Emanuel Ungaro Calls Lindsay Lohan Collaboration A ‘Disaster’


In early October, Lindsay Lohan made her debut as “creative director” for the Emanuel Ungaro design house and was met with harsh criticism from the Fashion press … but the harshest critic yet, it turns out, is retired designer Emanuel Ungaro himself. In a new interview, Ungaro expresses how furious he is that his company put their design plans in Lindsay’s hands … calling the whole collabo a “disaster”. Ouch!

The namesake and founder of Emanuel Ungaro has added his voice to the chorus of critics attacking Lindsay Lohan’s debut for the famed fashion house at its spring/summer 2010 show. “[Her] collaboration was a disaster,” Ungaro told the U.K.’s Independent of Lohan’s first efforts as artistic adviser alongside designer Estrella Archs. “I am furious but I can’t do anything about it.” The designer, who retired in 2004, said he worried that his former line was “in the process of losing its soul.” Emanuel further lamented that the problems weren’t just at his own line. “This happens to a lot of designers, we were the creators and patrons, responsible for the creation and destiny of our houses. But when we gave up our houses, we gave up our soul,” he said.

Ugh … well, at least Ungaro can look on the bright side — he’s not alone in asserting that Lindsay’s Fashion debut was a disaster … unfortch for him, tho, he no longer has a say in what goes on at his namesake company. Poor thing.

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  • I was wondering that his take on the “collaboration” was.


  • Joanna

    That is really sad, considering Ungaro used to be on top years back. who didn’t see this collabo going to hell though?!? Come on, Lindsey “i love to wear leggings” Lohan, a fashion innovator??

  • kammy

    Damn, she’s tiny compared to the amazon…

  • rossy

    I’m sorry. But I’ve seen worse – From some of the “best” designers in the world. I watch fashions shows off-on so I can grab a laugh here & there. Paris “fashion week” is my favorite (other venues, same) – Expressionless models moving down runways wearing stuff I wouldn’t want to EVER see again. Maybe if the models would occasionally smile or walk like they’re not constipated… I could stomach the so-called “crap” labeled “High Fashion”.

    For Ungaro HIMSELF to call Lohan’s collaboration with him a “disaster” is kind of… strange, isn’t it? Wasn’t he there to see what she chose? Or was the whole process done by phone calls & he never bothered to “see” what the end result would look like before letting others see it.

    After all, people are judging 1dress here & not an ENTIRE collection Lohan collaborated on – By the way, I’ve seen some of the retired Ungaro’s clothes myself… He should talk.

    I guess I’m in the minority & will never understand the fascination people have looking at clothes that cost an arm & a leg to buy, will be worn once by someone with a lot of money, bad taste, before being… What does happen to these “High Fashion” clothes afterwards, anyway?

    Had the “collaborator” been Madonna, Cate Blanchett or Julia Roberts coming up with a similar concept to Lohan’s… Would the response from people, critics & Ungaro himself be the same or better?

  • Damn, she’s tiny compared to the amazon…

  • PixiesBassline

    @rossy: YEAH! To all you said.
    I am starting to wish that SOMETHING good WOULD happen for Lindsay… Even though she makes me sick half the time… I just feel sorry for her that her parents are such shits… and how everything seems to just not work out right for her.. that it makes me want SOMETHING to work out for her..
    AND- I thought the same thing, about her looking TINY, compared to the woman she’s walking with.
    Oh- also, Linds really needs to learn how to hide her insecurities… Just look at her body language… you can see the lack of confidence in her.

  • denise

    Lindsay will be collaborating with Bebe

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