Levi Johnston Arrives In NYC To Pose For ‘Playgirl’


Levi Johnston, who recently appeared on The Early Show on CBS not once but twice in the same week to regale the nation with dishy tales about the Palin family, has finally made his grand arrival in NYC where he will drop trou and bear, well, everything for the pages of Playgirl magazine. You may recall that Playgirl announced last year that they were closing up shop on their print edition and would exist only online … but Levi’s decision to show off his johnston has inspired the publication to revive its print edition for such a special occasion. Here are a few pics of Levi’s arrival in NYC this weekend and the story of how Playgirl is hoping that Levi’s johnston will save its magazine:

As career moves go, it seemed almost inevitable that Levi Johnston would show the full monty in an adult magazine one day. This, after all, is a guy who got Sarah Palin’s daughter pregnant at the age of 17, then turned on the Palin family when the couple broke up, telling juicy tales to anyone who would listen, including that his ex-future mother-in-law knew he was having sex in her home, and that she referred to her child with Down syndrome as her “retarded baby.” More surprising was the news that Johnston would be posing for Playgirl, which had actually folded the year before. At the time it closed, the magazine, which was founded in 1973 as a feminist response to Playboy, was seen as a victim of the recession. Beyond that, adult content had long ago moved away from newsstands and video stores and into the home, where it could be viewed instantly on a computer … As it turns out, Playgirl was only mostly dead. Like many other brands, Playgirl was kept alive online by its owner, Trans Digital Media, a private corporation in New York that owns magazines such as High Times, and provides soft-core content to cable companies like Time Warner and Comcast. A few months ago, TDM began mulling doing special issues and brought in a consultant named Daniel Nardicio. Getting Bristol Palin’s baby daddy to pose in the buff was Nardicio’s first big idea, and it’s a stunt that’s in keeping with Nardicio’s outré tastes … “We’re trying to change the face of Playgirl,” Nardicio says by phone. “The reason I wanted to work with them is that I think of it as a classic American brand that got a little lost. The women working on it weren’t keeping up with the times. They didn’t admit that there were a lot of gay men reading the magazine and gay men don’t want to see guys with flowing long locks looking like they came from the cover of a Danielle Steel novel.” Though he is heterosexual, Levi Johnston has a considerable gay following. He posed shirtless for GQ, went to the Teen Choice awards with gay icon Kathy Griffin, and did a Skype chat with Bravo’s openly gay programming executive, Andy Cohen, who has jokingly called Johnston “my boyfriend.” At first, Nardicio hoped the photographer Terry Richardson (who is known for his oversaturated eroticized pictures) might be available to do the Johnston pictorial, but the assignment went to photographer Greg Weiner instead. Nardicio is particularly pleased with the serendipitous pun. “His name is actually Greg Weiner!” he beams. “That’s the funny thing.” And Nardicio’s already begun scouting locations for Johnston’s shoot at locker rooms and ice hockey rinks, which was leaked to Gawker, earlier this week. Then, on Thursday, The New York Post’s Page Six ran an item suggesting the boy from Alaska might be “worried about how his manhood may look” in such an chilly environment. Nardicio says the story was “total bullshit,” though he admits he hasn’t actually seen Johnston naked nor has he asked his representatives about the size of the goods. “I don’t think it’s appropriate,” he says. “I ask models [for a look], but they’re not famous. When they’re famous, I’m not going to worry about it. We wouldn’t turn away Levi if he had a small penis” … Asked how often Playgirl is planning on publishing next year following the Johnston issue, Nardicio professes not to be sure. They’re thinking six times a year, but it could be four, which Nardicio prefers. It’s all pretty informal, down to the fact that the magazine doesn’t even have a top editor. “That’s what’s so great about it,” he says. “It’s a group effort. We’re having fun with it.” As far as Nardico is concerned, publishing nude photographs of Levi is just a means to an end—the most important thing is knowing who the reader is and tailoring Playgirl’s content accordingly. Or, as he puts it: “We’re not gay, we’re not straight. We’re for anyone who likes cock.”

LMAOOOOOO! I mean … wow … for a major publication like this to be pinning its hopes on someone like Levi Johnston, well, it just goes to show what sort of state the publication is in. To be honest, this is prolly the most anyone has ever heard of a single issue of Playgirl magazine EVER! The fact that this story has been broadcast so far and wide means that the mag will surely sell well … and even if it doesn’t, what does Playgirl have to lose? While I don’t believe that Levi’s issue of Playgirl will break records, I think the interest level is there enough to generate a decent number of sales. And what about rumors of Levi’s minuscule johnston? Well, Kathy Griffin claims that she has seen it with her own eyes. After the jump, find out what she has to say on the, er, his matter …

Kathy Griffin appeared on Joy Behar’s talk show on Headline News this past Friday and talked a bit about Levi Johnston’s penis, this is what she had to say:

GRIFFIN: I would say he’s going to need a very large fig leaf to cover it up, because it’s something to behold. And women and gay men everywhere are going to be thrilled.

BEHAR: Do you think he realizes that Playgirl is not really read by women?

GRIFFIN: I don’t think he cares. He’s getting in great shape. He’s getting a paycheck. And Levi enjoys being in on the joke. He likes playing along. He likes anything, I think that is a middle finger to Sarah Palin, and I’m with him on that one.

Levi even called in while Kathy was chatting with Joy (you can watch part 1 of their interview HERE, part 2 is HERE) … so clearly, Kathy and Levi are close enough friends that she may know what she’s talking about. In the end, the proof will be in the pudding … we have been promised that the photos of Levi Johnston in Playgirl magazine will be released this month … and the world waits with bated breath.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He is ready to show it and I am ready to see it! This is will be the first Playgirl mag I buy. Hopefully Trent, you will be showing some SNEAK peaks:)!!!

  • jess

    Why is this guy even famous? LOL. Who cares that he knocked up Palin’s daughter. And, on a side note…SO funny that the photographer who is doing the PLAYGIRL shoot’s last name is Weiner…haha

  • Irma

    I almost bought a bag of pistachios thanks to Levi. Almost!!

  • Chris

    I’ll be pleased to see the Patriotic Peen that helped keep Sarah Palin far from the Oval Office!

  • Sweet_Lady


  • random00b

    I’m so ashamed to say that I actually find Levi Johnston a bit attractive.

    I’m not sure if I can get myself to buy a copy of Playgirl (’cause you know, it’s Playgirl), but I may have to do so to support anyone who (as Chris put it) helped keep Sarah Palin far from the White House.

  • Shawn

    I’ll be at the newstand…and not the least bit ashamed–I remember the one and only Playgirl that I ever purchased…back in the 90’s when the pics of Brad Pitt were leaked–Let’s hope Levi is a little more impressive..I think he possible may be

  • Kendra

    Man..He better be worth all of this hype!

  • Lula

    Y’all must be very young, because the Burt Reynolds issue of Playgirl in the ’70’s was a VERY big deal. Of course, there wasn’t as much media back then to create the hype.

    Also, I am a straight woman who has absolutely no desire to see “guys with flowing long locks looking like they came from the cover of a Danielle Steel novel.” Anyone?

  • Chivonne

    Who cares? Why are we treating him like a celebrity? He isn’t even important enough to be put on the d list let alone the z list.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks Lula! I was thinking the same thing…I don’t know any straight women who get off on Fabio.

  • Day Day

    I’m not trying to insinuate anything, BUT…Levi wants to be known as Ricky Hollywood (really!?); is Bristol Palin’s baby’s daddy not really recognized as an accomplished hockey player; is known for getting someone prego (shows the equipment works); is using the HS angle of having a female speak of his legendary piece; also, the boy is not unattractive and has quite a body. To me it sounds like Levi Ricky wants to take the adult film industry by storm. Now I, like a ton of other people, will be making my first playgirl mag purchase when it comes out next month; but also feel someone will leak a Ricky Hollywood & Bristol/some other woman’s home video.

  • jennie

    @ chivione, i would rather her about his escapades then fucking kate gosselin and she is on magazines all the time and all she did was use her usterus like a clown car . He knocked up the vice presidential canidates 16 year old daughter. If palin wasnt on a abstinence high horse maybe people wouldnt care about him