Ashlee Simpson Dyes . . .


On Monday we heard a rumor that Ashlee Simpson, newly fired from her starring role on Melrose Place, is reportedly heading to Broadway to reprise her role in the stage musical Chicago. In what might be confirmation of this Broadway rumor, new pics of Ashlee Simpson rockin’ a newly dyed hair’do have come to light … behold:

This darker, edgy hair’do looks less like the Roxie Hart character in Chicago and more like, well, the Ashlee Simpson that we all fell in love with when she released her debut album all those years ago. You know … I miss that Ashlee Simpson … you know, the one who had stains on her t-shirt and who was the big-gest flirt? Remember?? The fun, pre-nose job Ashlee?? I am not ashamed to admit that I love her album Autobiography … sigh. Ah well, whether she’s headed to Broadway or not, Ashlee’s got herself a hot new ‘do. I approve, she looks great.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Denise

    Yep, I do like the hair. I guess she’ll wear a wig to play Roxie.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Much better than blonde! Love it!

  • JeniLee

    Autobiographty is by far her best album….I can listen to it the whole way through….amazing!

  • nicole

    i actually liked the red..but im not hatin on this either

  • JHop

    I’m not feeling it. It’s the kind of haircut that requires you to either sweep the hair out of your eyes with your hand or by whipping your head back CONSTANTLY. Annoying to have and extra annoying to witness.
    But, I guess since Pete shaved his head, one of them has to have emo hair. I think it’s in their pre-nup.

  • Whitney

    She looks mannish to me….But I love all of her albums and not ashamed to admit it!!!

  • G

    i’m not ashamed to admit it either haha i have and love all her 3 albums i can never choose if i like autobiography or i am me better… anyway.. lol she looks great and i really like her haircut and color it looks cute on her :)

  • Jadedkitten


  • taylor

    I really like the Autobiography album too. She should make another album.

  • Hair looks great, she should work on her posing, though. This neck extended thing is too weird.


  • EP

    You DYE an Easter egg, not your hair. You COLOR your hair.

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  • Kyle

    She looks good. Best as blonde though. Autobiography is one of my favorite albums ever! Aw reminds me of high school. She needs to do another album, this time with john shanks again, no more timbaland.

  • Kayla

    Personally I really liked the red on her but this doesn’t look bad. Reminds me a bit of Pete’s old her though which I find funny.

  • krissy

    EP, I had no idea there was a difference! ;)

  • Jess

    I liked her old nose. It’s a strange thing to say but I think it gave her face a bit of character.

  • Kool Moe Joe

    Who’s Ashlee Simpson?


    There isn’t a producer anywhere near Broadway that would cast this non-talent.

    She cant sing a note and is a stiff and un-natural actress.

    They should just stop kicking this dead horse. She hasn’t got it.
    Her first album was manipulated marketing. Did you know that received over 300 false positive reviews for that album …..the day before it was released? You didn’t hear about that because Geffen paid to make it go away.

    She is a total fraud.


    In the know you’re obviously not in the know, as Ashlee was amazing when she played Roxie in London! you can’t really say she has no talent!

    did you even see her in it?

  • roxster

    @ Trent: I LOVE that you loved autobigraphy! And I’m loving how many other people are saying it too! I used to blast it on my half hour commute to my summer internship. I figured it was such a guilty pleasure haha, glad I’m not alone on that!

  • Laure75

    The new haircolor is AWFUL! whe loks like a crow ! Not a good look on a girl. Kinda like what KStew looks like now as well.

  • bobbi

    i’m not ashamed to say i loved that album.
    i think it’s legitimately good.

  • bobbi

    …however, that hair…NOT legitimately good.

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  • Denise

    I like Ashlee better with black hair, it suits her

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  • Cupcake

    I LOVE Ashlee’s music & whatever hair color she decides to rock! She is a beautiful young woman & all the haters can go somewhere else if they don’t have anything nice to say about her. Ashlee kicks ass!

  • Shan

    So I had to bust out Autobiography and Im about to rock it out while I get ready to go out tonight! Thanks guys for reminding me how much I f-ing love this CD!!

  • Lol

    People can hate on her all they want, Autobiography is one of the best albums ever made and should be known as a classic. It’s too bad she didn’t stick with that style as it really suited her.

  • James

    I really liked her hair back when she first came out.
    I thought she loked beter with with her hair black
    rather than blond. Now that it back let the good
    times roll. !

  • katelyn

    wow.. lol i can’t remember so much of the Autobiography album but ehh she looks better with the darker coloured hair in my opinion haha

  • lisbeth

    algo bueno con su autografo estuviera feliz.. !
    pero bueno es lo q se espera si la muchacha es lo mejor de lo mejorciito.. (: la adoro