Zac Efron Does ‘Nylon Guys’ Magazine


Zac Efron and his fabulous hair are featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Nylon Guys magazine. In his coverstory interview, Zac talks about his film Me and Orson Welles (which is due out in November), music, his past as a Disney star and other scintillating topics. Here is Zac’s Nylon Guys coverphoto and some excerpts from his interview:

Is Zac Efron the next king of the silver screen? It may be too soon to tell, but the actor—who turns 22 next Sunday—is certainly making good start. This month sees the release of the Richard Linklater-directed Me and Orson Welles, in which Efron plays an aspiring thespian who by a series of fortunate events is thrown into the iconic director’s infamous production of Julius Caesar, which was the first Shakespeare play ever staged on Broadway. NYLON Guys went sailing with Efron in Vancouver to talk about his transition from Disney pin-up to serious actor.

On Me and Orson Welles: “It’s the first time I’ve ever watched a movie [that I’m in] and in the end I’m like, ‘OK! I didn’t check my watch once!’”

On growing up musically inclined: “I was constantly singing. I would hear things on the radio and just be able to spit them out instantly, with perfect memorization and tone. It wasn’t like I took pride in it; there was no effort. My parents were like ‘Shut up. Please stop singing. It’s annoying.’”

On whether celebrity albums are necessary: “If anyone asked themselves that, then we wouldn’t have the crap we are listening to today. If your heart’s not in it, don’t do it. And don’t do it for money. That’s my philosophy.”

On Disney fame: “I try not to look at all of it. You can’t enjoy or celebrate it; it’s not a real thing. The face on the lunchbox and shit—you can’t share that with your friends.”

We know that Efron has been hard at work in Vancouver filming his next movie Charlie St. Cloud but I’ve been hearing good buzz about his Orson Welles film due out next month. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to see Zac Efron as a serious actor but … he sure does have pretty hair. After the jump, check out the photos from Zac’s Nylon Guys photospread …

Yes … let’s hope for the sake of Zac Efron’s career he never starts losing his hair. Make sure you pick up this issue of Nylon Guys to read the full text of his coverstory interview … or, you know, to have more photos to tape up onto your walls ;)


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I am not sure of his acting skills but he is most def one hot MOFO!!!

  • anna

    Woah he looks A LOT like Chase Crawford with that hat on. HOT

  • debho

    I hate that he is knocking his time as a Disney star. Without that start, I doubt he’d be where he is today….just another pretty boy trying to make it. Who knows how long his star will stay bright….and I’m of the belief that you never bite the hand that feeds you. Or burn your bridges. By the by, my 10yo daughter can’t stand him…and I think she’s the demographic he was originally aimed at.

  • an

    He looks like 12 so it’s no surprise that girls that age are the majority of his fans. They also don’t notice that he wears make-up and is more feminine than his “girlfriend”.

  • D

    He’s so cuuuuute ! But I dunno ’bout his comments on his Disney Past. He should be more grateful ! He wouldn’t be where he is now without all the High School Musical stuff.
    He’s got some pretty serious movies comin’ out and he proved to be able to sell movies on his name (17 Again !)


    Is it wrong that I like his outfit on the cover photo? Probably. I heard his performance in Orsen Welles his pretty great. I wish I had his hair. Jello!

  • Carmen


  • Paul From Toronto

    Effin Love his Hair.. The guy has it all. Meh Loves!

  • Nancy

    I’m not hating on him but what is up with the teeny-tiny hips and thighs in the cover photo??? Is it another case of photo shop gone amuck paired with a crazy camera angle????

  • Lana

    HES HOT! And I don’t care if he knocks Disney, I think he just wants to really distance himself from that image.

  • Erica

    I don’t think he was dissing disney. Just that that kind of fame is fleeting. Kids will move on to the new flavor of the week before you know it. He’s just trying to establish that he’s more than the guy from HSM.

  • Terri

    What an ungrateful ass clown. Without Disney he would just be that non famous, semi decent looking kid. He will be forever type-cast as a singing fruit bag.

  • EAP

    I think he is doing a great job trying to make it as a serious actor. So far he has been a decent actor.

  • Lol

    He needs to get over himself, like now. I’ve seen some self-indulgent celebrities in my day but he really takes the cake. Not to mention he’s one of the WORST actors I’ve ever seen in my life. No one even cared about him until he took his shirt off at the beach and that is his ONLY claim to fame.

  • Lilliah

    I think Erica is right about his Disney comment- how can people not understand that? Personally, I’d like him more if he actually *did* diss Disney..

  • Ashlee

    I do love h is hair but I really love the photo where he’s wearing the stocking cap, that’s hot. And, I didn’t even like him until 17 Again (which I didn’t think I would like, but loved).

  • siena x

    he’s too skinny.
    but his hair is pretty nice…

  • roxster

    haha “but he has pretty hair” I love your humor Trent!

  • Diana

    He seems to do a decent job in “Me and Orson Welles”. I saw the preview and liked him in it. I didn’t use to think he could be taken as a serious actor, but I don’t know, maybe?

  • Diana

    And I feel bad for him, because he seems to be really trying, making good choices in film, not out getting photographed partying and passing out, etc (good choices with the exception of dating Vanessa Hudgens, lol). But really, he used to annoy me too but maybe we could give him a chance? Okay, I’m done now. :)

  • Olivia

    FYI – the quotes NYLON released were totally taken out of context. One example from the full interview:

    “[Put your mind to it and you can achieve anything,] that’s what High School Musical is about. And man, you should see the faces on the kids. It’s priceless, and I don’t look down on, or think badly about, those films. I have no regrets at all. I’m extremely proud of those movies, and will be forever.”

    Full interview here:

  • Phil

    A minor point, but Welles’ Julius Caesar was not the first Shakespeare play ever staged on Broadway.There were many, many Shakespeare plays on Broadway for nearly 40 years before Julius Caesar (1937), most notable John Barrymore’s (Drew’s grandfather) Hamlet in 1922, fiftheen years before Welles’s Caesar.

  • christian

    Zac you are just freaking adorable. I think I may be in love with you.


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