Ricky Martin Tweets His Shirtless DILFness


Ricky Martin, proud papa of twin sons named Matteo and Valentino, posted a new photo to his official Twitter profile today … the tweet reads simply “Chilling” and is accompanied by this photo:

It’s unknown which of Ricky’s sons he is holding but I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you weren’t even aware that there is a baby in the photo ;) It’s great to see Ricky lookin’ so happy … it’s even better to see him lookin’ so undressed.


  • Paul From Toronto

    Man.. He is looking good.. in shape too.. Def nice to see him in reg. bathing suits than those speedos he likes to show off in. ha ha ha

  • Heather

    OMG! A hot man who loves children? He’s a dream.

  • daniel

    its true i barely noticed to kid haha
    hes soooo hot

  • aw…

    they’re both sooo cute!

  • justin

    mmm…id like to be his baby…lol

  • Yesiree

    Yes, hot, child loving AND Man Lovin’.

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