‘Paranormal Activity’ Does ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Magazine


Paranormal Activity, the little horror movie that could, continues to rack up millions at the box office and is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Much like the late 90’s low budget film The Blair Witch Project took the box office by storm, so too is Paranormal raking in the big bucks. Here are the stars, Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, on the cover of the new issue of EW mag and a portion of the coverstory article:

Paranormal Activity began its otherworldly existence as a little horror flick, made for $11,000 and shot entirely in the director’s house over the course of seven days. Now, thanks to a little help from Steven Spielberg and a savvy world-of-mouth marketing campaign by Paramount, its box office total has reached $62 million and counting. Hollywood is spellbound — and there are even plans for a sequel. But the film has proved positively life-changing for stars Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, who were originally paid $500 each for their work (and who, like writer-director Oren Peli, will reap some of the film’s profits). “I don’t have to have a job other than acting,” says Featherston, who was until recently waiting tables. “So I bought a handbag,” she adds with a laugh. Now it’s a matter of keeping their careers in motion. “I just have to get out there and audition and use this opportunity to the best of my advantage,” she says. “I’ve been at this a long time, and I’m not gonna stop now.” Though neither she nor Sloat have lined up their next job, they’ve both signed with agents. And they seem almost embarrassed by the VIP treatment the industry is starting to give them. “The quality of meetings we’re able to get right now are much higher. So are the scripts,” says Featherston. Sloat adds: “Just going in the room with casting directors is a lot different. It’s like, ‘Okay, I’ve seen your work, I know what you can do. Let’s just see you in this role.’” The actor has at least one idea for spending his newfound capital. “I would love to have a massive party and meet all the sweaty, geeky, awesome fans who posted on the Internet and believed in the film,” he says. “I just want to thank them.”

I’ve already pledged my love for the film but I’ve been hearing increasing backlash that the film “isn’t scary” and that it “sucks” which is totally normal when the hype level gets this high. In all honesty, I’m quite sure the film is not at all scary to a lot of people so their complaints are totally valid. I remember that Blair Witch enjoyed about 2 weeks of love from EVERYONE before the hype took over and people started complaining how un-scary it was. With films like these, you have to just ignore the hype, let the movie take you into its world and you either like it or you don’t. I have to say that in this new age of the Internet over-saturation, I’m pleased to know that a tiny film like this can still achieve massive amounts of success. I just hope they don’t kill this great, fun thing with an endless stream of terrible sequels.


  • red

    I hate scary movies, but I really enjoyed this one. It made you afraid but showed nothing. Enjoy!

  • nicole

    i hated it….and not cause it wasnt scary. it just took sooooo long for something to happen, then boom it was done. the first half hour too forever. im pretty sure i laughed through most of the movie. im all for indie movies, but i think even if i saw it before the hype…i would have hated it.
    and sorry Trent, but theres already word going around about a part 2.

  • davidsask

    It’s kind of sad you are giving further hype to this shit movie, however you did go to premiere for free, no? It was awful movie and doesn’t matter what budget was claimed for it, there are so many inaccuracies in plot, fright, and the horrid acting. Now Hollywood has to milk it further and make sequel as usual.

    • @davidsak — Nope, I didn’t go to a premiere because there wasn’t a premiere to go to. A good friend organized a private screening for some friends and me and we LOVED it. You seem really angry that the film is doing well and that people actually like it … why so serious?

  • Meghan Greene

    Loved this film! Scared the crap out of me. I’m a big fan of scary movies, but lately there have been so many tired, worn out ideas. This was original and fun!

    @davidsask–it’s fine to state your opinion, but you don’t have to be rude about it.

  • anne

    I LOVED this movie. Even with all the hype. I thought the acting was superb – especially Katie. She was … fantastic. I am a huge fan of horror movies, but not so much the gory, blood laden movies that are all the rage – though they do have their place! This movie was smart and I thought it was well paced. I’m so excited for their success!

  • Jessica

    Most horror movies bore me to death but this one stuck with me for days. Katie’s acting was also superb and I really enjoyed the ending where she became possessed and threw micah at the camera and then sniffed his dead body…so creepy

    I heard that there was originally a different ending with cops. Does anyone know why they changed it?

  • Meghan

    @Jessica–If you go on You Tube you can see the original ending with the cops. Apparently, they did some focus group studies to decide which ending. Personally, I think the one they showed in theaters was much better. I didn’t like the one with the cops. Supposedly, there was also a third version but it isn’t available on the internet.

  • K

    I actually saw this the weekend it opened nationwide because I had read all the hype and even checked out reviews from highly regarded critics. It wasn’t the worst movie I ever saw – and the overall idea, the slow build-up – was good. . . .but overall I left the theater thinking I had just been duped by some major PR scheme. There are a few “jumpy” parts but everything else in between I found extremely boring. More people were laughing in our theater than screaming. . .and I wasn’t impressed with the acting at all. But that’s just my opinion . . .obviously if the majority of people agreed with me it wouldn’t have made so much money :)~

  • kitty50

    Blair Witch Project not scary?!?!? Whatever, I don’t think I’ve ever been as terrified as I was when I saw all that snot coming out of that girls nose. My brain was screaming OMG! Get her a tissue! (While peeking at it through my hands of course) If that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is!

  • Ama

    I saw this movie a few days ago, to me it wasn’t really scary. I mean, I won’t lie. The parts where she screamed that gave me goosebumps, but I am pretty sure that is because she was screaming. I was kind of hesitant to watch it, because I have a very over active imagination XD So, when I see scary movies(or shows) I can’t sleep well for awhile. But, for this movie..it was nothing, I didn’t get freaked out by it or anything? Also, the guy what is his name miccah or something? Made me mad, a lot. He was just an asshole and one of those guys who are better to be around when you know, they don’t open their mouths.

    Also, at the beginning of the film they put ‘We would like to thank Miccah and Katie for letting us use this footage’ then at the end it says ‘In memory of Katie and Miccah’ ..that whole thing made me giggle. I guess it depends on the person, to whether or not this movie will scare them.

    It was an entertaining watch :)

  • Jenn

    i reallllyyyy wanted to be scared by this movie! hells bells i was excited to see it! i even ‘demanded’ it on the website beforehand! i called in sick to go see it opening day!

    then. i was bored. :(

  • Heather

    AHHH Spoiler Alert, Jessica! Jeez :(

  • jakeinlove

    Saw it. I was a bit disappointed. I would get all excited because you knew something was about to happen and THEN!!! (spoiler alert) the door moved 3 inches. What? That’s it? (More Spoilers) Somebody picked up the couch and dropped it to make a loud nose and the door moved, somebody cracked the glass on a picture, the Ouija board moved and caught on fire. The only creepy part was “the powder” scene.
    Other than that that, it was about scary as Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland.

    I want my $10 back please.

  • Frisa

    I saw it….and I must say I was deeply disappointed. It did make me jump in a few scenes but overall I thought it kinda sucked. I’m just glad I had a gift card to use so I didn’t spend my own money. Maybe someone can answer this question….by the way they ended it…was this based on some actual events? Because they say how his body was found by police and the girl had never been seen again so it left me with the impression that it was based on true events. Anyone??

    • @Frisa — The movie is presented as if it was a true story, as if we were watching the “real video” recorded by these “real characters”. It is entirely fiction.

  • Clint

    All these people who are complaining about this movie not being scary have never been through anything paranormal, obviously. The real deal really is this subtle, this slow-moving, this occasional. As a matter of fact, its usually a lot more boring than the movie was, though somewhat more exciting than what one sees, say, on Ghost Hunters or whatever.

    All in all, I found it nightmarish, as in you hope the bumps in the night and the occasional moving objects that usually make life a little more interesting and fun, and make for good stories, never turn into this. However, I’m always cheering when those stupid Blair Witch kids or this douche Micah get it in the end. If it’s not your woods, and someone says its haunted, don’t go in it. If you got a demon, you call a priest of some sort, maybe a kabbalistic rabbi if you’re Jewish, or some other person of spiritual expertise, duh, you don’t holler at it or get out Ouija boards.

  • nicole

    @Clint – “you don’t holler at it or get out Ouija boards” hahaha.

  • Lindsay

    I was so excited to see this movie and it was a true disappointment. Way too long and just boring. Don’t waste your money, wait for the dvd if you must see it.

  • Doof

    @Clint. “All these people who are complaining about this movie not being scary have never been through anything paranormal, obviously”

    Wrong :D I didn’t think the movie was scary and I have had some paranormal experiences.

    The movie completely lost me with the psychic guy and the talk of ghosts vs demons, etc. It reminded me too much of those lame paranormal shows that been cropping up everywhere lately with their “psychics” and other such bad actors.

  • babybunny

    I really liked this movie. I think, however, that it is because I’m very much into the paranormal and shows that go with. I think its scary because it really isnt that far from the truth. The fact that this wasnt a blood bath and gore movie is a huge plus for me.

  • Andrea

    I really didn’t like this movie. It wasn’t scary at all to me… usually when I see a good scary movie, I’ll be too afraid to turn off the lights or go to bed for nights but this movie didn’t do that to me. I actually slept really well. It was just kind of like “meh.” Micah was really annoying so that didn’t help, and the whole “Night 1, Night 2, Night 3″ thing got kind of old. The only part that creeped me out was when she got dragged out of the bed. The demon seemed like it was a character in the film that was just having fun scaring them, but it didn’t seem real and it just made me laugh.To be honest, I think more effort could have gone into it.

  • Meagan

    I absolutely loved it!! Sure, some parts made it more unbelievable than it already was but overall, I thought the acting was amazing!! For the entire film I felt like I was watching a real home video.

  • Jenn

    You either love it, or hate it. I personally loved it! It was creepy..not so much scary for me..but totally creepy!! Good for them!!