Levi Johnston Admits He Never Intended To Show P33N In ‘Playgirl’


Yesterday we got a sneak peek at Levi Johnston’s upcoming pictorial in the pages of Playgirl magazine from The Insider and today we get to check out another sneak peek at the pics from both The Insider (again) and Entertainment Tonight … but we are also hearing from the lad himself. E! News’s Marc Malkin spoke with Johnston at the GQ Men of the Year event at the Chateau Marmont here in SoCal last night and Levi admitted that he never intended to show full frontal nudity even tho he coyly hinted that he would when he was promoting the Playgirl photoshoot. Here are a few preview screencaps from Levi’s shower photos along with his chat with Malkin last night:

Despite what Sarah Palin may think, Levi Johnston insists he’s not an aspiring porn star. And that’s exactly why we’re not going to be seeing all of Mr. Johnston’s junk in Playgirl. In fact, Johnston tells me he never had plans to go full frontal because… “I’m 19,” he told me at last night’s GQ Men of the Year party at the Chateau Marmont. “I don’t want that image. I don’t want to get into porn. I don’t want to get into X-rated adult videos.” Johnston says he’s seen some of the shots Playgirl is planning on releasing. “They turned out well,” he said. “I’m happy with them.” What do his friends back in Alaska think of all this? “I’m sure my friends are going to check them out and give me crap about them, but whatever,” Johnston said with a shrug. “I’m having fun with all of it.”

What a tease … I guess we had to be kidding ourselves if we really thought he was going to show us the full monty. Tho, to be honest, I don’t know that many of us (me, included) would’ve been so willing to believe that he was truly gonna go balls out (as it were) if we hadn’t been misled to believe that he was really gonna show all. It looks like we’re not gonna see much more than what we’ve been seeing in these censored preview photos that have been airing on entertainment news shows all week long. In case you’re still interested, you can check out photos from Entertainment Tonight of Johnston lying “secductively” on a bed for another part of his Playgirl photoshoot — after the jump …

To be honest, I don’t think these photos would be any sort of let down at all if they weren’t hyped up so much in the first place. But … it is what it is … we’re gonna get what we’re gonna get. The first photos go online at Playgirl.com this Saturday. Is anyone still interested in what Levi Johnston’s got to offer?


  • Toni

    I’m Sorry…. he’s just NASTY!!!! Nothing HAWT about him AT ALL!!! YUCKIE YUCKIE YUCKIE!!! TOTAL TRASH!!!

  • DJWhoop

    In that first pic he seems to be thinking “why am I doing this again?”

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Those pictures aren’t even good looking! I am so jaded with him now that he went down on my hot scale!!!

  • Lauren

    What was he doing all that time he was supposed to be at the gym? I’m sorry but his body isn’t that great and he probably has a small peen anyway!

  • CoCo

    White trash, famewhore, and unattractive. That is all.

  • ju-ju-bean

    No thanks.

    His skanky armpit hair made me barf in my mouth.

  • jamie

    Ugh, I was put off by Levi to begin w/ and I’m less interested now. IMO if you’re going to do a magazine like Playgirl you may as well show the whole enchilada.

  • Paul From Toronto

    Im Sorry.. Still think he is Hot.. Bloody Hell..

    U Know what though.. the Dieux De Stade have rugby players showing nudity and in no way does it make them look like porn stars. I think its tasteful. Some shots show all bits and others show just bums or covered up peen, which is still hot.. Well I think.. Anyone Agree??

    • @Paul From Toronto — I totally agree, nudity can be handled in a classy way. To be honest, I think Levi is not confident enough in his manhood to show it off. If he were more “substantial” I’d bet good money he’d be happy to show it off.

  • scoob

    He’s such a marshmallow. blech.

  • DJ Vegas

    Playgirl knows not everyone has an armpit fettish. Right? LOL It looks like that was the only “sexy” pose they could get him in. Oh well there wasn’t much there to begin with so we didn’t really miss out now did we? :)

  • Paul From Toronto

    @Trent – Definately.. I mean he is just 19.. it can be quite scary thinking your body will be out there for everyone to see and he may have insecurities.. However, his manager shouldnt have totally pumped up this whole photoshoot by giving big hints he is going Full Monty. That was a little unfair.. but Hey.. thats show-business right?? Anywhoooo.. I am still excited to see what it will look like.

  • DJWhoop

    The only soapy armpits I want to see are my husbands. (or Hugh Jackman’s) ;-)
    The first cap looks like they caught him saying something, (probably like, “I’m a big dumbass”) and the second one looks like he’s thinking “I’m glad they didnt’ take pictures of his junk because the water has gone cold.”
    I think I’m spending too much time wondering what this guy is thinking. I need to get back to work.

  • TLM

    I’ll say it again…..Fail, Fail, Fail!!!!! He’s so NOT attractive!! *barf*

  • Mark

    Sorry Levi, but half-measures and not quite getting it done remind me of your almost mother-in-law. If you’re gonna do something, do it right.

  • Tatiana

    …..I’ll wait for it to come out on video…….

  • xerx

    The b&w shots look much better than the ones in color, but I think what I like best is imagining Tina Fey as Sarah Palin commenting on them ;)

  • bdavidwv

    worked out for 6 months?…..where?……McDonalds???

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  • robert ryan

    This kid is white trash all the way! Not hot at all. I say just take the money you didn’t earn and get out of dodge! See ya!

  • Fashionista

    At least its not like IN YOUR FACE PEEN like some do.


    this shows how Palin’s daughter got pregnant lol.

  • Tom in COS

    Anyone else notice some distinct similarities between Levi “I’m-not-gonna-show-my” Johnston and Beau “I-love-daddies” Breedlove?

  • JIM

    Toni: Would you mind sending that “Yucky nasty trash” over to my house tonight? I think I could think of a couple of things to do with it.