Watch: Britney Spears, ‘3’


She’s been teasin’ us all week long but, at last, it’s out!!! The music video for Britney Spears’s new single 3 has just been released to the Internets … check it out now:

So … what do y’all think? It’s hot, right? I LOVE the white, low-cut body suit … she looks effing fantastic! The choreography is dope … but it is kinda lame that they censored the word “sin” … I mean, seriously? I do like Britney’s facial expressions during the “break down” of the song … her expressions make the song even more cheeky ;) 3 is the new single taken from her upcoming release Britney Spears: The Singles Collection. LOOOOOOOVE this video … our dear Britney has done it again!! Thoughts, comments, raves?


  • Sinead

    Love it and love Brit! It’s smokin’ hot… ;)

  • Mrs. Cullen


  • trick

    that is so awful

  • Larry

    You know Trent, as a long time Britney fan…..It’s Hot, Sexy and just one of those videos of hers that her fans and (non fans) will remember for a long time. The question I have…is it sexier than TOXIC?

    • @Larry — I dunno if it’s sexier than ‘Toxic’ … that jeweled bodysuit is iconic now … this vid is hot in a different way.

  • It’s like a Transformers movie: it’s pretty to watch, but it’s so fast and void of plot that it’s hard to remember anything after it’s over.

  • annie

    Totally LOVE it!

  • Kitti

    I love this!! amazing vid!

  • davidsask


  • gabeeChoeun

    i LuV THE viDeo!! i thought it was pretty coOL oVERaLL!!!

  • Selina

    I was extremely underwhelmed by this video.
    It’s no where CLOSE to the level of ‘Toxic’ and that’s what they had said it was similar to.
    I guess maybe I like “stories” to my video. LOL

  • _M_

    Seriously? I thought it was pretty lame.
    Womanizer was such a fun video and then the creativity just starts trailing off…..
    When do we get to see the amazing dance routines again? It just feels half assed to me. She could have done *so* much with this.

  • Lindsay

    I love it!!!!! Great outfits, good dancing, and the hangy bar scenes are creative. I think its cool that Britney lets what appears to be some of her authentic personality into the video: (ie, the ponytail/sunglasses bit in the middle)

  • Kitti


  • Mrs. Cullen

    Why did they censor SIN soooooo lame

    What was the extra verse?? I didnt notice

    • @Mrs. Cullen — Whoops, I totally misspoke … I meant to refer to Britney’s facial expressions during the break down part of the song, I fixed :)

  • Sarah

    Trent/Readers – do you see some Shakira flavor in this? Shakira kind of dances in a similar way :) I really like the video!!!!

  • elizabeth

    I love it. I love how it has a different feel than her other videos, because the song has a different feel, too. It’s really fun, and I think that it all fits together beautifully. The close-ups on her face are fabulous! I’m a fan!

  • Mark

    I was totally excited to see this but I feel let down. The choreography was soooo slow and she barely danced. If the choreography was better and at the same tempo of the song then it would have made this video amazing. And can we PLEASE help this woman out with her weave?

  • Danielle

    I love it. Trent that White outfit was so amazing on her! Britney looks so amazing in this video!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! Could have written more LOVE but 3 seemed right. :D


  • Lisa

    She looks so freakin hot!…love the video…however i do kind of wish there was a more intricate dance routine like she used to do….irregardless, still love the video, and LOVE Britney =)

  • nicole

    this was horrible, the girl didnt look into it at all….i found myself looking at the people around her more then actually looking at her. she did look good in that white outfit tho…but please someone do something with that weave lol.
    i dunno…they had a lot of ways to go with this song…and it looks like they just threw something together.

  • carrie

    nicole i agree with all your comments. brit brit doesn’t seem into it.

  • Jessica

    1. Horrible hair
    2. Mediocre dancing/choreography
    3. Poorly lip syncing (can she not have drag queen coach her)

  • Kendra

    @Lisa – I agree..I kind of wish there was a bigger dance sequence, but I still loved it! That white bodysuit with her hair in a pony and those white glasses was SO EFFING CUTE! And how amazing did her bum look in that black bodysuit thing with the thong? Geebus..I love this girl!

  • whatever

    That sucked!! Same choreography over and over again. She just added a horizontal pole instead of a vertical one….

  • Jess

    I LOVE Britney, but man, I would love to see her really bust out the dance moves like in the past…granted, she’s had a crazy ride and two kids, but with the amazing dance songs she’s recently done, I would love to see the old Brit-Brit dance her a** off!

  • CC

    i loved it! but i wish the dance sequence was longer or bigger or something.

  • Jennifer

    i don’t find underarms attractive so i wish she’d keep her arms down at times. however, i wish i looked half this hot after having my baby and i’ve only had one! girl looks good, even if i don’t really like the song. no denying she’s been working hard on her body!!

  • bradley

    I agree the video is pretty, and she looks great, but as a choreographer, I have to say, this choreography sucked. When the beat hit double time in the third chorus, that is the time for some banging moves and there was nothing. There are a many brilliant ways to create an innovative trio for three great dancers, and there is nothing here except Britney’s standard high kick with her left leg. bleh

  • gunnarjet

    …..was it a low budget production ??????????????????????????

  • dclover

    I LOVED IT!!! Yes I miss her awesome dance numbers but I think this was PERFECT as is!!

  • Anne

    I agree with @CC: I was a little under-whelmed by the dance break BUT it’s a hot video otherwise. She looks amazing; her white outfit is the best. She has a TIGHT back! Love me some Britney.

  • Kelly K

    The white outfit is HOT. I’m a straight married woman, but I might jump the fence for her in that…

  • Katie

    I love it!

  • kimba

    yeahhhh the choreography was unremarkable… i am all for a healthy successful britney, and this was hott, but it could have been so much greater with that horizontal pole etc etc…

  • Paranel

    Britney never looked hotter. Loved it. You go Brit.

  • erika

    LOVE IT! very hot very sexy!

  • Brooke

    DAY-UM! That was hot. Not as hot as I’m a Slave For you, but still freaking amazing.

  • krib


  • ebgb

    Too many cut-aways. Wish theyd stay on each scene for more than a few seconds… HOWEVER its still EPIC and BLOODY FANTASTIC. She looks incredible, moves like she used to, and gives us that classic Brit-Brit video! LOVE HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  • Kristy from BC

    Looks like Brit swiped Cher’s outfit from her “If I Could Turn Back Time” video


  • Tracy

    Britney’s fans are ridiculously easy to please. She could make a video of herself taking a dump and all of them would say “OMGGGG ITS SO AMAZING SHE’S SO BRILLIANT”. This is yet again a lazy, half-assed video in which she displays NO talent whatsoever. And that weave is revolting yet again.

  • toya

    LOVE the song..i always sing along to it whenever i hear it. But the “old britney” is not back. She barely moves around anymore and she DOES do the same tired old dance moves since that stripper pole video (forgot the name).

    I guess having kids does take it out of you. Sad.

  • Lulu

    Haters are going to hate.
    I thought it was good :) There is this one teeny tiny part where she licks/bites her lips or something around 3:00 that is adorable!

  • Robin

    Does anybody know where I can view it in Canada! I am dying here!!!!

  • Irma

    It’s better than Womanizer or Gimme More.

  • Natalie

    Are you kidding me???? This video is HOT! The white body suit…WOW! It’s video’s like this that make me forget she ever went crazy and shaved her head. Love that biotch!


    I’m really tired of making excuses for Britney. I mean, I’m a hardcore Britney fan and everything but everything she’s been doing lately is half-assed. I’m getting tired of it. You either perform 100% and put your all into it or don’t do anything at all. She isn’t “back” at all. I don’t think she’s into this at all anymore. The dancing looked good but it was choppy and didn’t show much. All she does is fling her arms and do some hip thrusts… I’m severely disappointed. I miss the old Britney. I like this video but that’s about it. This era sucks…

  • marie

    the song is awesome. video, not so much. eh.


    ^ That Britney makes a fool out of 2009 Britney. Oh, and having kids is NOT an excuse.

  • aimie

    it’s alright… nothing spectacular imo. and you’d think the powers that be would have had a bit more creativity in the costuming department. i am envisioning cher’s if i could turn back time video when she has that black body suit on. lame. she looks great, love the beat… definately a good cardio song for my ipod!

  • Denise

    Awesome video, and she shows some maturity. Brit is officially back and then some!

  • smp

    Loved it!!!!!!!!!! The video was fabulous! Brit looked hot and it was just awesome!

  • Ben

    she looked good but the video is boring. she doesnt dance at the same level anymore but i love her.

  • Meagan

    Couldn’t she do something with her hair though? Looks like it hasn’t been washed in days, and like her extensions are falling out…

  • Cinci Chris

    People who honestly think this video is creative clearly know very little about other acts in the pop industry. This style has been done countless times (hello, Beyonce’s entire album, half the European pop videos that have been made). The choreography is lazy, dull, and extremely un-inventive. The only thing I’ll give her props for is that she physically looks better. Too bad she still looks drugged up though.

  • sara

    Gotta be honest, that video was pretty lame.

  • catgirl

    I love the song but I did not like the video. I wanted more. Its borring! She needs to dance more.

  • Jess

    What was that?!?! There was soo much hype around this “video,” i was expecting something waaay different. She needs a new choreographer, something!…her “dance” moves are sooo 5 years ago.

  • Heather

    I have to leave an honest review here folks. Firstly, I must say that I am a HUGE- MEGA Britney Spears fan, circa 1999. I adore her and I think she is a very talented person. The first thing that I noticed wathcing 5 seconds of this video was that her hair looks awful. It looks greasy, not styled and you can see her extensions. Also, she seems lifeless with her facial expressions. Britney is so animated, that was one of the things I love about her. Recently, she just doesn’t come alive the way that she used to. I don’t see the spark in her eye or the kick in her step. Wardrobe is good I’ll give em that; I like her in the group dance scene. The video itself is pretty mediocre and extremely hyped.For a Britney Spears video, It didn’t deliver. For the money they put into these videos, they should get someone who can make her hair flawless and her face shots perfect, I mean it’s not hard she’s beautiful! As for Britney herself as a performer, I would love to see the spark in her eye and the joy in her performance. I just don’t see it there.

  • allison

    YALL she doesn’t have to work so hard anymore! She’s already a superstar and her video is great! Nobody will notice the hair or bad lip sync in the bars or dance clubs.

  • Tiffany

    Major suck. Seriously, enough of the facial close-ups and lousy lyrics.

  • Sara

    So I have to say that I LOVE Britney. LOVE HER. And I definitely think she looks great and hot in the new vid. Especially the part with her and the dancers on the horizontal bar. HOT. It’s an entertaining little video for a fluffy little enjoyable song. It’s not like every thing she does is going to be absolutely mind-blowingly ground breaking. I still think she’s great! But I did watch the link that CHASE put in up above of her doing Slave right before her In the Zone album came out… and I do miss that time a bit. I think a HUGE difference is her footwear. If you look at like the Dream Within a Dream tour, she many be wearing heels but they are wedge boots or something so they are designed for easier movement. With this last tour she’s gone all the way with the stilettos and she doesn’t move the same way. But people change, time goes on, and if you love her, you love her, if you don’t, you know. I still do, and always will.

  • nicole

    @Allison – really? you think she doesnt have to work so hard? thats how a career goes down hill, when the artist doesnt work as hard. it doesnt matter how long youve been around, you work hard for your fans.

  • Missy

    Jeez…ten years and the girl still can’t lip synch a word starting with L without her tongue flying out of her mouth.

  • Chivonne

    What’s wrong with the word sin? I noticed some stations block different words. One station blocked the word bitch but was fine with all drug related words and phrases. And then Kanye talks about drugs and bitches and the censors flipped. Kid Rock talks about the SAME thing and it’s all good. I hate the radio.
    Oh, I did like this video tho. Simple and hottish. LOVE the white body suit. It was hot when she was dancing in it with her hair in a pony tail and the sunnies on.

  • MelMel

    She looks AMAZING! Britney, dear bitches, is BACK in full effect! I think my favorite part of the video is that coy little playful smirk and lip-licking she’s got going on around 3:04 of the video where she’s like,’three…or four…’ HOT!!!!!!!

  • LOL @ Jessica and Missy! yeah this video was pretty bad. She looks a’ight but that’s about it….

  • aSH

    Yawn…it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. And the girl really needed to load up on the Visine…her eyes looks so red and displaced. So sad.

  • Lilliah

    I’m not a Britney hater or lover, really- I’ve never been into her music, but I actually like this song a lot. Yeah, her hair looks bad- maybe they were going for the dirty look, but it doesn’t look hot-dirty. I also agree she doesn’t look that into it most of the time, BUT.. how cute is the smile she breaks into after the “or four..on the floor” part ?! I love that part :)

  • Hema

    AHHHHHH has our dear Britney forgotten to dance???? Why is it that she hasn’t been dancing much in the past few videos!!!!

    I think that’s her real hair?

  • Kelly K

    @Missy! LOL, thank you! I call it the Britney Lizard Tongue. I’m sure she thinks it’s sexy or looks provocative, but it looks pretty damn stoopid.

  • Shea

    Dude… I love me some britney, but I gotta say *yawn* there was less than a minute of the good choreography, most of it was shuffle-y steps and flinging her arm over her head.
    I agree the extensions were totally visible and her hair looked like crap and I’m sorry… did she put on her own fake lashes again?
    I love the song and the white bodysuit is fabulous and looks ah-MAZE-ing on her, she’s got a rockin’ bod, but it coulda been better.
    CHASE is right… slave 4 u Britney would LAUGH her ass off at 2009 Britney and then dance some kick ass circles around her.

  • Janine

    I like it. I love the look of the video and Brit Brit looks amazing. I also love those facial expressions of hers. But man, what I wouldn’t give for just one video or performance with some intense, vintage Britney dancing. Oh, and the censorship of “sin” is completely baffling.

  • carrie

    so i’ve watched this video a few times now and whether you like the song or not, i think the video falls flat because she’s not into it at all. i disagree that the close ups are cute or whatever because she looks so depressed. you can see it in her eyes. almost like she had a fight with someone and was pissed off and they started shooting.

    the dancing with the guys looks out of place for some reason. the moves there almost look like recycled tour moves and not custom for the song.

    i also think the editing sucks. way too many scenarios and no flow, no story. its all cuts with no substance. they should’ve stuck with the horizontal bar, (which is the best part of the video imo, so sexy and cute and just dirty enough to be a brit video) and the close ups. since she’s counting to three for the whole song, why not have the girls on the bar add up to 3 and 6 and 9 and then 4 or something like that.

    i’m no video director but i think this video is rushed and not near as well thought as MOST of her videos. even If you seek amy had a story to tell.

    oh and i HATE the sampled moan that’s thru out the song. it ruins it for me.

  • galefan2004

    Damn, Britney needs to learn to breath while she sings and actually space her words instead of trying to slur them all together like shes still drunk or high on something. If history dictates itself, I think we are down to this album selling 1/4 of what her first one did.

  • shae

    I think the video is lame and does not even fit the song, come on people she could have made a sexy ass vid with mmf threesome….i have no idea how she could NOT….but she did, but i still love the song and love her, so ill just blame the producers lol

  • Janelle

    Chase – Couldn’t agree more.

    They’re clever, though. They used lots of cuts to keep the energy up and make it fiercer. I want her to be doing this for HER. I want her healthy and happy. She absolutely has to do this for herself.

  • Joon

    I wish she came up with something else other than “Peter Paul & Mary” to rhyme with “3”. Mary Travers is rolling over in her grave right now.

  • Annie

    Britney fans are pathetic. I’m so tired of hearing the “I want old Britney back” Enough!! It’s not 2001, get over it and find someone else to support if you’re that disappointed.

  • robin

    showing her own perfume bottle in her videos is gettin kinda lame! haha. her arms and back look really muscular in this video, she must be working out a lot!

  • hur’chagoodbb

    Love the song.Yes her expressions are working well. Sad she’s lost her dance skills. sloppy and unsharp even if she were going for soft, it was clumsy. Shows she’s not doing dance training whatsoever. Meanwhile a smart commercial move there’s a market for LGBT listeners even if it’s a blatant dance song by a somewhat passe straight girl the subliminals work. And of course work on the younger girls.

  • hur’chagoodbb

    oh hell, she’s not even walking in time with the music at closeup 00:20. Either sloppy or she just couldn’t do it. sigh….

  • david

    she has GOT TO GET a new hairstylists. she looks sexy as hell, but her hair looks like shit! sexy video though.

  • jennie

    Ok the only positive to this video is she looks amazing in the white outfit. As a dancer i have always said britney has been weak even in her early days. Watch her old videos its all upper body never has the footwork been intricate and her dancers have always done the hardest steps. Now dont get me wrong the girl can work a camera and thats why she became popular in the 1st place, but as a 27 year old mother of 2 who took 4 years off she will never get back to her former self as far as performance goes

  • Krissy

    Jennie said, ” As a dancer i have always said britney has been weak even in her early days. Watch her old videos its all upper body never has the footwork been intricate and her dancers have always done the hardest steps. “….WOW! I have always thought that, but non-dancers never seem to get where i am coming from. I have learned a lot about what amazing back up dancers can distract from, though!

  • lilpe

    everyone said “IF you seek amy” was too blurry/didnt really show her well so these uber closeups of her face can be appreciated and she looks so very clear and gorgeous! I like the dance breaks, hope she performs it live!

  • Saya

    Haters gon’ hate! THAT WAS HOT!

  • jennie

    Also wanted to comment that someone previously said that the reason her choreography is suffering is because she mostly wears stilletos i have to call bs on that also, have you ever seen the pro
    females on dancing with the stars, thats all they wear

  • Michelle

    I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! I thought it was lame that they censored sin on the video since they dont do it on the radio…. kinda odd… I loved the video though!!! :)

  • michael

    Boring video. I like her close-ups, they’re hot. The song is amazing.