Kylie Minogue Does Australian ‘In Style’ Magazine

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Kylie Minogue just tweeted a message on her official Twitter account alerting her followers to the fact that she is featured on the cover of the new issue of Australian In Style magazine … behold:

Altho the Aussie In Style website has yet to be updated with anything concerning Kylie‘s appearance in the mag, at least we have something to look forward to. I’m not sure that I love this coverphoto, tho … something about the Photoshopping that makes it look fake and weird. Here’s hoping the photos included inside the mag look a bit better. Kylie looks totally 1992 on this cover … which isn’t necessarily a good thing. What do y’all think?


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  1. Tanya

    I was going to say the same thing about the excessive Photo-shopping. I didn’t know who it was until I read your blurb. Why must they render celebrities unrecognizable?

  2. ausettofegypt

    I would have to agree… her skin looks a little weird. Kinda like they tried to do something to an already existing photo of her from some time ago. Loves her anyway, even with the Katherine Heigl look. Im just used to seeing Kylie looking over the top glamorous, a look she works well. And… for the record Pink readers, I also think Katherine Heigl is beautiful. (I know how catty ya’ll can get when you think someone is hate’n) they just have two diff styles!

  3. shannon

    i thought the same thing as i saw the photo and your description was pretty accurate for my thoughts.

  4. CHASE

    Her whole mouth area looks weird! Dayumnnn

  5. Kristen

    Yeah….her lips look strange. Not a fan of this photo at all!

  6. DJ Vegas

    I find it odd to hide her signature right eyebrow lift that she does in almost every photo. this photo evens her face out to me which looks a little weird as well.

  7. LoveKyliexx

    I love Kylie to pieces, but how could the magazine choose this shot as a cover! It looks nothing like her and is weirdly positioned on the page – it looks like her head is too far up the top. Not a good photo at all!

  8. loulou

    Are they trying to make her look like Beyonce? Her skin colour looks off. Her mouth looks really odd. Strange photo.

  9. I have that mag, and yeah, I have to say, it’s possibly her worst front cover ever. The Photoshop dept went too far this time. Ugh.

  10. AD

    instyle australia actually seems to have more info online… the photos look fantastic.
    i love kylie!

  11. Nicole

    @Loulou…she totally looks like Beyonce! I was thinking the EXACT thing! Her skin is light black..deffo doesn’t look like Kylie!

  12. davidsask

    Damn they made her look awful! I would so sue the magazine!

  13. Green Is Good

    If Trent hadn’t written it, I wouldn’t have known it was Kylie. Enough with the extreme photo-shopping already. It’s downright ridiculous when you don’t even recognize the person.

  14. debho

    The magazine cover looks worse in person! It took me a few minutes to recognise who it was when I bought my copy the other day.

  15. Ally

    I don’t know who this woman is, but she is not Kylie :-P.

  16. That photo made me realize Kylie is so much beautiful than that woman on the cover.

    The insides, would the photos be Kylie or this woman as well?

  17. Jorge Arbes

    Kylie is all fake so what is new? Plastic surgery to enhance her looks and still can’t sing!!

  18. Bereft Skerrick

    To me it looks like they’ve flipped the photograph over. Been done before. Magazines flip photos all of the time to suit their purposes, and we the unassuming public who don’t know our left side of our face from our right fall for it.

    Copy the picture into paint and flip it horizontally. Looks much more like Our Kylie.

    Shame, InStyle, Shame.

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