First Tease: Britney Spears, ‘3’


Britney Spears just posted a tweet message on her official Twitter profile alerting her followers to the fact that her new music video for 3 will debut on Friday … in 3 days! In celebration, Britney promises to release a screencaps from the video leading up to the vid’s premiere … here is the first cap along with Britney’s tweet message:

1…2…3 days until the premier of my new video but don’t stress, I will be sending out lots of pics and clips for the next 3 days. -Brit

LOOOOVE this pic! I can’t wait to see more … but I really can’t wait to see the video in full. I understand that Britney will release three 5-second clips of the 3 video starting tomorrow morning, one every 3 hours until a 15 second clip is released … then Britney will tweet the link to the music video’s premiere on Friday. Sounds fun, right? Wee!!!


  • mccraemalcolm

    one more already leaked!

  • mccraemalcolm

    one more already leaked!

    I like this one more for some reason, she looks so cute!

    Cant wait for this video!

  • nicole

    i dunno…her eyes are looking kinda blank imo.

  • J

    She looks so stunning here. It really reminds me of that photoshoot she did around the time of the Documentary.
    I don’t remember the magazine but when she was out on the balcony, hair down in a long white dress. Very nice!
    Of corse she a lot of makeup and touch up as every music video does – but it still looks so natural. Love it. Would like a different screenshot though for the 3rd.


    It’s about damn time the music video is being released! I’ve been extremely impatient. But yes, I agree that her eyes are looking a bit empty. : (

  • carrie

    i think she looks sad in this pic kinda like some recent paparazzi pics i’ve seen. hope she’s ok.

  • Tracy

    I would love for her to take out her extensions. It’s time. She looks great with short hair anyway!

  • Lana

    @ J, I believe it was for Glamour Magazine :]]

    She looks incredibly stunning.

  • AmyM

    What a beautiful pic! She looks like a gorgeous grown woman.

  • Mela

    It’s really refreshing to see her choose a photo like this. Feels like she’s comfortable with being herself again.