Date Night: Pumpkin Pickin’


Last night was Date Night for David and me which came a little early this week because David’s sisters are coming to town on Thursday (or normal Date Night night) and last night was our only free night this week. As you may recall, I was in charge of Date Night last time and we enjoyed a fun night of rollerskating … David was in charge last night and he decided that we would go pumpkin picking!

He took us to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch and we has a lot of fun picking out the perfect pumpkins to carve. Since we’re still a couple weeks away from Halloween, we didn’t carve the pumpkins just yet but it was fun making our selections. After the patch, we went to Sweet Chili for a delish Thai dinner. It was a very fun, very cute night.

Tonight David and I will be attending a meeting of The Turtle Party: Book Club so that we can discuss Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions. Our next book will be selected tonight as well so be on the look out for that announcement.

  • Margie

    Very, very cute. I loves it!

  • Lauren

    Trent I think that you guys are so cute!! i have been reading your site for a few years and I love it!! keep up the good work

  • C

    You both are so cute, i love seeing all the regular life stuff:)

  • Lily

    You guys are ADORABLE together. That hat looks fab on you as well, Trent.

    I hope you guys post the pics once you’ve carved the pumpkins.

    cute, cute, cute. xx

  • Paul From Toronto

    I always love looking at your guys photos.. Freakin Cute.. both of ya!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I need to get my ars to the PP too so I can start carving!! I love it! Show pictures when you are done!!

  • Adam Bomb

    Too cute! Pictures 2 and 3 are the best :D

  • Kate

    Trent I love that you include snips of your “normal” life stuff on your blog- it makes you so relate-able and it’s all the more easy to see how fun you are! You and David are adorable together!

  • lucy

    so cute and fun!