Michael Jackson’s Children Will Reportedly Appear In The Jackson Family Reality Series


US Weekly magazine is reporting today that sources close to the new A&E reality TV series The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty reveal that the series WILL feature the late Michael Jackson’s childrenPrince Michael, Paris Michael and Prince Michael, II aka Blanket — on the TV show. It seems quite clear that this decision to put the children on television is in direct opposition to the wishes of MJ himself … it was widely known that he was fiercely protective of his children and would NEVER have wanted them exploited on TV. But, according to this new report, the kids will be featured on the Jackson family reality series nonetheless:

The Jacksons are at odds over the inclusion of Michael Jackson’s three children in an upcoming A&E reality show about the famous family, Us Weekly reports in its latest issue (on newsstands now). A source tells Us Weekly the buzzed-about program will include Michael’s kids — Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, 7 — though not everyone’s happy about it. Eldest sister Rebbie, 59, who has refused to be in the series (called The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, tentatively set to air in December), “feels Michael would spin in his grave if he knew his kids would be on this show.” While Janet, 43, is on board, mom Katherine “is just going along with things,” the source continues. Still, one of the creators of the program — which will be either five one-hour episodes or 10 half-hour episodes — says the family shines on the series. “We have 23 cast members with the last name Jackson,” executive producer Jodi Gomes tells Us Weekly. “They’ve done a great job opening up about losing a brother.” (A Jackson family rep couldn’t be reached.)

The only part of this story that makes me believe it is not true is the bit about Janet Jackson being “on board” with featuring the children on the TV show. I refuse to believe that she would agree with the decision to exploit the children in this way. But, truth be told, I can absolutely believe that the rest of the family (Rebbie Jackson excluded) are more than happy to exploit the children in this way … if those kids are on the show, the ratings will be much higher — guaranteed. I, personally, am seriously disgusted by more decisions made by the Jackson family … but this takes the cake. If this report turns out to be true and they do decide to use these children to promote their reality TV series then I suggest they change the titled of the show from The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty to The Jacksons: A Nasty Family. They get a HUGE poop sandwich from me!! :(

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Katherine Jackson, the guardian of MJ’s children, insists that the kids will NOT be featured in The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty:

Katherine tells TMZ Michael would never want his kids to appear on TV, much less on a reality show. She says her son went to great lengths to protect the kids from TV cameras, often shielding them with masks. There are reports A&E’s Jackson reality show will include MJ’s 3 kids. Katherine, who is the legal guardian of the kids and ultimately makes the decision, tells us it will NOT happen.

I really hope this is true … I would never put anything past the Jacksons. I’ll believe it when I DON’T see them on the show.

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  • jazzyjess

    I am with ya Trent. *thumbs down*

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Totally for publicity! HORRIBLE IDEA!!

  • MeG

    I’m not claiming to be a huge MJ fan or anything but this really upsets me! It is so obvious that Michael tried his best to keep the children out of the spotlight so they could have the childhood he didn’t, and to go ahead with a show like this is just wrong! I also find it very hard to believe that Janet is “on board” with this shit. It’s too bad Catherine isn’t allowed to speak(thnx Joe Jackson), because she must know that Miachael wouldn’t want this. I feel sorry that the kids are stuck with people who only care about fame and money.SAD!

  • dana j

    as much as Janet values privacy in her own life, I don’t believe not one damn bit that she’s going along with this idea of theirs. Jermaine, sad to say it, WOULD do something like this because he seems desperate for attention and money. he’s a watered down version of Joe in my eyes. but the kids don’t need this, however they are Jacksons and they’ll have to deal with insanity for the rest of their lives because Michael isn’t around to protect them anymore. his shielding them truly was the best thing for them because this family is going to warp their minds now.

  • worldgirl

    It is just cashing in on MJ’s death by greedy, grasping realitives…. plain and simple.
    Nobody really gives a rat’s ass about seeing all those Jacksons in their bathrobes and sweatpants, bickering with each other….they had to dangle those kids as bait to get the show into production.
    Shame on them and shame on the slimeball(s) who gave this idea the green light.

  • Kristen

    I don’t believe for a second that Janet would would be for the idea to put Micheal’s children on the show. This is just a way for Joe to get his hands on more money and more time in the spotlight.

  • Denise

    No way should children be exploited in this way. Same goes for the “Plus 8″ kids.

  • dana j

    @ denise: THANK YOU for saying that. those kids are going to be ridiculed in school because other kids will see those episodes and how their parents acted PLUS if they release it on DVD the kids can go and watch the series and see what it did to the family. kate and that jerk both were making money before the show but the producers of the show if they had any morals would cancel this show and STOP airing anything relating to them and let them go on with their lives.

  • nicole

    horrible horrible idea.
    no way Janet would be ok with this…and im kinda shocked him mother is letting it happen..she really needs to step up like NOW and put her foot down.

  • Ally

    No child should be exploided by being put on a TV show as a way for their family to make money (ahem, Jon and Kate that applies to you too). But certainly not when their father tried so hard to keep them out of the spotlight.

  • Krissy

    Wow, that is just awful. Disgusting and selfish.

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  • nicole

    I just read that kathrine has denied the reports that the kids will be in it. i hope that statements right

  • liz

    they aren’t going to be on the show

  • I’m with you Trent on all counts. I pray to God they aren’t on there, but I won’t believe it 100% until the show is off the air and the kids never appeared.

    I think the whole concept of this reality show is disgusting to be honest. It’s not that the interest for that type of show doesn’t exist, but I really don’t think it would be going on the air if not for MJ’s death and I find it really wrong that they all seem to be profiting so much from his death, at least publicity wise.

    I mean, I haven’t seen Latoya on my TV and computer in YEARS. And you know? I preferred it that way.

  • I usually don’t comment on stories, but I couldn’t help it on this one.

    It just goes to show you how greedy everyone surrounding Michael Jackson was, and still is.


    They’ve done a great job opening up about losing a brother.

    …and by that they mean, they’ve done a great job of telling us shit that’s none of our business.

    Poor MJ.

  • Lizzy

    Have you people ever thought about how the kids might actually want to do this. Maybe the family has a good reason for putting them on the show. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions just because you think something is wrong. It’s their business what they do with themselves and they don’t need the worlds approval to do it. On the other hand Michael would not want that for his kids. But the kids have already been put into the spotlight so the show was bound to happen sometime in their lives I just hate they had to go through so much pain to have a tv show.

  • I listen to his music over 10 hours every day, im really sad hes gone :( but for my tribute for him I got a Beat It Jacket and im really excited Im wearing his glove as i type out this :) I love you Michael! You didnt deserve what all those mean people said about you, and i hope you knew you have people that love you! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JJ! You were and will ALWAYS be the King Of Pop! Anyone that cant handle it can just shut up because they dont know you and dont care to, they cant just go get a life because you are a beautiful person inside and out and i dont care what anyone else says, i think your really hot and im only 16! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON AND THERES SO MANY PEOPLE THAT LOVE YOU, MOON WALK TO HEAVEN BABY! Peace out King of Pop! You will always be in my heart!