Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Take In A Hockey Game . . . Together


Well, well, WELL now … what have we here??? It turns out that young singer Taylor Swift and young actor Taylor Lautner got together last night to attend the LA Kings vs. Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game at the Staples Center here in LA … could this be a sign that the Taylors are hooking up to become Young Hollywood’s hottest new couple???

This photo of Taylor2 was posted on Twitter by the official NHL Twitter profile but I was given the head’s up of this hook-up by Pink reader Melissa on Twitter. HMMM. At this point, it’s impossible to know if these two are “just friends” or if they are something more. You may recall that Taylor Lautner was hanging out with Selena Gomez earlier this year and nothing really came from their fraternization … but where Taylena failed, perhaps Taylor2 will succeed? How disgustingly cute would it be if the Taylors really did start dating? Ugh. Are y’all ready for that?

[Source, thanks Melissa]

  • Ama

    Well..at least they won’t have to worry about forgetting the other’s name. Kidding, they are adorable together. As long as they are both happy, then I say good luck to them :)

  • aimie

    she needs a good boy and from what i’ve seen in interviews and whatnot… taylor seems to be a sweetheart. and if it doesn’t work out i bet we’ll get a great song out of it!!! TEAM TAYLOR! lol.

  • roxster

    Its cute, and they look good together…..but aren’t Taylor and Selena friends? Or did they just sort of socialize together during that window when they both dated a Jonas? I feel like he would treat her right, they’d be cute together, and have a drama free break up haha. Lets hope so (if they’re even together). I don’t want to hear a song trashing him!

  • Heather B

    She looks weird to me. My friends have all agreed there is something off about her face. I like her and her songs are cute, but a a big fat poop sandwich to Taylor squared. Find the boy a brunette stat!


    I love Taylor Swift! Selena Gomez freaks me out; she’s 17 and yet she looks 11! It’s really creepy and some scientific research needs to be done. Ha

  • MiKiE

    team Taylor… Swift!! bahaha… Taylor Swift is awesome/amazing the only current girl out there that actually has a good voice and doesn’t need no voice synthesizer! she sings live, plays guitar, piano, what else can the girl not do?! And I disagree with Heather B, i think she is hawwttt….. lol but taller than me so that wouldn’t work :S hahahah.

  • MiKiE

    oh and does Taylor L even own anything else besides that leather jacket? I mean sure it suits him but … time to go jacket shopping lol. we all know he’s got the money too!

  • nicole

    aww i thought he was cute with salena.
    i find it kind of werid to be hookin up with someone who has the same name lol

  • Ama

    @ roxster- I believe they are all still friends. Except she(Selena) and Taylor(male one XD) Just don’t hang out as often as they use to.

    @ Chase- XD Some people look younger then their age, and some look older. But Selena’s mother looks really young too. So I think she gets looking young from her mother. ^^

  • Lana

    Taylor and Selena are BEST friends, not just friends. They often refer to themselves as so in their tweets and even their album thank you’s. Selena actually wrote her thank you to Taylor before Demi, which was a big deal in teen land haha.

  • alejandro

    im soooo ready for this :D

  • robin

    awesome! my bf loves taylor swift and i love taylor lautner! (our weird teenager crushes lol)

  • Krissy

    They would be so cute together! They (appear) to have an innocent quality which I think would match well.

  • Anne

    It almost seems like they’re on a date just by looking at TL’s posture. His arms are crossed which could mean he’s nervous. Regardless, they’re adorable together!

  • Melissa

    I think it would be awesome if Taylor Swift started dating Taylor Lautner… and if they start dating, i’m hoping that Taylor Swift sends Joe Jonas a picture text of Taylor Lautner’s abs and is like “IN YO FACE BITCH!”… although I’m sure she’s too sweet to do that… I would still find that hilarious.

  • random00b

    @Melissa: “IN YO FACE BITCH!”, FTW.

  • KLC

    Taylor L is a cutie, but since he’s a minor, I’ll leave it at that. I thought of something the other day: Taylor L is 17 and Taylor S is a month away from 20 (I know people like to think of her as a much younger girl) if ages were reversed that would be an issue…like when Miley was dating the 20 year old. (okay, so that was slightly different bc she was 16, but still lol) Does this make Swift a cougar in the teen world?

  • schmee

    I dated someone with the name as me. The jokes get old really fast, but on the plus side you can scream your own name in bed

  • Kristin

    Aw I love them together! I wish this would happen. I’m sure it’s all a publicity stunt though!

  • Heather

    Can we name them TaTa?

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  • Melissa

    @KLC- I understand where you’re coming from. Luckily for Taylor S, Taylor L will be 18 two months after she’s 20 and then it won’t be that big of a deal.