Kim Zolciak Performs ‘Tardy For The Party’


Last night Bravo TV aired part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special and not only were we made privy to some pretty horrifying information …

ie. that NeNe Leakes’s main gay Dwight Eubanks confessed to getting a penile enlargement implant!!! (Um, Yikes!) but we were also made to bear witness to an even more horrifying live performance … which I now want to share with all y’all. Here is Real Housewife Kim Zolciak “performing” her “hit” song Tardy for the Party “live” on last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special:

Yes, I think the looks on the faces of the other Atltanta Housewives during Kim’s performance says it all … but to quote Mr. Penile Implant Dwight Eubanks, How dreadful! The song may be catchy but … OY! this performance is a hot mess … don’tcha think?


  • Mariah

    Hahahaha!! I watched this today and I was laughing my ass off. Kim looked like a top-heavy, over-breasted, big-haired, FUG NASTY lip-synching fool. hahaha

  • Margie

    Ay Dios mio!
    That is gold right there, GOLD!

  • alana

    hAHAHHAHH! i love it!! hahaha. Im surprised they werent laughing more. It was pure hilarity. haha. that made my day. “cmon bitches”

  • Lori

    omggggg! dreadful, indeed.
    p.s. lol @ andy cohen at :53

  • Megan

    i agree… the song is catchy and could possible be a hit if performed by someone who really has a voice

  • Kendra

    Oh my gosh..I was DYING when I was watching this! At least she looked like she loosened up and had fun with it by the end..I swear that song is stuck in my head constantly..

  • Kendra

    P.S. Can someone tell me why NeNe looked like she had a stick up her bum and was smelling poop all night? Was she trying to be “classy” cuz she was just coming off as boring and snotty..

  • Sal

    I’m OVER NeNe

  • Sara

    Ok, so that could be a really catchy hit if sung well… but that was just awful. And hilarious. LOL.

  • xerx

    I can’t get the video to work, the blue icon keeps spinning as it tries to load. But after reading the comments perhaps I am better off ;)

  • Anita

    hot mess

  • c-word


    wait for it…

  • c-word


    omFg!!! REALLY?! i mean, REALLY?!?! she shoulda just lip synced it all…

  • Chivonne

    I put it on mute and just watched everyone’s faces (:

  • Joanna

    What is with those dancers she had with her? They looked like they were using her as a stripper pole. She was soooooo bad. Never send a white girl to do a black girls job! I think this should have been NeNe’s song since she helped to write it. Overall, a WORLD OF NO!!!!!!

  • ruby

    that thing is only 30? even for LA she looks worse than santa monica blvd after the pride parade.

  • snowball

    Who do I sue for the cost of the brain bleach and Draino I just had to use?

    No way is she 30. I have 30 year old socks that look better than her.

  • random00b

    Agree with everyone who says that this song could be a hit if sung by someone else. If the songwriters had gotten this song to Britney or Rihanna (even Christina Milian), it could’ve been popping.

  • MelMel


  • Ash

    yes it was amazingly brilliant…in all the worst possible ways. But you know as bad as it was…it sure was good. But the funniest part of the show was when Nene only referred to Michael Lohan as Lindsay Lohan’s dad while they were running out the restaurant. I could NOT STOP LAUGHING!!! Btw, Dwight said that before so not really new news.

  • James Sydney

    If you’re still in the mood to watch more hot messes after that video, then check out this one LOL

  • Melinda

    Seriously…………that was the worst performance and I know the other ladies were trying to be nice by avoiding the questions all together………not one of them said, great voice……..just great song, beat, etc. KIM……stop singing please!

  • Tony

    I know Kim personally, trust me… she is is 31, born 1978. And apart from what we see on TV she is a great person, singing talent not so much but all she wants is to have a 1 or 2 hit wonders :)

  • Baby G

    I wont be tardy for the party but damn I’ll be tardy to see her live performances lol girl needs to get some singing lessons…

  • Smoo

    it was the best thing i have ever heard!

  • PixiesBassline

    Well… I don’t know who these people are.. so I don’t know how annoying her voice actually is… I’ve heard people sing MUCH worse though.. To me, she just seemed to be a little flat (the voice, not the boobs)… and not enough enthusiasm… And the words were a little repetitive….

  • DJWhoop

    That was the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long long time. Both of those women are so full of complete and total shit. NeNe is a gigantic DUH and Kim is just the same, just lighter.Oh and she can’t sing either. Who told her she could?

  • brook

    This was Kim’s first public performace. Of course, it wasn’t perfect. How could you people expect it to be? As time goes on, she will get better. Quit bitching and find something better to do.
    Kayy. Thanks [: love you honeys <3