Is Rihanna Ready To Release A 2nd Single Already?


Mere days after Rihanna released the first single, Russian Roulette, from her new album, Rated R, it is being reported that Ri Ri is already planning the release of her second single, The Wait Is Ova. As you may recall, we saw video of Rihanna filming a music video in NYC last week and the line The Wait Is Ova could clearly be heard in the video. It sounds like she was shooting the video for her second single which is now rumored to be released a few weeks before her album hits stores on November 23. Here is a new promo pic of Rihanna along with the deets of this second single report:

According to one of the sources and, “The Wait Is Ova” is the second single of Rihanna’s upcoming album: Rated R. Mikkel Storleer Eriksen and Stargate produced the song, and he can report good news from Rihanna’s record label. “We were just told that they go for ‘The Wait Is Ova’ as next single and that it will launch in a few weeks before the album release. It means a lot to us to be a part of a single-release in this format,” said an elated Mikkel Eriksen to Mikkel says he is very pleased that Rihanna chose just “Russian Roulette” as the first single. “Yes. We love the song. It was written by Ne-Yo, and we hope it can help pull up our song too,” said Mikkel. “Our song is pretty atypical Rihanna and has a much harder sound than ‘Russian Roulette’.”

Now, it should be noted that RihannaDaily is a fan site but the information they provide fits in with what we’ve been seeing/hearing ourselves. Beyoncé is very fond of releasing two singles at a time so it makes sense that Rihanna would want to follow suit … a slower jam and a more upbeat track. We should know shortly if this report of a second single is true or not … my gut tells me that it is. The wait may finally be ova, indeed.


  • mccraemalcolm

    They need to do a rush release on this single. I knida figured they were’nt planning on having just RR be the single that gets people to buy the album when i saw that she already did the vid for the wait is ova.

  • PixiesBassline

    Man.. her hair. Uhgness.

  • nicole

    im not surprised, that first blew..especially(sp?) as a first single.
    the cd will probably do well, because its rihanna, but i dont think its gunna be as good as everyone thinks it is. shes gunna try to go for shock value & i have a feeling its gunna fail.

  • alisa

    Do you think she going to for the Peppie La Pew look on purpose? :)

  • LaTigresse

    @ PixieBassline

    Talking about her hair…

    Seems like she stole the look from Eva Simons! They look like twins!



  • Krissy

    I am totally going to be a armchair shrink here with nothing to base it on….but I kind of wonder if she is being so aggressive in her look to counter the “poor victim” thing that she has had ever since Chris beat her. Maybe she feels empowered by dressing in such a “tough” fashion with strong shoulders, spikes, metal, barbed wire, etc. Maybe she feels vulnerable from people knowing so much about her troubles, and maybe her style makes her feel less so. Just a thought.

  • Lilliah

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right, Krissy- I mean, I get that the rocker chic look is in now, anyway, but I think that what you referred to is usually the case with extremes- punk kids, goth kids, etc..people who try to appear all tough and scary and look-at-me typically do it to protect themselves somehow, even though it’s usually not a conscious thing at all.