The First Batch Of Levi Johnston ‘Playgirl’ Photos Have Been Released


It’s a very bizzy weekend for the Johnston family this weekend … first and foremost, at precisely 1AM ET this morning the first 25 photos from Levi Johnston’s Playgirl photoshoot went online at for viewing by subscribers. Secondly, Levi’s mother Sherry Johnston was sentenced to 3 years in prison yesterday in the wake of her recent drug conviction … tho, the two incidents aren’t really related, each is a significant benchmark in the Johnston family history. Here is a totally sanitized publicity photo from Levi’s Playgirl shoot and some deets about the just released batch of photos in a new press release:

The shoot everyone has been talking about has finally arrived! The first set of Levi Johnston pictures to be released at 1am Saturday, November 21st on There will be 25 pictures put up currently, and more to follow weekly from the much talked about shoot.

I’ve been able to see all 25 photos and, to be honest, you’re really not missing much. As was previously reported, Levi shows no p33n and there are only 4 photos that show his bare bum (in classy black and white). There are 5 photos where he is obscuring his p33n with either a towel or his hands and only one of those is in color. This first batch of photos seems to be totally from the “shower” stetting save for the 4 photos of him fully dressed, which are also included. It seems to me that Playgirl is going to stretch out the release of these photos for as long as they can to maximize their effectiveness. In fact, I understand that the printed version of Playgirl magazine that will feature Levi’s “nekkid” pictorial won’t be published until March 2010! I can’t believe they think people will still care by then. After the jump, check out another publicity photo from Levi’s Playgirl shoot and read the sad tale of his mother’s prison sentencing which took place right around the time her son’s “nekkid” pics were released …

From the SF Gate: The mother of the man former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol had planned to marry has been sentenced to three years in prison. Sherry Johnston was sentenced Friday in Palmer, about 45 miles northeast of Anchorage. She pleaded guilty in August to one count of possession with intent to deliver the painkiller OxyContin. Five other felony counts were dropped in the deal, which called for a five-year prison sentence with two years suspended. The 43-year-old Johnston is the mother of Levi Johnston. He and 18-year-old Bristol Palin were engaged but called off the wedding after their son, Tripp, was born in December. The Anchorage Daily News reports that Sherry Johnston will serve her sentence at Alaska’s only female prison.

A proud Johnston weekend, indeed.

UPDATE: A bunch of Levi’s (barely) NSFW Playgirl photos have leaked to the Internets HERE, in case any of y’all want to see them without having to pay. Thoughts?

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  • jamie-o

    he looks ok, i guess… kinda soft for a supposed hockey player.

  • anna

    gag. so this is what desperation looks like?

  • Lauren

    I’m with you Trent. By March of 2010 his 15 minutes will be long gone. I’ve seen some of the other pictures and it was a waste of time. He has no body and no butt! He doesn’t even look comfortable infront of the camera.

  • Em

    Aaand I see he’s got the exact same vacant facial expression as every playgirl model ever in these shots as well. SMILES ARE SEXY TOO, Y’KNOW.

  • Veronica


  • Nicola

    Any men featured in that issue?

  • Liz

    Em: I was going to say the same thing. Same expression in every shot.
    Very boring overall. A lot of body fat for a hockey player.

  • tatiana

    For some reason, the picture of his naked ass is funny. I wish they would have trimmed down his underarm hair. Interesting.

  • tory

    all hype…. nooo delivery

  • Chris

    Bad butt for a hockey player. And he looks like he’s already regretting posing. (That’s supposed to come later!) Gorgeous lips though . . .

  • marisa

    whatevs, i think he looks pretty hot. i wouldn’t mind…

  • abrieanna