John Mayer Says He Understands Why Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter


John Mayer, Twitter aficionado extraordinaire, gave an interview to MTV and talked at some length about how he can totally understand why popstar Miley Cyrus would feel the need to delete her Twitter account. While Mayer makes it very clear that he would never let anyone force him to quit Twitter (saying he would rather tell the world to “eat [his] asshole” before he’d delete his account) he also says he can identify and can understand why she would choose to. Here is a pic of BFFs John Mayer and Miley Cyrus posing together a few years ago and some excerpts from his interview with MTV:

Nearly two weeks after Miley Cyrus quit Twitter, John Mayer sounds off what he has in mind about her abrupt departure from the micro-blogging site. To MTV News the rock singer shares, “I think she’s smart enough to realize there is some interference of the brain that she doesn’t want to deal with. Artists have enough to deal with.” “She’s a child, she’s a fantastic artist – I think there’s enough mental real estate being taken up by dealing with all of that stuff,” John continues stating. “For whatever reason, I am old enough and smart enough to tell someone to go fuck themselves if they tell me to go fuck myself. I think if you’re in Miley’s situation, it might take a little too much time to play goalie for your own heart and mind. So I totally get it.” “Miley is somebody who’s made a bunch of money doing something she loves. Most people do things they hate, for less money. If somebody can re-purpose something that somebody loves doing for a lot of money, in order to make a little bit of that money, they’re gonna do it,” John goes on explaining. “So nobody hates Miley Cyrus; they’re just picking up on her brand, re-purposing it, to try to make a little bit of Miley cash. It’s damaging people’s minds. Imagine Shannen Doherty with a Twitter account, back in the ‘90210’ days. That would’ve just flat-out killed her.” Asked if he has ever thought of deleting his Twitter account, John jokingly tells MTV News, “I would rather tell the world to eat my asshole before I would delete my Twitter account.” Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account in a sudden on Wednesday, October 7 and provided no single explanation for fans. She later on released a YouTube video in which she rapped her reason for quitting the popular social networking site, citing the need for privacy.

HMMM … when Mayer says that Miley is a child, he is absolutely correct … I don’t know that I agree with much more, tho. It’s very clear that he is a big Twitter lover (in fact, it is reported that his fervent tweeting is what killed his relationship with Jennifer Aniston earlier this year) and it’s obvs that he loves talking about it as much as possible. I love that John is sticking up for Miley Cyrus tho … in the grand scheme of life it’s such a non-issue but to have John Mayer chime in with his $0.02 makes all the difference in the world.


  • JeN

    “I would rather tell the world to eat my asshole” omg I love it!! Can’t help it

  • Daisy

    More JOHN MAYER on PitNB! :)

  • Shannon

    John Mayer will say almost anything for attention!

  • Tony

    Trent, I’ll like to be the 1st in line to eat his asshole! LMAO

  • Tony

    Would you join me Trent? haha

  • anna

    I love John Mayer. He is seriously the hottest guy ever. Get back with Jen and have cute babies!!!!!

  • What he said makes sense. He has his smart and deep moments, this guy.


  • samantha

    I loathe John Mayer. He is seriously the UGLIEST guy ever. Do NOT get back with Jen, please!

    I never realized what a big head he has. Not only is he fugly, his head is twice the size of a normal person. We know it’s not additional brain matter LOL.

  • Meowzer

    Eat his asshole? Line starts behind me!


    Miley Cyrus’ Twitter was somewhat interesting but her tweets were pretty annoying. I stopped following her awhile ago before she deleted her account. Ick.

  • Ash

    You just knew all this phony over hyped up junk was coming. This is the only way Mayer can get attention. It’s not about the music with this douche bag. It’s about how much attention he can get. Mayer you-go-f-yourself.

  • worldgirl

    Hmmm? The world can eat his asshole but kissing a guy in a club is something he feels the need to deny?
    I think the boy has some issues!

  • la princesa

    LOVE HIM!! He’s the best! I hope he doesn’t get back with Aniston. She’s too dull for him! He needs more substance in his relationship. NOT HER, JOHN!!! Please…I’d like to see him back with Minka Kelly personally.

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  • danna

    what about that smilemiley of whatever it was, twitter account? didn’t you say that was really her?

    • @danna — I said it was reportedly her new account, it turns out that it is a fake.

  • vic

    No more john mayer please… i hate him with a passion!