Preview Tori Amos’s New Holiday Album ‘Midwinter Graces’


Last month we learned that the musical goddess Tori Amos would be releasing a holiday album titled Midwinter Graces this Xmas season and not only got to see the official album cover artwork but we also got to see the album tracklisting. Today we get to check out a new promo image from the album and can preview clips of each of the songs on the disc:

Okay … I love me some Tori but the promo photos for this album are sooooo over-the-top (including the album artwork). I understand that this red dress was created by designer Bernard Chandran … even still, I am really looking forward to hearing this album in full. Undented is reporting that the disc will be released in a standard version and a deluxe version which will include two extra songs, Comfort And Joy and Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht! (Silent Night! Holy Night!), as well as a bonus DVD. Thus far there is no word on what the DVD will contain but, knowing Tori, it’s bound to be amazing. After the jump, hear a short preview of the album and check out two more promo photos from Midwinter Graces — these next two photos are much less dramatic and are deffo worth checking out …

And here is a You Tube vid that features short clips of each of the songs included on the standard version of the album:

If you would like to hear each of these clips individually you can do so HERE or you can stream in full What Child, Nowell and Star of Wonder HERE. It’s going to be an amazing Winter Solstice this year … thanks to Tori Amos providing the soundtrack :) Ho! Ho! Ho!

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  • Shazzer

    Aaaaahhhhhh! This album was a long time coming. So excited about it!

  • RJ

    In love with everything Tori has ever done…but I’m not feeling this AT ALL.

  • queerlike

    LOVE it! She sounds amazing! Artwork is odd & not in a good way– kinda amateur photoshop-esque? Tori naked in a snowbank would be perfect. Although just heard “Emanuel” –not as good as the others. I love the eastern vibe in the 2nd sample, much like Sarah McLachlan’s “Mary Mary”, which beautifully uses rhythms & instruments from the Middle East where all this Christmas stuff came from. Kinda makes perfect sense to me.

  • Tim

    Will she seriously be singing Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht? Because that is the Dutch version of Silent Night Holy Night and most foreign people find Dutch a very tricky language;-) Lookin’ foreward to it:-) Greetings from Holland xoxo

  • Natasha

    Winter’s Carol sounds so Tori, like something she would write herself :) some things are a little off though. i agree with qweerlike about Emanuel, it was strange and not in a good way. but we’ll all buy it anyway. at this point of her career she can pretty much do anything. love her.

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