Jude Law Is The New Face Of Martini Rosato


Jude Law, everyone’s fave new babydaddy, has been chosen as the new celebrity spokesperson for Martini Rosato and is featured in a new bunch of promo ads for the company. Here is one of Jude’s Russian ads for MR:

I kinda like how that tree next to Jude is full of beautiful women … I just hope he takes better pains to wear protection should he decide to indulge in one of those women ;) After the jump, check out a few more promo photos of Jude for Martini Rosato

Yes, Jude Law is a sexy beast … I’m sure those sparkly eyes and that hint of chest hair will have folks flocking to liquor stores to buy up bottles of Martini Rosato products. With all that boozing going on, can you imagine how many unplanned pregnancies could occur?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I have never in my life met a single person who actually drank this. So I guess congrats to him??

  • Margie

    @Trent-AHAHAHAHAHA! Condoms are not that expensive-wtf?!

  • Haha it’s a reflection of his real life that women are there just for the picking. He’s hot, though.


  • sheryl

    Sexiness. However, it is NOT Martini and Rossi, it’s Martini Rosato. Check out this interview about the shoot, and other stuff, where Jude is way more delicious than he is even in the ad (and enlarge the screen!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko8eTnL-5A8
    And to me, the condom references are getting pretty dull. If Jude didn’t use condoms, he’d probably have 20 kids by now. Just sayin.