Lance Bass Is On The Ropes Again


A couple of weeks ago we got our first look at a hot new photo of Lance Bass lookin’ all sultry as a fighter in a new photoshoot … today we get to see a few more photos from that same shoot courtesy of VGL. Um, hello Mr. Bass:

This shoot was done by photographer Braden Summers and I’m happy to discover that there is more from this shoot to enjoy. After the jump, check out 3 more photos from this photoshoot and see how well “serious” looks on Lance Bass …

Okay … is it time to declare that Lance Bass has officially become the hottest member of *NSync? Now that we’re hearing buzz that the boy band may reunite sometime in the future, I think it’s time the other guys take note … Lance is a hotness to be reckoned with.


  • Megan


  • rudeezee

    I think time has proven that lance is now the hottest member of Nsync. As Boys Justin and JC where Pretty whereas I think public thought that body and face wise Lance’s Looks where a little out of place, However now As MEN….Justin (In my opinion) seems to be losing a bit of his looks as well as his charm, and JC seems to have stalled physically(I think he was at his hottest when he released his first solo album and underrated wonder album) But i think whats helping lance the most, is that now away from Nsync there’s an ever present sense of mystery about him, aided with a dash of ruggedness. These pics could dare i say be called Rouge. I wonder what lance has up his sleeve though as far as his career is concerned. I do hop Something strong comes from him soon, i would hate to see him just be another mature pretty face.

  • Drew

    Yea, i’d say Lance is easily the hottest of all of them now. Not that there was much competition (sorry- they werent a particularly attractive group). Justin is def losing his looks as he ages, and his personality is a bit of a turn off imo. JC always looks as if hes on drugs to me, idk why. Joey’s attractive i guess. the other one, who’s name escapes me, was not attractive. At all.

  • lyndyloo

    HOT! I’ve always liked him, he seems like a nice guy. JT is a douche and JC is a closet mo.
    The end.

  • I love these photos, tastefully done. I love how they emphasized the blue shadows. And yeah, Lance is hot.


  • ganesh

    …he’s just not that good looking…even with cameras, lighting and makeup, ….meh – not so good!

  • Mimi

    It’s all photoshop. Lance does not have those chiseled features in his face….its more round.

    It was “shaved” off in Photoshop. He’s not that masculine looking.

  • Matilda C

    I was a HUGE NSYNC fan – and JC and Lande were my to die for’s. Seeing these pics today brought the biggest smile to my face!!! Lance has always had a special place in my heart – and for the masses to enjoy his wondeful-ness with me, just makes me smile! As for JC’s look – hasnt he pretty much always looked the same? Aside from his solo relase, anyway. He’s always reeked chic, class, and supa sexy to me! Love thse guys! And yes, Im all for an NSYNC reunion, here!!

  • A

    Wow, he is very fit! I like.

  • Dee

    He always has been and ALWAYS will be my FAV man in the world!!!! Go get ’em Lance!!

  • patches

    lol he looks confused in a couple photos, he doesn’t do serious very well, and Justin will always be the hottest one from NSyNC! how could you even compare the two lol just cause he’s toned up his body a bit doesn’t make him all that much better, my dad use to always say “you can’t make Gucci out of pig skin”…

  • vic

    sooooooooo hot! damn.

  • Shawn

    I never thought he was attractive until I met him at a book signing in ATL…Wow, did my perception change…good looking guy and very nice…these pics are great!

  • jennie

    Justin is and always will be my fav from nysync, but lance is a close 2nd

  • xistng

    With age this Lanceman is looking H O T hot!

  • claire

    even though i was not big into the boy bands of the late 90’s, lance was always my pick as the hottest… (but he aint got nothing on nicky of bsb <3) :oÞ

  • Lance’s make-up was done by Celebrity Makeup Artist Chris Lanston. Check him out on…he’s amazing!

  • toast

    what the hell! did he just his puberty?
    Wow ok he wins! total morph win

  • woot

    Is it just me or did he automatically get 20 times hotter the day he came out? Just sayin’

  • Great shot! Here is a recent news story on Braden Summers and his 1st and 3rd place finish in the APA|NY Photo contest that you might be interested in reading.