‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Gets A New Title Logo


Back in February of this year we got our first look at the new title logo for the new Twilight sequel film The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Today we get our first look at the title logo newly released for the next sequel film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

You may also recall that shortly after the New Moon title logo was revealed Summit Entertainment announced that Eclipse will hit theaters in June of 2010. From Twilight to New Moon and then to Eclipse, it is very evident that the movie studio is intent on churning out the films at a fast pace … which is why it’s so surprising that there has been no news of any production plans for the fourth Twilight sequel Breaking Dawn. I have no doubt that Breaking Dawn will get made … I just wonder what the hold up is. HMMM. Could it be that the principal stars are holding out for more money? Could it be that the studio isn’t entirely sure that a fourth movie is a wise investment right now? Whatever the hold up may be, I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing official word on the Breaking Dawn front very soon. The Twilight Saga: New Moon is set to open in theaters in just a few weeks … after the din of shrieking girls dies down and the studio starts counting its money methinks plans for the fourth and final movie will come to light.


  • Charlie

    Oh great, the new Twilight logo is the same design as the last two. Thanks for the “News”.
    Love the blog but, really?

  • roxster

    *yawn* what’d you expect Charlie? they’re gonna keep the branding the same…..stll could have been a little more creative. new moons was…..Trent I believe all the stars have said its definitely going to happen in interviews and such. I’m sure contracts are still being discussed. If they’re smart they’ll hold out a little and see how much money they can really make. Of course, if new moon proves to open much lower then twilight, that might work in the studios favor.

  • Lulu

    Ugh. There is no way BD could be a good movie….

  • Mikey

    i think the hold up is the baby. I think they’re trying to find a good way to portray her without it looking cheesy or stupid

  • kwithanh

    I agree with Lulu. There’s noo way Breaking Dawn could be a decent movie.


    I’m just glad that I’ll still be 19 once this movie is released. It doesn’t make me feel that bad. But I agree, BD will be a horrible movie. They need to add A LOT of action and extra stuff just to pull it off, I think. Stephenie Meyer really screwed up the book series. There should have been six books total.


    Bella being pregnant should have been Breaking Dawn’s main focus. And then, once Bella gets transitioned and she’s on the table transitioning, it should have ended and then continued in a next book focusing her life as a vampire and having a child/family and the Volturi. I mean really now. It would have been much better. There was so many different tones going on in BD that it made it hard to read because, well, it sucked.

  • alicia


    i agree its all about “nessie” stephanie even sad it would be a hard one to make perhaps they can tweak the storyline a little and make it a better film… heres hoping they will go for an R rating and make that bella edward sex scene more fun!! teehee ;-)

  • Chris

    I agree “Breaking Dawn” was a really bad book. I wouldn’t want the job of turning that crap into a decent movie! The first book was really enjoyable, the second and third good, but the fourth was TERRIBLE.

  • Sara

    Yeah, when they started making movies my first though was, ‘How are they going to turn the 4th book into a movie?” I totally agree that it will be challenging and in all honestly I don’t even know why I’m commenting on this, lol. I hated the first movie and I can only hope the second will be better, but I guess I won’t know because I don’t plan on wasting more time watching the awkward acting.

  • sarah

    i think once it gets closer to the release of new moon, then they will release the deets concerning breaking dawn. but they do need to make it into 2 movies tho.

  • nicole

    if BD does get made…half of it will be changed so it’ll be a good movie. i agree…the baby part will be tricky for sure.

  • posh

    I’ve read that there is definitely talk of a Breaking Dawn movie but there is indecision as to whether it should be 1 or 2 movies. I don’t see why they would stop trying to squeeze the life out of this franchise and not make Breaking Dawn, so I’m sure it will get done either way. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Twilight but they are churning them out…time will only tell if the quality will be better than the original.

  • Guest

    Yeah, the whole delivery via teeth may be a bit much for the kiddies. And BD was so strange in so many other respects as well, Bella’s superpower (lame), Edward’s suddenly a wimp (LAME), Jacob getting to narrarate the birth of Edward and Bella’s child (Terrible idea!). So, I’m with everyone else, if a movie at all, it’s gonna take the strange cake for sure. But as we all know, Twilight means never having to say you’re joking.

    But, hopefully the honeymoon scene won’t fade to black quite so abruptly. ;-)

  • melpels

    Give it another month or so, they’ll start announcing BD details. Personally, I’m ex cited to see just how they’ll translate the book into film. I agree that it’s going to be difficult, but not impossible. PS. I didn’t think BD was bad at all. There was no other way (IMHO) to tell the story of Nessie’s birth. Edward wouldn’t have had a very objective opinion, and clearly Bella couldn’t have told the story herself. If anything I’m sorry that the series “ended” and am looking forward to her surprising us with another book in a few years when the time is right again. Hoping at least…

  • Lilliah

    So funny- I must have reallllly bad taste in books, because I like Breaking Dawn! I’m almost to the end, and it’s one of my favorites. I can’t really even remember New Moon- I didn’t think it was that great, and almost stopped reading.