Marc Anthony Has Noticeably Sweaty Pit Stains


Jennifer Lopez and her overly perspirationous husband Marc Anthony showed up on the red carpet (!!!) of the Miami Dolphins game in Florida last night and much to their embarrassment, Anthony was brazenly showing off his soaking wet pit stains all night long. Um, can someone get Marc Anthony some antiperspirant STAT before we all puke onto our shoes?

Since buying a stake in the Miami Dolphins in July, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been bringing a touch of A-list glamour to the American football scene. But arriving to watch their men play the New Orleans Saints in Florida yesterday afternoon, the Latin singer’s smart outfit was let down by his incredibly sweaty armpits. Falling prey to the sweltering [87.8 °F] sunshine, the 41-year-old couldn’t escape the unsightly sweat patches. While his 40-year-old wife showed off her curves in a black sundress and platform heels, it was Marc garnering the most attention with his damp shirt. Due to the heat, Jennifer’s face was also glistening with sweat, but it looked more like a flattering healthy glow. Marc and Jennifer have become regular attendees at Miami Dolphin games since they purchased a minority stake in the game over the summer. Unfortunately for the couple, the Saints won the game 46-34.

I mean, I realize it can get hot in Florida but other people managed to walk the red carpet without sweating thru their clothes. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for J. Lo to nuzzle up against her husband and get an armpit (or two) of stanky pit sweat. GROSS!! Heaven forbid that Marc put his arm around his lady love … he’d prolly drown the poor woman! UGH. Mebbe Marc, who is now part owner of the Dolphins, was sweating because his team has been playing like shit every since he bought ownership in the team? Whatever the case may be, he really needs to keep that shizz in check … it’s difficult enough to see pics of his zombielookin’ness without the pit stains … ICK!

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  • meg

    damn, that’s a LOT of pit sweat there! even when he kept his arms down he couldn’t hide it! how embarrassing!

  • Bridget

    ugh i feel bad for him that sucks!

  • JJ

    Get the armpit shots that stop that! Grosssss! (Is it botox {?} in the pit? Surely he can afford it.)

  • Rudeezee

    LOL! Guys i live in Miami and while this is embarrassing to the rest of the country, come down here and spend 5 minutes outside, I defy you not to be completely covered in sweat. Yes i know its october be we still have heat advisories every other day down here. Meh cut him some slack…still…it does warrant a chuckle.

  • Rudeezee

    oh yeah and dont let that 87.8 temp mark fool you, with the humidity down here you are boiling!

  • Mariah

    The very LEAST he could have done was wear an all black shirt. EW.


    I don’t understand why people have sweaty pits. I mean, I’ve never had this problem. Well, actually, I did once but it was only because I was allergic to my deodorant but after I switched it stopped. It only happened for like, two days. This is so gross. Ew.

  • Krissy

    People have sweaty pits because that is where sweat comes from…there is a concentration of sweat glands there and nature puts them there to control your body temperature. Unless you have a medical abnormality, you have sweat in your armpits on occassion as well. To act like he is a freak of nature for this is just odd. Florida is not only super hot, it is super humid. I feel bad for guys that have to wear button up shirts in heat that bad! At award shows, many women get botox shot into their under arms to prevent sweat…maybe Marc could consider that as a last option if medical grade anti-persperant or deodurant doesn’t work!

  • Susan

    Props to Krissy.

    Plus, a lot of people use antiperspirants and they work to a certain extent, but they don’t prevent all sweat. Plus, it’s not normal to not sweat at all. I say we give the guy a break.

  • AshtonLee

    Kinda gross but he’s a guy. Also Trent Miami has actually been playing better lately then in previous seasons. Unlike my Philadelphia eagles. Ugh

  • nicole

    all i gotta say is jennifer has been lookin damn good lately.

  • elle

    Some people have a condition called hyperhidrosis that causes them to sweat more than normal, even in cold conditions. So it can be a medical condition.

  • Cinner

    I woulda had paid somebody to bring me a different shirt or got one at the gift shop before taking red carpet pics like that, unless he just doesn’t care or her either for that matter.

  • Jess

    That picture makes me cringe and want to wipe the upper part of my left arm. *shudder*

  • meh

    oh whatEVER! if that was mario lopez or ricky martin ya’ll would be dyin to rub your face in it. it was hella hot & the guy got sweaty; it’s normal! not to sweat would be ABnormal

  • mark

    wow offensive much. i know he is sweating more than most people, but saying that he would drown j.lo and the ugh thing is kinda offensive and a bit taste-less, but i guess thats just my opinion..At least Jennifer can see through it, what a classy lady.

    If people could imagine it were them or their partner’s that it was happening to, I guess people would find it a little bit less funny.

  • Brittny Doll

    Yes you can get botox done in the armpit to hinder or even stop sweat from producing

  • Jadedkitten

    lolol embarrassing

  • CB

    Because suffocating your pours and sweat glands with aluminum and parabens (which have been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s) is far better than sweating like a human being.
    Yeah. Priorities.

  • K

    LOL at all the sweat fans chiming in to show their support.

  • PixiesBassline

    @CB: I like the way you said that!!!
    But I still have to say: Damn, those are some wet pits.

  • fellow american

    Trent, some people sweat more than others. While it’s certainly not flattering, it’s something completely uncontrollable and it sounds pretty immature when you call it groooooooossss. Everyone sweats. He clearly does more than others. Considering it’s a medical condition some people suffer from, it’s not really something “anti-perspirant” can cure on it’s own.

    • @fellow american — C’mon, I’m joking around. Considering that we’ve never seen Marc Anthony sweat like this before, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that he’s not suffering from a medical condition. It’s all in good fun, sorry if you can’t see it that way :)

  • b

    He should put panty liners in his shirt pits the next time to soak up the sweat! Didn’t J tell him about this fancy hollywood trick?

  • Yikes, how unfortunate. That ruins Jennifer’s cute look here.


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  • Allspice

    ewwwwwwwwwww! He is such a loser all around.

  • Jamchick

    I hate it when people are prejudiced against others because of stuff like this!.

    This is not a disease!! I AM A HYPERHIDROSIS SUFFERER!!…i always thought why me it is one of the worst things that could happen to you and you know why?…because of the social impact it has on your life. I use to have sweat stains running down my sides SO EMBARASSING!! i use to use three deoderants + Talcum powder just to stay dry DIDN’T WORK, wear two shirts NADA, shower five times per day NOPE!!…and to make matters worst i live in the tropics…..Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition in which a person sweats excessively and unpredictably. People with hyperhidrosis may sweat even when the temperature is cool or when they are at rest.