Exclusive: Mariqueen Maandig & Trent Reznor Got Hitched!


Yesterday I mentioned that David and I were in attendance at the joyous wedding of our dear friends Mariqueen Maandig and Trent Reznor on Saturday night and I shared a few photos from the wedding reception. But while I still will not share the intimate details of the wedding ceremony itself (as I said before, it’s not my story to tell) I would like to share with all y’all a few more photos from the event. Here is the exclusive first look at Mr. & Mrs. Trent and Mariqueen Reznor on their wedding day this past Saturday:

The bride was absolutely stunning in her beautiful wedding dress and the groom was lookin’ pretty swanky himself. It is my extreme pleasure to share the beautiful sight of our newly and very happily wedded friends :)

After the jump, check out an adorable photo of the Mr. & Mrs. sharing their first dance together as husband and wife and also check out a really fun photo of Mariqueen rockin’ her sexy red reception dress …

Have you ever seen a more beautiful bride and groom ever in your life? As I mentioned yesterday, it was an honor to share in their love on Saturday night and I hope you will join me (again) in sending our best wishes and all our love to the happy couple. Congratulations and much, much love Q & T!!!

  • angieC

    awesome post dude. so exciting. amazing to view the wedding vicariously thru you!!!!

  • AshtonLee

    love love love the red dress!!! beautiful!!

  • Meghan

    They look beautiful! Love the wedding and reception dress! Well done Mr & Mrs. Reznor!

  • Elisabeth

    Fantastic post(s) and two thumbs up for respect and discretion! :)

    They look wonderful, happy, and SO in love — all the best to them!

  • Sarge

    Congrats to the two of them! They look so very happy and beautiful.

    I am dying for a picture of Mr. Robin Finck in a suit though, if he was in attendance…

  • Leslie

    his wife is GORGEOUS!!! She is glowing and giving me warm fuzzies.

  • No Problema

    They look gorgeous together. Thanks for the beautiful pics, Trent!

    Gotta echo Sarge here, though—I’d give my right arm for a pic of Robin rockin’ a suit (if he was there……).

  • carrie

    oh man. these pics are great. again, thanks for sharing with us.

  • Jason

    Is anyone else wondering what she’s doing in a bathtub? I mean, a BATHTUB? Isn’t that weird?

  • Congrats Trent & Mariqueen, and best of luck!

  • nicole

    that dress is beautiful!!!!

  • joanna

    Thanks for sharing Trent! They look soooo in love!!!

  • Nikki

    I thought that was a doll made to look like Mariqueen in the tub – flawless!

  • Heather B

    Wowza. She looked gorgeous.

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  • Siobhan

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats to them :)

  • Juneh

    The red dress is breath-taking! So is this couple, very beautiful!

  • Congrats to the happy couple!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I guess it goes without saying that they will have ridiculously good looking children, huh?! ;)

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  • Ju-Ju Bean

    Wowza! They’re both smokin’! What a privaledge for you. I’m super excited you got to go.

  • Tonya

    I love the tub photo. They look so happy. Congrats to them.

  • Illise

    The wedding dress is beautifull she looks amazing, trent looks hot as always
    congratz to them

  • Annastasia

    This is so fake and hilarious…OMG! Look how tight his face is. Wow. Botox is NOT his friend.

  • Annastasia

    Oh, and why the hell is she in a bathtub???

  • joanna

    Annastasia you are an idiot!!

  • not saying my name

    oh my goodness! i love her red dress!! amazing

  • ahs

    like my aunt from Brazil says, beautiful!!!

  • Meghan

    @Annastasia–um, yeah, you’re cool. Shut up and go away.

  • Man I’m so happy for the guy. He is my idol. I’m dying to know who the best man was, and if any other celebs were in attendance.

  • toast

    a toast from toast! I am so happy for you both I wish you all the luck in the world..you look beautiful together :)

  • mopotts

    Wow, can we all say f*cking gorgeous??????

    Peace, happiness, and love to them both!!!!

    <3 <3

  • Wendy

    That red dress is gorgeous! Does anyone know the designer?

  • Okay, so not toooo long ago Trent was squealing because he saw Trent Reznor at a movie theater and got a picture…and now he was invited to his wedding? That is whack, and SUPER FREAKING exciting. I’m happy for you Trent! Oh, I’m happy for Trent and Mariqueen too!!

  • romeo_void

    it sounds cheesy but having listened to NIN for about 15 years and seen them live 20 times, i sorta feel like a close friend just got married. i’m happy for the both of them, they look so happy together :-)

    A toast to the happy couple! May they live happily ever after!

  • Wow, Trent, how fab is your life???? Mariqueen is Filipina, right? She looks beautiful.


  • agent o

    thanks for posting the pics Trent! congrats and good luck to them!

    @Annastasia you’ve gotten the attention you so desperately wanted. please go back to Metalsludge with all the other “women” (and i use that term loosely) and continue harping about the “Great PR stunt of ’09”. maybe if you “ladies” (again, using this term loosely) put as much energy into your own lives as you do posting about Trent & Mariqueen and searching their friend’s Twitter accounts for any kernal of “gossip”, you too would find happiness and wouldn’t feel the need to piss on anyone else’s.

  • Elkay

    So happy for both of them :) Congrats Trent and Q!

  • chloe

    in a big rush weren’t they?

  • The Purity Of Evil

    Pure. Awesomeness. I’m not envious at all. *runs to shop for huge tub of icecream*.

    Good on ’em. And good on you guys for all of the above, complete with discretion and tact. 4 thumbs up.

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  • trentsbutterflygirl

    omg, the pics are great. you two look so great together. dont listen to the damn fangirls. they are just jealous. lol. hope more pics to come. why is it peeps have to be haters one a beautiful moment. trent and mariqueen, go be happy. F*#k everyone else. hey give love to the puppies and get busy making lil reznors. heh. live, laugh and love. *hugs* to you both.

  • nimbus

    Congratulations to the Reznor’s. Wishing you both eternal bliss. Que Dios los bendiga por simpre!

  • Danny

    this show even goth rockers can be mature and grow up unlike marilyn manson who can’t maintain a stable relationship to save his life…I wish the best for Trent, he seems like a genuinely nice guy who deserves happiness.

  • AnnaDraconida

    WOW. I wasn’t too impressed by Mariqueen until now but on these pics both of them look absolutely stunning. I really wish them the best and hope they will be happy together!

  • persephone

    may i know what is mariqueen’s nationality?

  • TreatFreak

    Thanks for sharing the love and the joy!

  • zaffer

    How awesome for them! How great that you got to go! Am I nuts for wanting that bathtub? It looks perfect for reading in.

  • PeedroPaula

    I had hoped all us pigs/NINnies would be invited to the wedding ;) but I’m so happy it finally happened! They look great together and I wish them nothing but 50 years of wedded bliss.

  • shannon

    @persephone Mrs. Trent is Filipino.
    I was very excited to see a photo of the ceremony dress and everyone looked STUNNING! Looks like it was one hell of a good time for all in attendance.

  • Angela S.

    This is awesome!!! I’ve been a HUGE fan from the beginning and it is soooo great to see Trent happy! Best wishes and many many happy years together for both of them! Congrats!!!

  • Well, congratulations to both of them. May they have a long and loving marriage. *hug*
    Now, I wish I would have been invited. It was only a couple hour drive north from my place…just rude. ;)

    And yes, I hope to see more pictures because they both look gorgeous and happy as hell.

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  • ME

    soooo happy for them:) thank you for the pics and the respect you are showing the newlyweds:)

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  • bob

    Wow, she looks stunning, much congrats to them both….

  • nuriko

    is she a Filipino? wow, congrats!

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  • slave2thewage

    Oh great, the nutballs have showed up. Anyway, congratulations are in order. I love her dress. Shame I’m not into TR’s clothes – that waistcoat is a bit gah.

    • @slave2thewage — Yes, crazies tend to have a way of popping up but if you ignore them, they go away.

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  • jennie

    @ trent thats awesome that you got to go, tr seems very down to earth, i like approachable celebs

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  • sarah

    Thank you for sharing these photos with us, I’ve been a huge NIN fan for years and it’s great to see Trent so happy. The couple looks amazing Trent is just glowing and Mariqueen looks so beautiful. Congrats to the couple and I wish them the very best and may they have a wonderful life together:)

    PS Trent who designed her little red dress, I love it!

  • sarah

    that is so awesome you were invited to TRENT REZNORS wedding!!!!! you must have been so thrilled!!!!!!!!

  • Hollylicious

    Awwww wow! Finally a more clear pic of the couple :) gorgeous
    Congrats and best wishes to them both!

  • princessomega

    Congrats T & Q. You two looked so lovely and I could feel the love oozing. I absolutley love the metallic tie! and the Red Dress!
    Trent- you looked pretty swanky yourself at the wedding. It must have been a blast The photo booth seemed like such a great idea…and you got your photo with Tamar.
    BTW Tamar and Rob looked adorable too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Much love to the married Reznors!

  • Kara

    Awww, Yet again, Congrats Trent and Mariqueen! :D
    Your the best Pink Trent! Thanks for more wedding photos!
    They look SO happy and in love! :D
    I love Mariqueen’s dress choices! They are gorgeous, as is she! I’ll admit its kinda strange to see TR dressed so formal, but its no shock that he looks damn fine in a suit! ;)
    Yay! Be happy TR & Q :D All the best to you both. :)

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  • Beth

    Wow, knowing how private T.R. is, I never thought I’d see photos of the wedding. Thanks for sharing them, Trent! :)

  • these are awesome pictures, very creative

  • Trent! thank you for sharing these great photos and as always for the huge amount of tact and class you have every time you post. It blows my mind that we saw you meet Trent R at the movies and now you are attending his wedding – how cool! You’re the best! enjoy and thanks for everything you do!

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  • Jess

    Wow, they looks so fabulous!! I have been a NIN fan since I was 10 yrs. old, and this has been a long time coming for that man. I am sooo happy for Trent and his FABULOUS bride! I must say, Q is something else – I was sad when she took her Twitter down b/c she was always so hilarious, I loved reading her posts.

    These two look truly spellbound by one another, and that’s what a happy marriage is all about – keeping that love and growing in friendship and respect for one another. Reminds me of my big day a few years ago…that’s just so incredible, and I’m so happy for them both. Now you KNOW those two will have some BEAUTIFUL babies! ;-)

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  • Dear friends? Didn’t you just meet him at a movie theater last year?

    • @daniella — Yep, we did meet in early ’08 but have happily become dear friends.

  • maryam


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  • Chris

    This is the guy who wrote “Happiness in Slavery” and made a video for it depicting a man getting his balls smashed and getting fed to a meat grinder. I hope to see more of that than of this wedding.

  • zoe

    trent, i hope you realize just how lucky you are…

  • layla

    Congrats to Trent. I saw this on another webblog that said Goths will morn this day…I am off to a wedding. Well BIG NEWS. Trent has stopped being relevent to Goths a long..long..long..time ago so this comes as no surprise. Trent went through his thing made money on a trend, gave us Marilyn Manson, Thank you for that, Marilyn trounced him, he cried, got happy, (happy goth is not good as his recent music can tell) and now married. so Congrats in your new life. I guess we all must grow up sometime. She is beautiful.

  • The sweetest STAR

    Congrats! you two are some of the most amazing people on earth! I have a feeling there are some really awesome things to come from you two in the future!

  • zzz

    Hey trent, you’re supposed to be producing the new scissor shock album!

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  • James

    Does anyone care that he’s a heroin junkie and why would someone that hot want to marry into that besides money – or what’s left of it?

  • K

    Hey James, get a life and go live it.

  • The Purity Of Evil

    Oh… Dear… “Leena”…

    Midlife crisis? What? Trent’s happy. Good on him.

    My friends and I (here in Australia) all send congrats, even though our fantasies have been dashed… hehehe…

    PS. When I got married on 6.6.06, I made my entrance to “Leaving Hope”. Probably a sign, since we’re no longer together anymore. But NIN was a big feature to my wedding day. =D

    Congrats (again) to Mr & Mrs Reznor. =D

  • bmobius

    something about this makes me queasy.

  • Out of this world :D

    HA! i knew trent wasn’t bluffing!
    when its love its love,you can’t escape the power of Love…
    Congrats adorable couple…

  • EF

    That red dress is niiiiice.

  • Claire

    Just let people say what they want and ignore it if you don’t like
    it or disagree.

  • trentsbutterflygirl

    @ claire

    Well said. i swear, read through some of this and was like omg. you should have seen the NIN chat the night they got married. i thought we were on suicide watch with the random fangirls. i am like get a life already.

    @ trent and mariqueen

    Well, guys, when we gonna see lil reznors? heh

  • Congrats to Trent and Mariqueen! Its about time Trent settled down. Mariqueen is beautiful!

  • Jessica

    Great pics, gorgeous bride & groom. Congratulations to the both of them!
    LOVE the red dress!!!

  • what da fuc k?? is this real ? o shit… i hope she do some spanking or something to him otherwise my bisexual hero has just fall ¡¡¡! jaja na joke (no it is`t) well hopefully his musik doesen`t turn to shit or monotony like manson after dita,evan,rose .. jaja byeee

  • mattersnot

    it is kind of obvious from the pictures and angles that she IS preggers. good for them. their brood will be an ubercool short clan to hang the jolie-pitt stock.

  • Such a beautiful couple, so-o-o happy for you both…now, P-L-L-L-E-E-E-E-E-E-Z-E B-R-R-R-E-E-E-E-D!!! Make beautiful babies and give them little plinky pianos and microphones so we will all be even happier fans!! Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Dresses, and Handsome Groom, thank you for sharing, and M-W-A-H!!!

  • Anthony

    I really expected more from you Trent.

  • Gina

    LULZ @ Anthony. She’s so fucking hot. And he’s so fucking hot. <3 it.

  • us

    great photos, but she needs more makeup.

    • karin

      Mariqueen is a total natural beauty. =D
      Congrats to them both, and yes, she DID have the baby. May they live in good health and happiness for the rest of their days.

  • Stephanie

    how old is mariqueen?

  • I love the photo of her in that red dress in the tub! Just to die for!

  • Lisa Ebarb

    Absolutely,, Breathtaking,,, WONDERFUL.. a Creative couple..Your son may be a ROCKS-TAR..lol no ..really.. Its all awesome God Bless