Brad Pitt Goes For A Spin On His Motorcycle, Takes A Spill


Brad Pitt was spotted enjoying a leisurely ride on his motorcycle this weekend before the actor took a bit of a spill off his bike … in full view of the ever-watchful paparazzi. Apparently, Brad was trying to thread his way thru traffic on his bike (which is legal in the State of California) and he accidentally clipped a side mirror on a car and took his tumble. Here is a pic of Brad lookin’ all happy on his bike before his little and embarrassing fall:

This is the moment Brad Pitt was thrown off his custom motorbike seconds before confronting a paparazzo in downtown Los Angeles. Pitt was weaving through busy traffic when the eager photographer drove his Toyota Camry too close to the star. The actor lost his balance while swerving to avoid the car and clipped the wing mirror of a parked vehicle. Thankfully, the film star, who is used to daring stunts, was unharmed. One thing is certain, though – Brad ended up on the floor while his bike ended up on the back of a truck, too mangled to ride home. But onlookers said the Inglourious Basterds and Ocean’s Thirteen actor, who was wearing a gold crash helmet, simply picked himself up and pulled his damaged bike to the side of the road. He swapped insurance details with the driver whose car he clipped before trying to start his bike again – and discovering it was in no fit state for the journey back to the ranch he shares with Angelina Jolie and their six children. The 46-year-old had to wait in a building by the side of the road for his assistant to arrive with the pick-up truck.

Aww … it sucks that Brad’s bike was damaged but at least he wasn’t hurt. After the jump, check out photos of Brad’s spill …

HMMM … these pics sure don’t look like his bike was really damaged so badly … but I doubt Brad would have his new toy hauled away if he could just jump on it and take off. I really wish it weren’t legal for motorcyclists to weave thru traffic like this … I’m always nervous whenever a motorcycle speeds past me between lanes of traffic. Be more careful, Braddy … you’ve got way to many kids to take care of to be taking risks like this.

[Photo credit: Fame Pictures; Source]

  • robin

    how crazy would it be to be driving along in traffic and all of the sudden brad pitt falls up against your car? i don’t even think i’d mind if my car were damaged..

  • Meghan

    How embarrassing!!!

  • Nancy

    I know how you feel Trent! When I was out in Cali this summer I was shocked at how the motercycles zipped down the lines on the freeway between cars doing 70mph. How crazy!!! If a car was to change lanes it would kill the biker. Something that the car-driver would have to live with forever. I hated driving on the freeway there for that very reason!

  • tiffany

    I don’t think its legal for motorcycle riders to weave through slow moving traffic. They really should wait like the rest of us, if he was doing that he deserved what he got, only good thing is no one was hurt. No one can cure stupid.

    • @tiffany — It is legal for motorcycles to weave thru traffic here in Cali, it’s CRAZY!

  • Elle

    What a dumb ass…he gets what he deserves for being an adulterer.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That is crazy! it doesn’t look like he was really going all that fast!

  • meg

    Even if it’s legal to weave in and out of traffic on a motorcycle, I don’t know why you would want to. You’re purposely putting yourself in the blind spots of other drivers… to me that’s just asking to be hit!

  • Cupcake

    Umm, call me crazy but didn’t it say in the article “Pitt was weaving through busy traffic when the eager photographer drove his Toyota Camry too close to the star.” So it sounds to me like the pap was in fault here. Poor Brad. I think the “eager photographer should pay for his bike since he can’t freakin wait until its safe to take a damn picture of him! Am I the only one here who thinks this?

  • jamie-o

    ouch! yeah, it really looks like he dropped the bike — he didn’t “hit” anything, more like he scratched something falling down.

    hate when that happens, it’s hard to pick those suckers up. he probably bent something.

  • Marissa

    I was told the reason motorcycles are permitted to do this is because they are ‘air cooled’ and they can overheat if they are just sitting in traffic for too long. They are not permitted to go more than I think it’s 15-20 mph…

  • Frisa

    Yeah its called lane splitting and it should be illegal because you should haven’t to worry about someone on a motorcycle riding in the lane next to you!!! And if you hit them ITS YOUR FAULT!!!


    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! Am I wrong for finding this funny? I’m glad he’s OK but wow, this is totally embarrassing. I love it! It makes me want to EL0EL for days! It creeps me out when motorcycles do this…sometimes I want to open my car doors purposefully but that would be morally wrong.

  • Megan

    I agree with you Cupcake!

    Also, the law here in Cali states that motorcyclists should not exceed speeds over 20% above the speed of vehicle traffic. Personally, I find this to be very dangerous and I really hate driving here because of it.

  • Tara

    Mebbe that fugly beard blew in his eyes and he couldn’t see where he was going…or it could really have been the pap.

  • Kalina

    Well thank god he was wearing a helmet! Here in Hawaii and in some states you dont have to wear a helmet! Now that is CRAZY!

  • Z

    My uncle actually got a ticket for NOT weaving his bike through slow-moving highway traffic in California! He’s a very safe biker and would never do the weaving thing. To avoid having the bike overheat while sitting in traffic, he pulled his bike over to the shoulder and turned it off, hoping traffic would thin out soon and a cop ticketed him. I get that it’s unsafe to just park on the shoulder of the highway but when he explained to the cop about not wanting his bike to overheat, the cop told him he should weave through the traffic to avoid that!

  • cbr600girl

    As an avid rider myself yes it is legal to split lanes – in a safe manner. It’s usually cagers who use the excuse “I didn’t see you” whether you are splitting or not. Turn your heads people. When I split lanes in slow moving traffic I will rev my engine if I feel someone can’t see me. I do not split going 70MPH. I have to keep my bike cool, which is one of the reasons you are allowed to split in Cali. Sportbikes will overheat if you try to go really slow in traffic. Just a little info for you cagers and non-riders out there.

  • April

    you can watch the video of this at
    all the cars were stopped at a light and brad was the only one moving and the only one at fault.

    legal or not, he shouldn’t have been weaving through traffic like that. it’s not safe for anyone and he’s lucky it was only a minor spill.