Filming Gets Underway On The Facebook Movie


Johns Hopkins University will fill in as Harvard University in the new Facebook movie titled The Social Network which has already started production. The film will tell the tale of how a Harvard student came up with a way for other students to interact with one another … a social network, if you will … and will star Jesse Eisenberg (the poor man’s Michael Cera) as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. It turns out that folks at Johns Hopkins aren’t too happy that their school is being portrayed as Harvard but hey, that’s showbiz. Here are a few pics from the set this week:

The Johns Hopkins University passed itself off as Harvard in a movie Monday without feeling the least bit flattered. “It feels degrading somehow,” said Diego Ardila, 19, as he watched workers remove the words “Latrobe Hall” from a stately brick building and replace them with “Kirkland House.” Hopkins’ Homewood campus is standing in for Harvard in “The Social Network,” a movie about the creation of Facebook by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. The movie, like some Hopkins students, couldn’t get into Harvard, which has a longstanding policy against commercial filming on campus. So the production has opened some old college-admissions wounds. “The general consensus is, a lot of kids are not pleased,” said Lorre Atlan, 20, a junior majoring in biomedical engineering. “It’s obvious they [the filmmakers] could get Hopkins and not get Harvard.” That’s left Hopkins, one of the nation’s most selective colleges, feeling like a safety school. “It’s kind of like a blow to our pride,” said Ray Tsai, a 19-year-old sophomore studying biomedical engineering, an academic subject in which, he and others noted, Hopkins is rated more highly than Harvard. The sea of Hopkins hoodies and T-shirts on the campus’ quads Monday only looked like genuine school spirit. It was attempted sabotage. An anti-Harvard Facebook page urged students to “poke” into the movie by walking by the set in Hopkins wear. “Hopefully one slips in,” said Jack Chan, 19, a sophomore who pulled on a black Hopkins sweat shirt as he watched filming begin outside Shaffer Hall Monday afternoon. Not everyone thinks playing Harvard, which was tied for first with Princeton in U.S. News & World Report’s most recent college rankings, is beneath Hopkins, which came in a none-too-shabby 14th. “I think the people who have a problem with it are the same people who have latent self-loathing from the college admissions process,” said Sam Biddle, 22, a senior philosophy major. Jan Lee, 21, a junior in biomedical engineering, conceded, “A lot of people came here because they didn’t get into Harvard, Yale or Stanford.” Hopkins spokesman Dennis O’Shea put it in terms that might appeal to the competitive student body: “I prefer to think that we play Harvard better than Harvard can play Harvard.”

Yeah, I dunno know I feel about this idea of a Facebook movie. I understand they are trying to do something with Twitter as well … and I can only dread what they would turn out if they did a project on My Space. While I’m sure it’s somewhat interesting to see how the whole Facebook phenomenon got started, I can’t say that I’m all that impressed with the notion of a movie. It seems like just a way to capitalize on these new online ventures in order to make a quick buck. The fact that it is being directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club) does speak to its merit but … I dunno. Are any of y’all interested in watching a movie about Facebook? I’m not sure that I am … I can barely be bothered to poke my friends on the social networking site itself. By the way … are we Facebook friends yet?

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  • roxster

    hmm…whose the guy on the left in the pea coat? grainy pics but looks pretty cute. . .

  • jo

    Loove Jesse Eisenberg ever since Roger Dodger…actually saw him on the street a couple of nights ago in NY…I have faith that he’ll do well in it! Still don’t know if I would actually go see it though…

  • Margie

    Yes to all, Trent.

  • ashley

    this sounds like a dumb movie. but it will be cool if they made a pink is the new blog movie! lol

  • nicole

    ugh…they’ll make movies about anything wont they

  • Ama

    really? They are making a movie based on facebook? Jeez, I’m thinking there are better things they can make into movies >.<

    Oh Well,at least they can say its original concept……kind of. Actually it sounds like it will be boring to watch.


    Facebook sucks!

  • Kendra

    Jesse Eisenberg is adorable..I rented Adventureland and really liked him in that..Then a few days later I saw Zombieland without realizing he was in it! He was really funny! I agree that he’s like Michael Cera, though I will always love Michael Cera way more..I mean..He’s effing George Michael!!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard in my life!

  • Becs

    the book was blah and the website is elitest.

    guess what i think of the movie.

  • anne

    boo hiss- and what is UP with that awful wig? and facebook quit being “elitist” when it dropped the college email address…and now everyone and their pet fish is on it

  • Treva

    It’s all fake, there’s no movie.

  • BT3

    Please don’t call Jesse Eisenberg the poor man’s Michael Cera. Jesse was making awesome movies while Michael was still in diapers…sort of. Isn’t there room for two adorably awkward young men in this town?

  • BT3

    Btdubs, this isn’t a movie just about Facebook, like a dramatic portrayal of super pokes and wall posts. It’s about the invention of Facebook, so there’s probably a good story there. Plus the script was written by Aaron Sorkin. You can’t do better than that.

  • Erin

    Ha! Jesse Eisenberg is totally the poor man’s Michael Cera, that made me laugh. As much as I enjoyed Zombieland, I found it distracting how much Jesse Eisenberg’s schtick reminded me of Michael Cera’s.

  • jo

    Haha agreed @BT3! He is NOT the poor man’s Cera, it’s quite the opposite. Cera just lucked out with the whole Seth Rogen crowd and gained popularity that way. I love Cera too, but Jesse’s parts are more substantial and a bit darker, not quite as fluffy like Juno and Superbad.

  • jessica

    the script is actually quite good. it’s more a story of business and backstabbing than silly facebook applications. the filmmakers were also unable to secure harvard as a location. they don’t often allow films to be shot there. i heard they’re also going to use UCLA and USC for various scenes. that’s why it’s called “movie magic.”

  • Catherine


  • Kelly K

    I might be vaguely interested in watching this…as an E:THS or VH1:BTM type TV show. Chock-full of commercials so I can go check my facebook… But not a full fledged Hollywood movie.

  • Tracy

    That Jesse kid bothers me so much. He talks so fast you can barely understand him. Blah.

  • Well, I can cross this off my list of movies. Definitely not a must see.

  • I will watch this only because David Fincher is making it. But those other social networking site movies will not be in my must-watch list.


  • Ajhy

    trent…you have the max number of facebook friends!!! :(

  • “Sorry, this user already has too many friends.”

    …………Trent I have been following your blog since your DIARYLAND (!!!!!) days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please cut just one of your peons on facebook and friend me instead??!! ;)

    …I feel shunned.

  • Great job! Can