Holly Montag Celebrates Her Birthday; Stephanie Pratt Gets Loaded, Arrested


Earlier today we learned that Hills star Stephanie Pratt was arrested early this morning on suspicion of driving while under the influence … and now we get to see photos of Stephanie at Hills co-star Holly Montag’s birthday party just hours before her arrest. Holly celebrated her birthday with friends at Empire nightclub and seemed to be having a great time … behold:

It looks like Holly, Stephanie and newest Hills castmember Stacie Hall were having the time of their lives. Unfortch, it sounds like Stephanie had too much of a good time and thoughtlessly decided to get behind the wheel of a car and put other people’s lives in danger by allegedly drunk driving. In happier non-criminally negligent news, I understand that Holly and Stacie paid a visit to The Parlour on 3rd salon to get all glammed up for the party. At least they have good judgment when it comes to their styling needs. These pics look like the ladies were having fun … it’s a shame that all this fun seems to have led to some piss poor decision making :(

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Wow, that must have been an AMAZING party. Haha. At least now she can say that she is a genuine Hollywood starlet.


  • justme

    what happened to steph during the summer??? nose job and she just… changed..

  • Cinner

    She looks like she has lost a whole lot of weight, in addition to the work she had done on her face.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That sucks! Morons, there is such a thing as a taxi!

  • Kim

    Did you see this article: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b149503_Stephanie_Pratt___lt_i_gt_Hills_lt__i_gt__Dingbat_Dinged_With_DUI.html ? She said, “I got bad news this morning. A friend passed away in a car accident, so everyone needs to drive safe.” That girl is so stupid.

  • sarah

    wow what a genius. a friend passes away so you go out driving after drinking. really???

    i must say i love their hair. thanks for the tip on their salon.

  • She should have had a designated driver. Hopefully it will be a lesson learned to everyone.

  • Tori

    does anyone know what this ‘stacie’ chick is even on the show? wasnt she some random bartender? and didnt she cause of whole wack load of problems for speidi?

  • jo

    @Tori, agreed! Why is ‘Stacie the Bartender’ even still on the show and why on earth is she celebrating Heidi’s birthday? I mean obviously she was 100% cast as the bartending villain plotting to steal Spender away, but still…

  • HeatherLea_1340

    Is it just me, or does Stacie look quite a bit like Audrina in the first two pics? I was looking at this on my BlackBerry, and the pictures smaller, and I totally thought it was her. But, now that I’m looking at it on a moniter, I can see that it’s not Audrina. LoL.

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