Christina Aguilera Takes The Fam Pumpkin Picking


Here are a couple photos of Christina Aguilera, her hubby Jordan Bratman, her son Max Liron and her younger brother Michael enjoying a day of pumpkin picking at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Beverly Hills, CA over the weekend … it looks like she is really making sure that people know she is back on the scene. Mr. Bones is THE place that all the celebs go to pick out their pumpkins because Mr. Bones has a pen especially for paparazzi to photograph the celebs and their families:

Little Max Liron has gotten so big … and so have his ears. He deffo got those puppies from his father :) I’m also surprised to see how big Xtina’s little brother Mikey has grown … he’s, like, a teenager now. You may recall that Xtina is featured on the cover of the new issue of British Cosmopolitan magazine so it’s pretty clear she is easing her way back onto the scene again. I’m not sure when her new album will be released but I expect we’ll be hearing some new music from her soon.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Former Aguilera Fan

    Tied of waiting years for new music from Christina when it does come out this will be the first cd of hers that I want buy!!Why make a bad comment about Max ears you never comment about Jayden James weird face.

  • alexis

    weird face??

  • nicole

    her new cd is out next year. from what i hear its suppose to be up there with the stripped album, alot of the producers have been really pumped about this album. but im pretty sure she goes to this pumpkin patch every year so i wouldnt really say its cause of the new album.
    but your right trent, mikey has gotten huuuuge. and im sure the little one will grow into his ears. my little cousin sure had too lol.

    • @nicole — I know Xtina worked with Sia on her new album and I really hope it’s like Stripped … that was a great album … Back to Basics, not so much ;(

  • Jadedkitten

    Why is his mouth always open like that??? srsly I’ve never seen one pix of the child with his mouth closed

  • roxster

    Its the place to go to because of the paparazzi pen? Is that meant in the context of if you want press? Or is it more desirable in general because at any other pumpking patch itd be a free for all with photogs in your face? I wonder if come fall theres a few that just hang out there assigned to pumpkin duty, or they go with the usual run when you get a tip off phone call. hmm…

    • @roxster – I think it is more desirable because they know the paps will be there. The photogs don’t need to go to any other patches cuz my guess is that Mr. Bones lets them know when the celebs arrive.

  • Whitney

    I think she tried too hard with Back to Basics, although I do like that album (the second disc mostly)….I’m excited about the new one!

  • nicole

    @ Trent – i’m pretty sure it was Tricky Stewart’s statement i read (who did umbrella & single ladies) he said the albums done & its just going through the mixing process. but he praises it as her best work since stripped and nothing like B2B.

  • Ashlee

    She looks so good!

  • Krissy

    IMO, I don’t think someone can ever “try to hard”. I think pushing yourself beyond what you have done before is a great thing. Even if you don’t go as far as you wanted, you still grow. That takes courage, but it is always worth it. Anyway, I really, really liked Back to Basics, and it was the first Christina cd I had ever bought. They had a Christina special on E! the other day talking with Sia and others about her new cd, and it sounds like it will be great! And yes, EVERYONE knows that paparazzi will be at Mr. Bones. There are places in LA that the paparazzi just camp at, and if a star is there they want their picture taken.

  • Krissy

    I think Max has cute little round ears. Not to big in my opinion. I had never heard her husband talk before, but in that E! special, he talked quite a bit. He was REALLY sweet! Before I always wondered what she saw in him…but now i know. He is a really adorable man.


    WOW! She’s actually not wearing any make-up like a tranny! Has hell froze over?