First Listen: Michael Jackson, ‘This Is It’


Last month we learned that Sony Music would be releasing a new single and new album from the late Michael Jackson to coincide with the release of the new documentary/concert film Michael Jackson’s This Is It which was pieced together from hours of rehearsal footage from MJ’s This Is It Tour preparations. The title song, This Is It, was released online late last night for all to hear:

Apparently, this track will be released in two versions on the new soundtrack album for the This Is It film … a slow ballad, This Is It has a bit of a mournful feel to it. After the jump, listen to the new track from Michael Jackson in full …

To be honest, I was hoping the new track would be more upbeat … more festive. I suppose since the tour was titled This Is It way before MJ’s untimely death, the plan all along was to release this track as the first single from the soundtrack album. Considering the circumstances surrounding the song’s release, tho, I suppose it is apropos for a slow ballad to be released. What do y’all think … do you like? I’m not a fan of pop ballads so I’m curious to hear if there are any new upbeat songs to come from the new album (due out on October 27).


  • Leslie

    It’s okay….Really, chipper.

  • Nancy

    It sounds like it could have been on the B-side of the Thriller album. Not that it’s bad, just…it is so…maybe Diana Ross or Jackson 5 ish. This song has a different vibe than todays music.

  • jordan

    i love it! vintage michael. he sounds great. get tight with it T!

  • Mike

    I like it. It reminds me of Motown. He still sounded great too!

  • Jadedkitten

    meh it’s ok not great but not bad

  • jaanu

    i like it! :) always been a MJ fan….

  • nicole

    not a fan of it.

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  • dana j

    it’s old school MJ, and that’s a good thing to hear. it’s almost like he came full circle with this song. really fitting.

  • Jenny

    The song itself is okay, but Michael himself sounds fantastic. He sounds like his old self, and that, more than anything, is what is heartening.

  • Jasmine

    song was recorded in the 1980’s :)

  • That Girl

    This song was recorded around the time of “off the wall” Michael just taped it and then dropped it in a box. The recording was found years later in which it only had Michael’s voice and a piano playing. Sony then added the strings and finger snaps. I liked the song, it’s amazing how Michael’s voice never changed.

  • dave

    sounds great

  • Jason

    Sounds like earth song to me, same beat, decent enough though… would be a hit whatever they brought out tho.

  • bosie

    Gosh, it sounds outdated. Sorry but it is true.

  • Erik

    Well, it’s NOT MJ’s song. He co-wrote it with Paul Anka in the 1980s and then ran off with the tapes. Anka is not credited on this release nor did he give his permission for the release.

    That, and the song is total crap.

  • Michelle

    I love it. I feel like it’s a nice mix of classic Michael with a new vibe thrown in. It reminds me of something Usher or Ne-Yo might try. Or even Justin Timberlake. And really, it seems as though everyone has been releasing upbeat songs lately, it’s nice to get another ballad in the mix. I love Michael Jackon’s ballads. I feel like he captures a very raw sort of emotion. His voice sounds fabulous. It really is a shame he didn’t get to release this or do the tour himself. It absolutely would have been the comeback of a lifetime. Even if he were still alive I would have bought whatever new album he had.

  • Erik

    The comeback of a lifetime? Puh-lease. How much did you hear of this “comeback” before he died? Zero. It’s a shame that the man had so many problems and ended up dying because of them, but I don’t think anything was going to resurrect a dead career that ran off the rails decades ago.