Pete Wentz & Bronx Mowgli Play In The Park


Here are a couple of really cute photos of proud daddy Pete Wentz (rockin’ his new buzzed hair’do but, sadly, not the guy-shadow) enjoying a day at the park with his baby boy Bronx Mowgli here in SoCal over the weekend:

Aren’t these two just the cutest thing EVER? Little Bronx is lookin’ more like his mom Ashlee Simpson every day! Ashlee is very lucky to have these guys in her life. Considering Pete’s recent comments about having more kids, I suspect little Bronx will be gettin’ a sibling in no time at all.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • nicole

    hes sooo cute!

  • Sweet_Lady

    wow, he is getting big. I like Pete’s haircut and weirdly, he does look better with the “guy-liner”.

  • Maria

    He is such a cutie!!! (of course I mean Bronx!)

  • Juneh

    Awww, he does look like ashlee simpson =D

  • Haha. He IS a mini-Ashlee. He’ll probably be a looker when he grows up.