Ryan Phillippe Hikes Runyon Canyon While Shirtless


Here are a few photos of Ryan Phillippe hiking Runyon Canyon here in LA yesterday afternoon … as you can see, the weather was so hot that Ryan had to take off his shirt — and show that he, too, is so hot:

My goodness, he looks good, yes? It would appear that Mr. Phillippe got himself a few more tattoos since last we saw him half-nekkid. I believe the tattoo on his back is new:

Ryan‘s back tattoo looks like a hand holding another hand … with angel wings? I dunno, whatever it is I hope he continues to show it off cuz I don’t mind seeing Ryan Phillippe from the front or from the back. Ye gods, I love that the weather is still so nice here in SoCal … here’s hoping we get to see more pics of Ryan in various states of undress in the weeks to come. Woot!!

[Photo credit: X17]

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  1. ausettofegypt

    IDK… i used to think he was something to look at, but now i just see a cheater.

  2. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    For some reason he these pics don’t do much for me! Usually I would be turned into a beast foaming at the mouth but not today:(!!

  3. yg

    clean the fog off yur glasses…he looks more amazing then ever!

  4. ally

    All I see when I look at Reese Witherspoon is a demonic lawn gnome. Ryan on the other hand is one hot actor.

  5. Woot he looks great from the front AND back.


  6. random00b

    For 35, he is looking very, very good!

  7. kelly

    He is very very hot.

  8. Shan

    @ally… LOL!!! I have nothing against Reese but I can def. see what you’re talking about

  9. Josh

    He looks great for 35. He has two movies coming in 2010. It’s about time. Hollywood you need to be using more of Ryan Phillippe.

  10. Teeshah


  11. minkafan

    He’s one of the only actors that I want to touch when I see pictures of them. Ryan is divine!!

  12. nochip

    He looks great “for 35″?! How old are you people, 16? You talk about 35 as if that was the age Methuselah was when he died…

  13. Buster

    He was divine, but those tattoos have just made him look cheap and trashy (and not in the good way.) Not that I’d throw him out of bed…

  14. CJ

    He is hot, if you can’t admit that then you are probably just a little bitter and have a touch of hater in you…

    Oh, for the record he looks good for any age. If you think you can do better let’s see your 6 to 8 pack?


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