been awarded. she would have won these awards even if kayne hadn’t dissed her, obviously you are ignorant didn’t know how popular she was before then. so sad she wasn’t there and we couldn’t see her perform

  • I’ve been a Green Day fan since I was seven. That is 13 years of Green Day love…and I just felt terrible for them during this performance. Billie Joe sounded like he was straining. Idk, it sounded to me like he had a sore throat or something. :( Oh well.

  • Chivonne

    I barely watched the show. I did see Whitney and thought it sounded like murder. What made me laugh even harder over it was seeing the people in the audience crying.
    I like Gaga. I find her completely weird and outrageous but her cd is something I can’t stop playing. I think she has great vocals when she actually sings.
    As for Adam that was just ridiculous. I understand embracing who you are but I think he went a bit too far. I think it is stupid when girls pull the same shit as well.

  • Dita

    Lady GAGA made best performance I’ve ever seen!

  • kj

    I loved lady gaga’s performance..especially wen she sang speechless, da girl is so damn talented..n I love her theatrics, the crazy oufitz, they crazy hair,killer ass piano playn, the mad talent n versatility,always enterainin. OVER the top is what makes lady gaga..lady gaga ..I’m just seriously CRAZeee..gaga for gaga..ppl can call her overated, a freak, talentless blah blah..blah..but this crazeee overated freak is goin 2 be around for a very very long tym…just wat this space.

  • kj

    I loved lady gaga’s performance..especially wen she sang speechless, da girl is so damn talented..n I love her theatrics, the crazy oufitz, they crazy hair,killer ass piano playn, the mad talent n versatility,always enterainin. OVER the top is what makes lady gaga..lady gaga ..I’m just seriously CRAZeee..gaga for gaga..ppl can call her overated, a freak, talentless blah blah..blah..but this crazeee overated freak is goin 2 be around for a very very long tym…just watch this space.