Madonna & Jesus Luz Get Shy In Brazil


Yesterday we saw photos of Madonna’s (not so) grand arrival in São Paulo, Brazil as she deplaned from a *cough* commercial airplane *cough* and today we get to see a few photos of Madge in the close company of her much younger toyboy Jesus Luz out on the town last night:

HMMM … I wonder what’s up with all the shyness all of the sudden. We know that Madonna & Child are doing the deed (and have been for the better part of this year) and we know that they are spending a lot of personal time together in Brazil (as I mentioned yesterday, rumor has it that Jesus is ready to introduce her Madgesty to his family … including his mother … who is 14 years YOUNGER than Madonna is) so what’s with all the secrecy? Mebbe they just like playing coy with the photogs from time to time … mebbe it adds spice to their relationship. Whatever the heck is going on, they look foolish. Madonna is prolly THE most attention hungry person on the planet. When she feigns the spotlight like this she only makes herself look silly.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Adri

    I know you’ve said Madonna and child a million times but it still gets me every time. I so enjoy your humor :D

  • Kendra

    She totally looks like his mom..It’s strange to me..To each his own..

  • Janelle

    I thought that was k-fed in the first picture instead of Jesus lol

  • Madonna & Child. LOL. Too funny.


  • jeremy

    maybe she wasn’t in the mood to be photographed – who knows where they were spotted…?

  • jay

    Sheesh, Jesus’ moms is only 37? Gawd, she was young when she had him. Must totally creep her out to see him with someone old enough, technically, to be HER moms. Yech.

    By the way, if Madonna wants to see how to age gracefully check out Mylene Farmer, France’s Madonna. She’s late forties and gorgeous without all the string effect.

    I know you’re a huge Madge fan, Trent, but she really is kinda getting a bit questionable. IMO, ‘course.

  • krissy

    “Madonna is prolly THE most attention hungry person on the planet. When she feigns the spotlight like this she only makes herself look silly.” So true, Trent!


    Very true! Celebrities look extremely stupid when they hide form paparazzi because it A) Provokes the paparazzi into getting the picture even more B) The paparazzi know they have slight) power over the celebs C) It looks stupid

  • mash

    she looks a bit wastedface if you ask me…

  • Justin

    The most attention seeking person on the planet? Seriously?!?! Surely the Kardashians, Paris, Lindsay,Kathy Griffin, Michael Lohan, John Gosselin,Spencer, Heidi, etc….take the cake on that. She is however the most famous woman on the planet, and perhaps sometimes gets sick of being photographed. After 28 years I’m sure it gets a bit tiring. But she’s probably too busy calling the paps to make sure they’re still on her tail. You know, because that’s what’s really important to her.

  • Interstate

    I like her eyeshadow

  • Jesus mother did not give her LOVE when he was young No wonder he is dating OLDIESSS

  • Madonna go for the young blood….it tastes good…am on yo side every1 deserves to be happy age aint nothing but a number…

  • patches

    there are way many more celebrities that are more attention hungry than Madonna is, that’s a dumb thing to say. She doesn’t go out of her way like some desperate celebrities do with twitter, tipping off rags etc.. to get their photo taken or a story written….

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  • KL

    I think they were being goofy, cuz I’m pretty sure she was WASTED, lol. Go Madonna!