Joe Jackson Insists The Late Michael Jackson Is ‘Worth More Dead Than Alive’


Now that the new documentary/concert film Michael Jackson’s This Is It has been released in movie theaters, Jackson patriarch Joesph is back on TV talking to any and everyone about his deceased son. In a new interview with Extra! TV scheduled to air later on today, Joe very lovingly explains that his late son is worth more money now that he is dead than when he was alive. He does go on to clarify that he would rather his son be alive but there is an insincerely in his tone that, to me, belies that sentiment. Here is a pic of Joe’s appearance on Extra! and some excerpts from his interview:

Joe Jackson says that Michael is making a bigger impact than ever since his June death from an apparent drug overdose. “He’s worth more dead than when he was alive,” Joe, 80, tells “Extra” in an interview that airs Thursday night. “I’d rather have him alive.” As Michael’s movie “This Is It” rakes in $2.2 million in the box office, Joe adds, “When he was living, they didn’t show this.” Joe admits he wasn’t on board with the flick at first, which documents Michael rehearsing for his comeback tour of the same name. “I didn’t know what ‘This Is It’ meant,” says Joe, who spoke to “Extra” in Las Vegas at the unveiling of a celebrity star honoring him and his famous family. But the movie allows him to remember Michael “as I knew him best: performing and dancing on stage. Entertaining people,” he says. Hearing Michael’s songs make Joe “very emotional,” he admits. He sometimes sheds tears “when I’m off to myself and I start thinking about things that we went through,” he says. “No one will ever see me, though.” He has harsher feelings for his son’s doctor, Conrad Murray, who is currently under investigation on manslaughter charges. Joe says if he saw Murray, he’d “knock him out.”

It’s very difficult for me to stomach the caring, nurturing sentiments presented by Joe Jackson here considering the way he has been described by others, particularly Michael Jackson himself. In the end, tho, no matter how horrible Joseph may have been to his children (and I have *NO DOUBT* that he was a horrible father to his children) … he is still a father and I have to believe that some part of him truly does feel sympathetic love for his children. That’s not to say that he didn’t exploit and use them at every opportunity for his own financial gain but the man is human after all … there has to be some love in there somewhere. It really does gross me out to hear him speak so “lovingly” about his late son … while I believe that he may have some heartfelt feelings for MJ, it’s really hard to believe his sincerity when he is so willing to express those feelings for a fee on national television. Ugh.


  • Sweet_Lady

    Joe Jackson is disgusting.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That is so sad but that is very indicative of his dads love towards him. All he see’s is money!!

  • trish

    One would hope Trent! One would truly hope. Jermaine and LaToya are not far behind…

  • Joe Jackson is a monster who pimped his children and is still trying to do so. God only knows what he did to them when they were little.

  • Meowzer

    Joe Jackson just creeps me out. All the Jacksons creep me out. They couldn’t BUY media coverage before MJ’s death… now they’re everywhere. And always in sunglasses…day or night. Creepy… very creepy.

  • a dirty, dirty bastard.

  • SuziLee

    He sickens me. And have any of you seen the pics of the kinda hoochie lookin chicks that he’s always with lately?? He’s like a wanna be pimp daddy. Beyond creeeeeeeeepy.

  • krissy

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. If he doesn’t have any qualms about saying these kinds of things in public, imagine what he says in private. He is a big reason that I refuse to go see the movie or buy any MJ music (for now). It would make me feel dirty to think my money was going to this leach.

  • kitty50

    There’s a reason they didn’t show stuff like this whem MJ was alive. HE DIDN’T WANT IT SHOWN!!! This entire family makes me sick to my stomach! And is it just me or does everyone thing that MJ’s kids have been photographed more in the last couple of months than they ever were the whole time MJ was living.When is this family going to stop parading them around? Then again I guess it is better that they are out and about than locked in some studio somewhere making Joe even more money for his new creation “The Jacksons 2.0″

  • krissy

    So true, Kitty. And they have taken off the children’s masks, so everyone knows what they look like and who they are. Very sad.

  • rossy

    I don’t watch or listen to Joe Jackson – Perhaps I should do that, but I feel that in acknowledging someone like him or other “distasteful” individuals does nothing more than to give that person power & attention. Those people I don’t like, I just pass on by… “Out of sight, out of mind.”

    Earlier tonight I saw MJ’s, “This Is It”, film with my sister & really enjoyed it. Which surprised me; I find live concerts, TV performances, etc. do something to my ears – Cd’s done in studios are what I love. Weird, but true. His would, I think, have been the exception. Had he been able to do those concerts… They would have very been lucky indeed. Some people can’t afford to go to a local event, much less another country.

    Like him, hate him, love him… He was extremely talented. His voice, dance moves were a gift & his demons a curse that led to his dying to soon. I feel sad that all those who worked with him (backup singers, dancers, musicians) & worked HARD, are left with the film as their chances to “shine”.

    Then again… there are “tribute” bands, “tribute” concerts (i.e. the Elvis “tribute” done in real time – his former band-mates on stage performing while his Hawaiian concert played on large screen behind them)… So perhaps that will be done in the future. Who knows.

    No matter what others say, I’m really glad I went. Beware of some people around you ignoring the “DO NOT TEXT OR USE CELL PHONES” signs… They will & get thrown out. If you go, leave the cells at home or turn them off. It won’t kill you if you miss a call/text & the same applies when doing it yourself. Wait till you’re in private to do it.