Marge Simpson: The ‘Playboy’ Interview


Last week we learned that Marge Simpson, the fictional matriarch of long-running animated series The Simpsons, would be appearing on the cover and in the pages of Playboy magazine … today we get to read a press release from Playboy on this special issue, we get to see one of Marge’s pictorial pictures and get to read a few excerpts from her coverstory interview. First up, the press release:


The Blue-Beehived Belle Shows Her Seductive Side in a Stunning Five-Page Pictorial and Shares Her Pearls of Wisdom in a Rare Interview

“I’m just happy to be a MILK – Mom I’d Like to Know,” says Marge Simpson in an in-depth interview in Playboy’s latest issue, which accompanies a dazzling Centerfold and five-page pictorial. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the FOX hit television series, “The Simpsons,” Springfield’s sexiest blue-haired beauty decided to pose for the magazine, and appears on the cover and inside its November issue (on newsstands and online at Friday, October 16). “Marge Simpson is the quintessential girl next door who stole our hearts 20 years ago and has held them captive ever since,” says Hugh Hefner. “We were delighted to learn she wanted to grace the pages of our magazine. Her pictorial is truly stunning.” Playboy’s November cover girl is excited about her sizzling modeling debut. “Only in a great country like America do we have the freedom of the press to publish naughty images of previously proper women,” she says. Husband Homer is equally excited and supportive of his wife’s decision to pose. “I can’t believe my wife is sharing her feminine beauty with the world in this tasteful pictorial,” he says. However, being nurturing, protective parents, both Marge and Homer agree, “If my son tries to look at it, I’ll kill him!”

LMAOO!! I really love this Marge doing Playboy thing … it’s really fun and I’m sure her pictorial is going to be cute. After the jump, check out one of Marge’s Playboy pics that will be featured in the mag and read some excerpts from her coverstory interview …

On her family’s reactions to her Playboy pictorial: “Homer said he was intrigued because he had never heard of [Playboy]. The notion of women posing in the buff was completely foreign to him. Wasn’t it sweet of him to lie? When Lisa heard about this, she said it was empowering to see a woman in control of her own body. Wasn’t it sweet of her to lie? Bart will never learn about this under any circumstance.”

On the time that she knew Homer was the one: “Well, when the doctor said I was pregnant, I heard a voice saying ‘That’s the man you’re going to marry.’ The voice was my mother’s.”

On her secret to a successful relationship: “Homer and I have one rule that has worked incredibly well: Never go to bed hungry.”

On the advice she gives Lisa regarding men: “I always tell my Lisa she should marry the man who loves her. It doesn’t matter if he’s losing his hair or is overweight or is at a bar every night…or if he forgets your birthday and anniversary…All that matters is that nothing means anything to him but you.”

On the advice she gives Bart regarding women: “I say, ‘You won’t meet any girls in prison, which is where you seem to be headed.’”

On what she prides herself on doing around the house: “Searching for [Playboys] and throwing them away…they’re usually in the bedroom.”

Beautiful pic … I love it!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos … I gotta admit, this is one issue of Playboy that I’ll deffo be picking up! It’ll be on sale tomorrow :)

[Photo credit: “THE SIMPSONS” ™ & © 2009, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved; Source]

  • Katie

    “Bart will never learn about this under any circumstance.” bahahaha

  • worldgirl

    Here’s hoping they don’t tap Patty & Selma for the next “twins” issue…..

  • A

    I’m not a Simpsons fan, but I have to admit this is fantastic.

  • schmee

    If someone had told me that Lois from Family Guy was doing Playboy, I wouldn’t have blinked at all.

    Now Marge can never be Miss America

  • PixiesBassline

    I can see the humor in this.. and why others would think it’s funny………… But it just seems stupid to me.

  • Nicola

    Yes…I can imagine the character of Homer saying ‘feminine beauty’ and ‘pictoral’ :P


    LMFAO @ MILK!!!

  • Masher

    I wonder if Playgirl will have Ned Flanders or Groundskeeper Willie!! They are ripped. lol

  • nicole

    hahaha i loooove this! PB should have done this years ago.

  • lmfao – I think this is a riot and am looking forward to see it.

  • Miss Nimbus

    Heidi and Spencer….. You’s have been UPSTAGED ha ha

  • jazzyjess

    AWESOME!!! dude! I need to get me a Playboy! lol

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  • N

    I still think they should have picked Jessica Rabbit – much hotter but I LOVE Marge + Simpson’s

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