Amy Winehouse Proudly Shows Off Her New Fake Boobs


Last week, Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch was quoted as calling Amy’s newly enlarged breasts “fantastic” and today Amy wants YOU to judge their “fantasticness” for yourselves. Ms. Winehouse made a messy appearance at the Q Awards in the UK last night but it was her behavior after the awards show that really got all the attention. Amy spilled out onto the streets of London and spilled out of her top to put her ample new plastic breasts on very public display … and how!

She’s said to be offering help and guidance to 13-year-old Dionne Bromfield in her role as a godmother. So presumably this is Amy Winehouse’s way of showing the teenage singer how to get yourself noticed. Winehouse wore the skimpiest of cocktail dresses to display her recent breast enlargement when she turned up with Dionne for the Q Awards yesterday. By 8pm, having earlier made a change into a corset top, the singer’s asset had popped entirely out of the ensemble. It was a predictable turn of events, with her clothes seemingly slipping further down her body as the night went on. Thankfully, Dionne had gone home at the point of exposition leaving Amy to disgrace herself in front of her manager and waiting photographers … Winehouse single-handedly brought the Q Awards to a halt in front of stunned guests as she failed to arrive on time for her presenting duties. The troubled star was due to hand over the prize for the most inspirational artist alongside reggae singer Don Letts. But Letts was forced back into his seat while embarrassed host Al Murray frantically tried to fill time and organisers searched for the singer. After several minutes Letts was called back to the stage to present the award to band The Specials with no sign of Winehouse. Midway through The Specials’ acceptance speech, Winehouse finally arrived, picking her way through the audience and clambering on stage – only to be given a furious talking to by an angry Letts.

Ye gods, the woman is a mess … again. Someone needs to ship her back to the isle of St. Lucia where she can seemingly do no harm to herself or anyone else. Why she felt the need to get giant silicone breasts is anyone’s guess … if Amy Winehouse really thinks she is going to be a sex symbol now that she’s got ginormous fake boobs she is crazier than I thought. After the jump, if you dare, check out a few photos of Amy’s ample bosoms busting forth out of her top — beware, the photos are NSFW …

Yeesh … she looks like she’s got basketballs stuffed into her chest. I wonder of Amy’s father still think her boobs look “fantastic” in these photos … ugh, on second thought … I don’t even want to know. She’s such a trainwreck mess … I feel so sorry for her. It really looks as if any sort of normalizing progress she’s achieved in the past year has gone out the window. So sad.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Jadedkitten

    Sadness and judging from the pose and the look on her face she actually thinks she looks good. Lawd in the immortal words of Rick James Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  • frog

    Boobs aside. She does look good…I mean her skin has cleared up and honestly, this is a pretty confident smile (you can even see it in her eyes) that we haven’t seen in a while…

  • Sweet_Lady

    how does one not know that the nips are all out there for the world to see?

  • Jadedkitten

    LOL nothing says confidence like look at my fake tits LOOK AT THEM!!!!

  • jazzyjess

    yea she looks really good in those pics actually… much better than normal… and I think her beebs looks awesome I guess the problem is her feeling the need to wear rediculous tops and wont stay on lol

  • Kendra

    @frog – I was thinking the same thing..I’m really bummed she got that horrible boob job..Before she got all cracked out and when she actually had meat on her bones, she had good boobs! If she had just kept putting on some weight I”m sure they would have come back! Ahh well..I hope she doesn’t regress too much..

  • Lisa.

    Ohh God, what a mess. But she does look better.

  • stephanie

    her eyes are bright and she looks alert…but yeah her boobs are deffo not in her top and yup…not too good of a job either

  • Cristina

    The whole thing reminds me very much of Tara Reid.

    I think Amy was probably trying to do something to make her feel better about herself by getting the boob job, which I suppose could be considered a step in the right direction.

  • PixiesBassline

    LOL @ her little chicken legs! :)
    I was just discussing the topic of breast implants lastnight, and how they just don’t look right on girls who don’t have enough fleshiness for them. When you’re small and have extremely low amounts of body fat, they totally look like what they are: round objects, shoved under the skin. Eck!

  • nicole

    she looks good…i saw pics of her in some red top..and the boobs looked then….she just needs to learn how to keep them in!

  • Green Is Good

    How I long for the old days when women kept their nipples covered. I’m old-fashioned that way.

    Unless you’re going to a nudist vacation spot. Then wipe ’em out all you want.

  • Green Is Good

    Additional: Why did she bother wearing a top?

  • Jadedkitten

    Green Is Good what good old days??? women have been letting them swing free since the dawn of time

  • gunnarjet

    great boob-job !!
    i agree: she needs to learn how to wear them. give her some time,and she will know how to handle them.

  • Brandy

    My sister in law got a boob job and I went to a water park with her almost a year later – she had no idea she was hanging out of her bikini top a few times. I had to tell her. I think the sensation is just not the same with fakies.

  • Green Is Good

    # Jadedkitten Says:
    October 27th, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Green Is Good what good old days??? women have been letting them swing free since the dawn of time

    Ha ha ha! And there were no Pappz around to catch a those stray boob and panty-less crotch shots.

  • debho

    Apparently, her Facebook status says she’s married. And so does Blake Civil Fielders! What does that mean?

  • nae

    i think the boobs look good — but they are on her & she is a mess. looks like a hooker. yuck.

  • JeY

    The old saying you can put a hat on a pig it’ll still be a…….. Well anyways at least she’s not “visibly” drunk or stoned in these pictures while falling over on the street somewhere. The boob job….I have to be honest it got a second look from me but when I saw the whole frame I quickly clicked back. Not my cup of tea too many marshmallows……..

  • Tasha

    You can tell a bad boob job by when they look like orange halves.

  • I don’t care what the boob job looks like (though I do wish her boobs were contained by her top), but it means she’s making an investment in herself, and I think that’s a good sign. Like others have said, she’s putting on weight and is looking a bit healthier. I hope she can get it together; she’s got great talent, and in the end, she’s a person who deserves another chance, just like anyone else.

  • Claire

    Get a stylist…..

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