Matthew McConaughey’s Bird Buddy Is Back


A couple weeks ago we learned that Matthew McConaughey got himself a new pet, a breed of bird called Sun Conure, and today we see that Matty’s little birdy friend is still hangin’ around:

Um … I have to admit that I really love Matthew with his bird. It’s such an odd thing to see a man and his bird just out in public … you can understand how sometimes that could be off-putting. As far as celeb pets go, I think McConaughey’s Sun Conure is my new fave.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Cupcake

    LOL – I’m right there with you Trent! And I love him even more that he’s a Longhorns fan. Whooo!!!

  • Christine

    odd, yet he’s hot so he can (pretty much) do no wrong =)

  • Haha this makes me laugh. I’ll have to save this photo. It will make me smile when I’m stressed.


  • Maria

    I guess they’re gonna be known as McConure.

  • nicole

    someone slap me, cause at first i thought the pic of the left was spencer pratt :s

  • Tiffany

    This has to be my fave “Sup Bitches* pic! Now we just need a hat…. ;)

  • Funny. You saw a parrot
    and I saw new (fake) hair
    in the pic you posted.

  • siena x

    AHHH… he looks like he’s losing his hair!!!

  • PixiesBassline

    I’m not a huge fan of wearing birds… because they’ll crap on you. Lol.

  • claire

    i don’t know why, but this pic totally makes me LOL so hard…. :)

  • Irma

    Trent, you didn’t even acknowledge that Texas beat the almighty OU last weekend!!