Britney Spears Keeps Teasin’ Her New ‘3’ Music Video


Yesterday we learned from Britney Spears herself (well, at least, from her official Twitter account) that the new music video for her new single 3 will premiere online tomorrow and to get fans amped up for it’s release, she will release 3 teaser screencaps from the video and 3 five second clips ahead of the video’s debut. The first teaser pic was posted yesterday, here are the other two teaser pics that have been released:

These teaser pics are cute … but I seriously want more already. Additionally, the first 5 second teaser vid clip has been released — check it out in full after the jump …

Two other 5 second video clips will be posted today … I’ll add them to this post as they become available. All this teasing is really workin’ … I am soooo excited to see this music video in full.

UPDATE: Here is the second 5 second clip:

One more to go!!!

UPDATE 2: Here is the third 5 second clip:

The full video will be posted online tomorrow morning at 10AM ET, 7 AM PT!!!



    Well, I hate the song but she looks really good.

  • Danielle

    The song is growing on me everytime I hear it. She looks fantastic!!!!!

  • Janelle

    gah!! the video tease makes me want more! :) it definitely worked!

  • nicole

    i see someones been takin promo tips from new moon lol.
    anyways, her eyes…blank, she doesnt look into it at all….im hoping its just cause its a quick clip. even in the still you can see it.

  • Alyssa

    If you’re a fan of hers on facebook, it’s posted there too…can’t wait! The pics & clips look awesome!


    She looks good but she can look A LOT better. I’m not a fan of the hair and her face kind of looks weird to me. The video looks good though.

  • J

    Yeah ii’ve been more impatient for this than for the Womanizer, Circus or Piece of Me clips!!!! ARGHHHH.

  • Looking good, Ms. Spears. Keep it up!


  • Jenny

    Love it so far.. she looks good but why is hair always nappy looking??

  • Steven

    lol @ Jenny. I completely agree. She looks good, but her hair… Was it always weird looking or is she still recovering from the head shaving incident?

    Anyway, I love the teasers. It’s really working. And those shoes are a brilliant touch.

  • Tracy

    Her hair is constantly disgusting. She needs to take out those fucking extensions FOR ONCE.

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