Heidi Klum MAY Have Given Birth


Congratulations are in order for supermodel Heidi Klum who has reportedly given birth to her 4th child early today, according to RadarOnline. As you may be aware, Heidi has been lookin’ ready to pop for some time now and it sounds like she has finally done it! Radar is reporting the little baby girl’s name is Lou:

RadarOnline.com has learned that Heidi Klum is a mom again. The supermodel gave birth Friday to a baby girl. The baby, named Lou Samuel, was born naturally at 1am, within one hour of being induced.

Yay! I knew she’d pop by the weekend, I just knew it! Much love and congrats goes out to the entire Klum-Samuel family on this little addition to their family!!

UPDATE: US Weekly is reporting that Heidi has NOT yet given birth to her baby but that labor is “imminent”, they say:

Despite multiple reports stating Heidi Klum gave birth to a baby girl early Friday morning, a source tells Usmagazine.com that the claims are untrue … The source tells Us this didn’t happen but that labor is imminent.

OY! I guess we’ll have to wait until official confirmation comes from the family themselves. If the baby’s name does turn out to be Lou then we will know that Radar was right. In any event, Heidi’s baby will be born this weekend … just as I predicted ;) Woot!!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source, Source]

  • nicole

    aww congrats to the family!

  • Lulu

    One more Lou, and it would have been the perfect name ;)

    Congrats either way!! :)

  • Bee

    I cannot wait for the first pics of little Lou to drop. No doubt she’ll be a cutie like the others.

  • Jill

    Not true! According to her rep she hasn’t given birth yet!

  • samantha

    Congratulations to this prolific mother! Heidi is gorgeous, so that baby will have some good genes bestowed upon her.

  • as i recall trent, you said in the next week or two. oh but i forgot, because you guessed smg’s due date, you think you’re a psychic now. dork.

  • dana j

    hey trent is psychic. don’t hate :-P

  • Sarah

    ONTD already cleared up the rumors- Lou was just a name made up by a stupid tabloid. She hasn’t given birth yet.