Dead Man’s Bones Want YOU To Come See Their Tour


Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields are Dead Man’s Bones and they are hittin’ the road. After releasing their self-titled debut album last week, the band are now promoting their first-ever concert tour. The guys made a short video to inspire folks to come out and see their shows … here is a screencap:

As you may recall, we saw photos of Ryan prepping for the tour with band rehearsals a few weeks ago and now the lads are ready to perform! After the jump, check out the video in full and see why YOU need to see Dead Man’s Bones live in concert …

I’m sold. I’ll be checking out the band when they play LA on October 30 … are any of y’all planning to see DMB on tour this month?


  • Lisa.

    I’m definitely going to try and get tickets for their Toronto show. I really like them.

  • I’m now officially on the lookout for further En Vogue references on this blog.

    • @Kent — I will do my best to make further reference to En Vogue songs BUT, the “like to hear it? hear it goes” thing is from the sketch comedy show ‘In Living Color’ which inspired En Vogue :)

  • Vicky

    I wish they were coming to Calgary.

  • claire

    i’ll be seeing them friday in philly! :D

  • @Trent – No way! Huh. I totally had no idea about that, even tho I used to watch that show. Mayhaps it’s time for me to watch some old episodes because now I’m curious!

  • Leah

    I wish they were playing Calgary or that I had the money to go see them in Vancouver.

  • Suzy

    I’m going to the Chicago show…Can’t wait!

  • Ha! Love it. She def isn’t the Stephen King of hit makers, is she?
    Ok, so now I remember the Calhoun Tubbs character:
    Good times :)

    Now if only I could track down a clip of one of my fave ILC skits ever which had two geeky teenage girls, girl-talking into the camera, and when they signed off to their “audience” they said, “Bye… SEXUAL!” and dissolved into fits of giggles.

  • Lisa

    i learned of them through your blog and have bought tickets for the show in philly. thanks for posting about interesting new music!

  • Chivonne

    @ Kent – Mayhaps? I’m so stealing that word.

    I have to say I’d only go to a show to stare at Ryan all the while

  • MN

    I’m going to see their show this Wednesday. Yay!

  • Annie

    My niece is signing with him at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday! Unfortch, I will not be able to attend :( but she’s 12 and won a bid to perform with him…how cool is that?!

  • Ashley

    Noooo!!!!! St. Louis! St. Louiiiiissssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheLion&TheLamb

    Ahh I totally wish they were coming to London or St Thomas Ontario seeing as Ryan was born here:P Oh well off to get ticket’s to the Toronto show! Lol

  • Meagan

    Hmmm this worries me a little because ticketmaster says that the Toronto show is at the Music Gallery and their sign says The Opera House…. ack!

  • Kendra

    @Trent – Did you get your tix to the Regent show yet? I tried looking the other day but couldn’t figure out where to buy them!

  • Kendra

    Whoopsie! I didn’t watch the video first and didn’t see they’re at the Echo now! I think their myspace still says the Regent!

  • Susan

    I’ll be there in Vancouver!!

  • Heather B

    Why does everyone hate Florida? Ugh.

  • Rhianon

    I’ll be representin’ in Seattle :)

  • Molly

    Where can you buy tickets for their shows in LA at The Echo? I looked on The Echo website, and they aren’t listed….

  • Lura

    Im going tomorrow!!

  • Kendra

    @Molly – I found tix on Ticketmaster..