First Look: 30 Seconds To Mars, ‘Kings + Queens’


Last month Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds to Mars asked fans to be a part of their new music video, Kings + Queens, and managed to cull together a good number of eager folks willing to be in their view. On a Sunday and Monday night last month, 30StM and their gaggle of fans rode bikes all over the metropolitan Los Angeles area … at last, the video has been finished and is ready for viewing:

Before this music video/short film made its debut online, it was screened at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre here in Hollywood, CA Monday night. My guess is that invited guests of 30StM including those who are featured in the video itself were all on hand to celebrate the premiere of the video … but now it’s our turn to see the final product. After the jump, check out the 30 Seconds to Mars video for Kings + Queens

I like it … it’s a cool vid. The song, meh, I’m not really wowed by it but I do like the way the video turned out. It’s really cool that Leto and his band would invite so many fans to be part of this video … very cool, in my book. Any 30StM fans out there? What do y’all think?



    The song has been growing up me. I don’t think I’ll fully like it as much as I want to. I hope their new stuff is good because their old stuff was much better than this. Oh! I’m so glad Jared ditched his emo look; he looks a lot better like this.

  • Saralyn

    I was apart of the recording of the album at “The Summit” and was at the video shoot last month…I think it was an amazing experience and it all turned out better than I thought it was going to be. I can’t wait until the album comes out.

  • I think the fact that they used the recordings from the Summit in the song, it makes it so much more awesome, to know that the people aren’t just hired singers, but the fans.

    The songs grown on me, but I couldn’t care less what it sounded like. At least they put out a song xD Its been five damn years.

  • They’re kind of fun. I’m going to look them up.

  • Chivonne

    I think the video was gorgeous. The song is one of those kinds of songs that only works with a video. Otherwise you’re like “yeah, kay?”. Jared is weird. I saw him on I’ts On With Alexa Chung and she was kind of weirded out by him. He’s hot tho (:

  • Kendra

    I’ve always liked these guys..And not just because I think Jared Leto is ridiculously cute..They’re kind of my guilty pleasure.. :) I like the song..The video is pretty cool, but the main thing to focus on is how awesome it was of 30 seconds to mars to have their fans participate..I LOVE bands that give love to their fans like this..Ima Robot has done the same thing with their fans..It makes me appreciate bands even more when they try to give back, in a way..

  • Rina

    Nice video! They even referenced a Banksy art piece with the guy throwing a flower vase. That was awesome.

    30STM is great and I’m excited for the upcoming album :)

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  • Youth in Revolt

    He looks like a little dinosaur in the last pic. Look at those teeth. Hehehe :P

  • Kammie

    I can’t lie, I busted out laughing when I saw Shannon’s biking outfit, and at one point I was like “…..why is there a horse?” But I love this song and I love this video, and Jared must be drinking a lot of virgin blood to look that good for someone who’s nearly 38. I’m going to be seeing them at their december 7th Baton Rouge show, and I can’t wait!

  • Ulla

    Love 30stm! This song i.. interesting..! :)

  • Stephanie Kester

    Omg the song is brill when I listen to it it’s meaning to me is that all the fans around the world are the guys Kings and Queens as they adore us all and we adore them right back. 30stm are the only band that inspire me to be someone better oh and the video is fab to. Good work Jared x

  • Anne Marie

    Uh…I was a big fan of the last album. Huge. Went to the concert in Denver. Even got a photot with sexy Jared. But this one blows. Sorry. They have gotton a little too pretentious and self-important for my taste. The self-perception of being rock-gods is a really really corny. I understand that Jared is an artist. His songs reflect this, but the videos and VERY immature, U2 wanna be videos. Nothing vanguard here. Sorry baby!