Levi Johnston Does ‘The Insider’


Yesterday we got our first look at the first photo released by Playgirl from their much ballyhooed photoshoot with Levi Johnston but The Insider last night took us on the set of the shoot to give us more of a preview of what we can expect in the mag … to be honest, and this should come as no surprise, there isn’t all that much to crow about:

Now, obvs, The Insider cannot show us anything of any substance on broadcast television but we learned early yesterday that there will be nothing to see anyways … Levi’s Playgirl shoot will be painfully bare of any p33n which seems to negate the whole reason for posing in a nudie mag in the first place. But, as you can see in the first screencap, Levi does give a hint of what he’s hiding in his athletic shorts and, well, it makes a little more sense why he’d be so shy and choose not to show what his mama gave him. After the jump, check out video of Levi’s appearance on The Insider and see it all (what there is to see, of course) for yourselves …

LOL!! I’m not sure what good he did by going to the gym “6 days a week” leading up to this photoshoot because, to be honest, Levi’s lookin’ a little doughy in this video. I’m afraid that there is no way he is going to live up to the hype generated by this Playgirl shoot … he’s lucky he got paid up front because I don’t think his appearance in this magazine is going to make much of a splash with consumers. I’ve been far from impressed by all these previews of Levi in Playgirl … I’m guessing the actual photos themselves won’t be much better.


  • Kendra

    I’m sure, just like in Playboy, they’ll photoshop him into shape..I’ve never thought he was very hot to begin with..And now, especially without the weenis, there’s zero point in getting this!

  • alisaj29

    That’s what people have been waiting for??? Are you sure he didn’t get confused, and went to the gym for 1hr for 6days?

  • Meowzer

    I’m disappointed… for anyone who thought they might actually see something. It smelled of a publicity stunt from the first time I heard about it. Shucks… and I was all drooling waiting for The Impregorator.
    At least we wont’ have to hear Sarah Palin talking about how how much better her family is because he turned to a life of porn. This certainly doesn’t count as porn

  • teri

    all I can say is ICK

  • gunnarjet

    ….aren’t there more important things in this world to talk about THIS on TV ???

    ….. SO SAD !!

  • anne

    NAS to the T

  • debho

    Seriously? bahaha

  • frisa

    Uggghhh….@gunnarjet…I’m with you! Can we please move past this guy…he’s done exactly what to get this kind of buzz? And he’s not hot or cute.

  • Ama

    Wow, he would not make a good model. He looks so awkward in most of these photos XD

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Not only am I extremly upset there is no penis but he isn’t even that buff. I would think working out for three hours a day he would be crazy cut. I guess I am just upset over the revelation that we don’t get to see his meat stick!! BOOOOO

  • emily

    thats what he looks like after 6 day a week workouts? Lame.

  • He looks pretty hot to me, and if that is “doughy,” then everybody’s too fat for you. ;0)

    • @Matthew Rettenmund — Doughy is a far cry from fat … he has no definition and you can see love handles around his middle. Personally I think he looks fine but far from nude model shape.

  • lol Trent! How can you call that love handles? I’ll show you love handles, dear. (No, wait…I don’t! I never show them, even to friends.) I do think it’s more about expectations. It’s like when girls I know talk about how hideous some famous guy is and he’s perfectly cute, it’s just that judging him on movie-star scale he’s hideous. Thanks for posting, though.

  • PixiesBassline

    Damn… I’m not trying to brag…. BUT.. if THIS guy was chosen for this, then I should send MY man in there, to make some folks happy! LOL!
    My man doesn’t even go to a gym and he’s WAY more CUT (and has a prettier face)!! He also wouldn’t be anywhere near as shy-looking, about showing his body OR his *BIG* BULGE, either!!! So, I cannot be impressed by this guy AT ALL…
    He looks SO uncomfortable and unnatural… like he was kidnapped and being forced to pose.


    I don’t think he’s doughy. I think he’s fine. Not too fat muscled but not too flabby, either. His face looks chubs though.

  • Holly

    Yawn. Why can’t we get Jake Gyllenhaal to do one of these?

  • BradyJaymes

    I think he is gorgeus i for one think that theres no peen is fin it woulda been nice but i am an ass man and wanna see that! I looove looking at him… Yum!

  • Heather

    wow he knew he was posing in a magazine shouldn’t he have worked on his body a little harder?But of course not everyone can look like Taylor Lautner without a shirt. lol Post more pics of Taylor, Trent!

  • TennesseeCandyAss

    Well….he can wear his skates all he want, but now we know he doesn’t have a stick to skate with. I’ll pass

  • RJP3

    How sad for you — that unless he was showing his sex organ you are not interested.

    He is a strong willed, smart 19 year old.
    With a handsome face maturing with every day.

    Good for him … and boo to you PITNB

  • RJP3

    one last thing — his is about as doughy as you are handsome

    • @RJP3 — LOL!! Good burn!! Coming from a person who thinks Levi Johnston is a “strong willed, smart 19 year old” I’d label your opinions dubious at best ;)

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  • Tracy

    He’s gross and who the hell would want to look at penis if they didn’t have to? They are not very pretty.

  • David

    He is perfectly attractive. nobody gave a damn about any BUFF, or CUT, or ABS 30 years ago. The biggest pinups 30 years ago was Greg Evigan and John Schnieder, and neither of them had ANY defiition. Gay men need to stop the body worship. Some men still want a man to look like a MAN… not a tweezed, waxed mannequin from Macy’s window! I’ve noticed that if a man has a ripped physique, all the queens will drool over him, even if he looks like he’s been shot in the face with rock salt (Michael Phelps, anyone?)

  • DJWhoop

    I would say he’s perfectly average. Certainly not Playgirl material – no matter who he’s poked.
    BUT, if he’s a smart 19 year old – I’m a vermiscious knid.
    And Trent is adorable dagnabit!