Jennifer Lopez Throws On Her ‘Louboutins’, Falls On Her Ass


Earlier I mentioned that the 2009 American Music Awards were edited for the West Coast feed of the show due to Adam Lambert’s “shocking” performance of his song For Your Entertainment but it was also edited because Jennifer Lopez fell on her ass while performing her new song Louboutins (which we got to hear for the first time last week) and, apparently, the folks at ABC didn’t want the folks watching at home on the West Coast to see it. To be honest, her fall wasn’t all that bad at all and she managed to get right up and carry on with her performance. But, for those of you who didn’t get a chance to see the mishap (or just want to watch it again), here are a few photos of the embarrassing incident:

It was a daring dance manoeuvre that could have gone terribly wrong – and unfortunately for Jennifer Lopez – it did. The diva fell flat on her famous rear end while performing her new single Louboutins at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles last night. The 40-year-old mother of two began the dramatic stunt by climbing up a human pyramid of semi-naked male dancers. She then drew gasps from the audience when she lost her balance after jumping off a dancer’s back, and landed on her derriere. But, ever the professional, Jennifer quickly recovered her poise and carried on with the show. After hours of rehearsals, the slip up would have disappointed the singer, who is known to be something of a perfectionist. But it seems that the only thing bruised was her ego, with her spokesperson assuring concerned fans that ‘she’s fine, totally fine.’

Actually, I understand that she wasn’t all that fine at all … backstage spies report that J. Lo was PISSED over the fall and make it quite clear to everyone within earshot that she was not happy with herself or her dancers. I don’t know if she personally insisted that the fall be edited out of the West Coast feed (tho I suspect that she or her people did insist) but ABC did edit her performance, turning her fall into a slo-mo jump that cut away right before her booty made contact with the stage floor. After the jump, tho, check out video of J. Lo’s uncensored, unedited performance of Louboutins at the AMAs last night …

I mean … c’mon, the fall wasn’t that bad … what surprised me most was that the poor girl fell on her bum while wearing flat shoes. She wasn’t even wearing high heeled Louboutins when she bit the floor. Unfortch for J. Lo, this performance prolly won’t get people more interested in her song (which isn’t all that good in the first place) and will likely only remind people that it is the song that she fell on her ass while performing:

Tsk Tsk. What did y’all think of her performance … hot or not?

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  • krib

    im not sure i even would have noticed that she lost her balance and fell if i wasnt looking for it…and if i did, it happened so quickly that it wasnt a big deal.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Okay when you had the song last week I didn’t like it! I actually enjoyed it last night. I thought it sounded good (because she didn’t sing live) and the moves were hot!!!

  • Camille

    This song is just horrible… Seriously, it hurts my ears !

  • lisaasil

    Without knowing the real lyrics it actually sounds like she’s saying, “I’m falling on my Louboutins”.

  • jjjj

    she was so pissed- right before they went to commercial they show a shot of backstage where she was walking off- you can see her throwing a fit! it looks like she is yelling at the dancer who was holding her arm when she jumped off the human pyramid.. pretty funny!

  • nicole

    @Kirb – agreed.
    @ Mr.G – i was just thinking the same thing…i had a feeling it be one of those songs that had to grow on you.

  • loulou

    My ears bleed when she sings. I had a feeling someone’s head would be rolling after this – even though it was clearly her own fault. Good recovery though.

  • aimie

    what was with all the lip syncing last night. gah…. the song is terrible… what do you expect to happen when you climb on 4 sweaty dancer backs and jump… you’re gonna slip. sigh… it’s like every old singer that is DONE… keeps coming back with mediocre performances. it’s kinda annoying

  • robin

    wow…that song SUCKS!

  • Lisa

    Yea, the fall really wasn’t that bad at all. Her recovery was great though. But as for the song…..not feeling it AT ALL. I think J Lo reeaally needs to start considering retiring from singing….and maybe acting too..=/….she’s a great dancer though…so maybe Dancing With The Stars is in her future lol.

  • Danielle

    Trent, really hating the ads on the site now that play video automatically.. very distracting, especially when trying to WATCH a video!

    • @Danielle — Just found out about the auto-play ads, I think it’s just happening in Canada (is that right?) I’m having it worked on now.

  • red

    The song stinks and you can’t always blame others .

  • TLM

    Can you say,,,, Diva?

  • Chris

    Does she really have talent ??? I think not, she looks like a total BITCH

  • Millie

    Could not have happened to a worthier bitch!! I laughed my ass off.

  • Lisa

    WOW! I was wondering what was up with that one slo-mo part in J. Lo’s performance!

  • sweet!

    wow! she did recover splendidly – you hardly notice the fall at all! and whoever thought climbing up on the backs of several men in those shoes was a good idea should probably reconsider –
    her body does look rockin’ solid though!

  • roxster

    “will likely only remind people that it is the song that she fell on her ass while performing”

    So true!
    I’m so ever J Lo as a singer….and close to it with her “acting” too. The song is stupid, and bad, and the performance was equally dumb….@aimie: genreally with the big network awards shows theres a fair amount of lip syncing. Honestly, I was impressed Gaga got up there and managed to only rely on her backing track. And I think it was a smart move for her to whip out that piano….shes hearing all the backlash thats shes just a performance artist and is starting to show people that she can actually belt out a tune

  • Splick

    xD Oh grow up! People fall, at least she got back up and finished. She’s such a f**kin’ DIVA! Geez, and please release another single ASAP! P.s. the vid sucks for this song! Just saying…and also I ain’t no hater I <3 Jennifer but she needs to grow up…

  • Leslie

    Another singer who cannot sing worth a damn. I’m so tired of all the packaged performers who can’t sing. Meh.
    Oh and the song is sooo stupid.

  • the song is not great, but I didnt think the fall was that bad, the idea of the performance was good though

  • DJWhoop


  • ausettofegypt

    Woot! lol!

  • alana

    I hope her falling is a sign thather album will FAIL. which it probably will because she hasnt come out with good music is forever. she is such a loser. this song eally does blow. Remember lets get loud? and if you had my love? those were decent. Now her songs are just as obnoxious as she is. Either way though her falling was hilarious absolutley LOL. But why wasnt she wearing heels? All divas are suppose to wear heels! And the song is dedicate to heels, is anyone surprised she wore flats?? Im pretty sure victoria beckham is!

  • austin

    i haven’t really figured out why everyone hates on Jennifer so much.

    but in this performance i dare someone to say something bad.
    she didn’t throw on some typical “futuristic” costume like everyone is doing now. she didn’t have her hair all mohawked or anything. she just did her straight up J.Lo thang. awesome choreography and all.

    AND about the fall – she got up and did not miss a beat. bad things happen all the time, it’s not cause shes not good, the fact that she hopped up so quickly is a testament to the opposite.

    more power to you J.Lo

  • Gaby

    If you wouldn’t have mentioned that she fell I would have thought it was part of the dancing….JLo should blame herself for falling and not her dancers….cause I think she was the one that jump off and landed on her ass….yup I think it was her.

  • K

    she can hardly sing and she DEF cannot act…. she suuucks


    RETIRE, JLO! Her sound, look, and everything else is old

  • A

    I love some J.Lo but her performance and new song sucked!! She looked great though!

  • maribella

    she’s not as good (or as young) as she once was. time to hang up those Louboutins and get some Keds, j.lo.

  • krissy

    I thought something was off when it went into slow motion! I think her singing is awful, I just really don’t like it. I wouldn’t hold the falling off against her…except now that I hear she was getting mad at others for it, that lowers my opinion of her even further. She fell because she pulled her legs up to high, and didn’t stretch them back down fast enough to catch herself. She landed in a squat, and kept her weight too far to the back. That is HER fault, not her dancers! She did keep going, so I give her props for that. But have some respect for the other dancers…you were walking on their backs, afterall.

  • I think a vid of a JLo meltdown would be priceless. Haha.


  • PixiesBassline

    Maybe I just feel mean today.. but HA!
    I can’t stand her, never liked her… and it made me feel lovely to watch her fall on her ass for that split second.

  • Isabelle

    Now I’m gonna go write a song about my socks.

  • Lisa

    I have to say that when Britney was as ‘thick’ as JLO she was called fat but everyone thinks JLO looks great?! Those are some thick a** legs…just sayin’

  • J

    Okay NOT BAD at all. I mean if it wasn’t for that dance sequence and the lights going dark – it would of looked really bad. But she got up within micro seconds and did the solo dance. I thought the performance was quite good actually one of the best of the night from what i saw. Janet and Kelly were the best though right?

    The song is decent, better than some of the other stuff she brought out in previous years.

  • Mr G

    I don’t know how it was rehearsed but it appears that the last fellow she stood on b/4 the jump added a some extra push to the jump by standing up too early. That will throw all the timing for everything way off.

    I’m just happy she didn’t injure, hopefully, any more than her pride.

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  • Chivonne

    I like her acting skills. She should stick with that. Monster in law is just hilarious (: