David Beckham Texts While Driving, Breaks The Law In The Process


First California First Lady Maria Shriver did it, then Brandy did it … now David Beckham got busted doing it … here are scandalous photos of Becks using his mobile phone while driving — a crime in the state of California!

Seems there’s a hot new law breaking craze in Hollywood these days, and David Beckham is quick to jump on the bandwagon! Ever since California first lady Maria Shriver was caught red handed using her phone while driving, a no no that her own hubby passed into law earlier this year, stars have been snapped left right and center flaunting the law of the land. David Beckham is the latest to be caught breaking the law. The 34-year old soccer legend was snapped texting on his cell phone, with no hands on the steering wheel, as he left soccer training Wednesday. Beckham was driving his custom designed Escalade from The LA Galaxy training grounds, but was too distracted to pay attention to the road. A definite flaunting of the laws of California!

OK … full disclosure … I, too, tend to unlawfully refer to my mobile phone while in the act of driving … trust me, I’m not proud of it and I am trying really hard to stop the practice … so I can understand how difficult it can be for folks to quit cold turkey. It is a dangerous habit and I’m workin’ to stop breaking the law … I’m sure Becks is workin’ really hard, too. Well … mebbe now that the world knows of his naughty habits he’ll work towards adhering to the letter of the law :)

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Maria

    I’m guilty of talking on my phone while driving. Ok I have texted also but I really am tring to stop. Someone sent me a video that was too powerful to ignore.

  • Diana

    I wish people, including myself, would stop talking on the phone while driving. However, I never text and drive. Please be careful. If an accident can happen while tuning your radio or changing a song on your ipod then it can certainly happen while writing a text (or reading one!).

  • Jadedkitten

    I’m so sick of ppl doing this stupid shit it’s not that fucking hard to get a blue tooth or just pull to the side f the road.

    Srsly someone needs to show his stupid ass this


  • Ama

    I couldn’t text or talk on the phone if I wanted to, Utah drivers are crazy and don’t pay attention even when they AREN’T distracted by cellphones. So you have to pay attention all the time >.<

    But tsk, tsk. Hopefully he stops that bad habit, it doesn't take long to get to your destination. Even if it does, the text message will still be there or you can call the person back when you reach the place you are going to :)

  • Kristen

    I just moved to SoCal a few months ago and totally forgot that this law was even passed! I was wondering why someone yelled out their window at me the other day…oops! I’ll try harder :)

  • Val 2.0

    Just as bad as drinking and driving.

  • @Vicki — Yes, sad but true … I am mortal and full of flaws :(

  • Jason

    I’ve done it myself but I have sworn off it as well. On another note, just a pet peeve of mine: I believe you meant “flouting” of the law, not “flaunting”. It’s a totally common mistake but for some reason it drives me crazy. Sorry! But now ya know. :)

  • Considering Becks lives in LA/Hollywood and practices in Carson (with the requisite drive through Carson), I always assumed he just teleported to work.

    Or at least had someone driving him…

  • now

    Photoshopped and fabricated stories which are loved by this blog and other celebrities blogs. Sensationalized and deceptive practices.

  • ashley

    Driving and texting is scary, I heard horror stories of this incident.

  • wow

    thank goodness i don’t have relentless, get-a-real-life, pathetic photogs following me!

  • Kristen

    his cars probably parked.

  • maddie j

    I JUST got an email the other day from a friend that showed a motorcycle INSIDE another car as a result from the person driving the car texting while driving. Both drivers, plus two passengers died. The email advised putting your phone in the backseat, as to not be tempted. I am AWFUL about this. I email, tweet, text, you name it while driving. Seeing the pics was a big eye opener and this morning, I’m proud to say, I threw my phone in the backseat. I advise everyone else to try the same. You’ve got to remember you are not only resposible for your own car but all the other cars on the road!

  • Illise

    Not only he is texting while driving but he is not wearing the seat belt thing that is dar more dangerous than texting and at least here in chile is against the law

  • jennie

    Talking on the phone while driving has been illegal in nys since about 01 and i just read that texting while driving was banned in the county i live in, i admit i too am guilty of this

  • Ally

    I have never gotten into texting. I’d rather just call you or send you an e-mail. The only time I talk on the phone in my car I use the bluetooth which came with my car. It is super convenient. It always makes me nervous when others try to talk on the phone and drive w/out bluetooth. And texting while driving is just crazy! At least wait for a stoplight.

  • Jason

    @Trent Doh! i missed that detail re: the text being a quote from another source. Love the site and I look forward to your next appearance on Stern.

  • Ange in Canada

    Is it just me, or does he looked parked? I hope he is – as he doesn’t appear to be wearing a seatbelt either….the second photo makes it look like he’s not on the road…!! love your blog trent, always make time to look at it every day! xx