Pete Wentz Gets A New Tattoo Of Gabe Saporta


So … ok … as far as I can ascertain, Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship) got themselves into a little bet … and while I’m not entirely sure what the bet was about, I do know that Pete lost and Gabe won. And so, because Gabe was the winner and Pete was the loser, the bet had to be paid … Pete Wentz got a tattoo of Gabe Saporta’s face on his leg … and shared the whole experience on Twitter:

Here is the series of tweets from Gabe Saporta about this tattoo bet thing:

It’s all happening! @petewentz is getting my face tattooed by @dansmithunknown backstage at ClubNokia in LA right / It’s done. I am a part of @petewentz forever. Be careful when you wish for… / “Wow. Tonight was so crazy. Did it even really happen? I mean did @petewentz really get @gabrielsaporta’s face tattooed on his leg by @dansmithunknown?

Here is the series of tweets from Pete Wentz:

my head hurts. i was buzzed lightyear last night. followed thru on a gentlemens bet w/@gabrielsaporta now i have 1 more bad tattoo. / Oh ps to clarify @dansmithunknown did rad work and has a cool kiwi accent. Its just a bad tat to get gabeybaby.

Apparently, there is more to the bet because Pete added:

the real question is will @gabrielsaporta hold up his end of the bet if “hot mess” goes gold? either way fun show last night. good crowd.

I guess we’ll have to wait to find out how well Cobra Starship’s album Hot Mess does in sales to find out who will win the next round of betting … and what the price will be for the loser.

I gotta say, the tattoo doesn’t look all that much like Gabe A-HA! THIS is the photo of Gabe the tattoo is based on and yes, it does look like him … I guess it’s cool that Pete is a man of his word and got the tattoo after losing the bet. Tho, I should add, it’s not really that cool at all to bet about getting tattoos.

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  • Jessica

    The tattooer kind of looks like Dan from High Voltage with Kat von D, and from the band Dear and Departed

  • jordan

    its a really old elementary picture of gabe thats why it doesnt look to much like him today.

  • nicole

    im pretty sure the bet was if Cobra sold over one million copies of Good Girls Go Bad he would get he tattoo..

  • J

    I think the bet was if “Good Girls Go Bad” made it to #1 on the iTunes singles chart, he’d let Gabe choose his next tattoo.

    It’s a picture of a young Gabe Saporta hence the “Gabey Baby”…

  • Pixie

    It is Dan from LA Ink. He has an AWESOME band!

  • Nikki

    Lordy that man is tiny. Before reading, I thought the tattoo was on his arm. LOL!

  • Megan

    ok well as much as i love pete and gabe, this bet has been done before. on icarly. by freddy and sam. and i have no shame in knowing that.

  • Irma

    @Nikki, I thought the exact same thing. My legs are GIANT compared to his….and @Megan, I don’t think there’s any shame in that. iCarly is legit.

  • I think its funny that he went through with the tat, but its not shocking since Steve O from Jackass has a pic of him on his back.

  • Ally

    I definitely thought that was an arm too. But more importantly, how dumb are you to agree to a bet that involves you getting someone’s face tattooed on your body?

  • lucy

    What a true moron. Wasn’t he just saying he wants like 6 kids or something. Wow, I’m sure he’ll have lots of wisdom to pass on to them.

  • Chivonne

    I can’t believe that’s his leg. I guess he’d have to be that tiny to fit in those jeans.
    I knew he was from LA Ink! I love his accent (:

  • I also thought that was his arm. But, the man is filthy rich and makes a living off of this whole punk rock persona. So I mean, does it really matter to him if he has dumb tattoos? It’s not like he’s going to be looking for a job any time soon.

  • Nicole

    OMG, i love Gabe so much. As well as pete. They’re bestfriends so yeah. COOL.

  • Allie

    The tattoo deal was if good girls go bad goes platinum the tatoo goes on wentz’s leg and if hot mess goes platinum then gabe saporta has to get petes face and a caption of my home boy pets a hot mess.