Hugh Jackman Is A Kid At Heart, At Play


In early October we saw great photos of Hugh Jackman with his cute little daughter Ava Eliot playing in a playground in NYC but yesterday afternoon the adorable pair were at it again. Altho the temps have been gettin’ cooler in NYC, that does NOT mean that playtime is over … behold:

Yeah, I’m totally convinced that Hugh has more fun on these outings than his daughter does. Sure, she always look like she’s in complete BLISS when she’s running around the playground but you can tell that Hugh is having as much (if not MORE) fun himself. I really love seeing these photos of Hugh Jackman with his children … we don’t see as much of his older son Oscar Maximilian (who is prolly gettin’ a bit too old to play with his pop on a playground) but the pics with Ava are to die for. Man, wouldn’t it be fun to play with Hugh Jackman for an afternoon?

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • It’s All Good

    I just love that man so much! Sigh!

  • Christine

    I am of the belief that you never get too old to go to the playground… I think this man was made for me =)
    And yes…. I would LOVE to get to play with Hugh for a day!!!

  • nicole

    he seems like the the coolest dad ever

  • Ally

    This is exactly how a dad should be. Not at all afraid of looking goofy playing with his kid. Really nice to see :).

  • azuresque


  • MelMel

    Seriously, the look on that little kid’s face just melts my heart! Absolutely beautiful to see such love and happiness between a father and daughter!